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How Much Should a Rottweiler Eat – Rottweiler Feeding Chart

Rottweiler is a famous puppy and dog category that you can safely keep in your house. It will play, give you company, and ensure safety if you provide enough food, an excellent place to sleep, and a safe growing environment. The natural growth of Rottweiler is crucial.

You cannot overfeed or underfeed your Rottweiler since they will fail to digest or keep things messy. They have an age-wise feeding chart that you must follow and maintain that routine to get the expected growth of your Rottweiler.

How much should a Rottweiler eat?

The Rottweiler should eat between 2-6 cups 2 times a day. But the exact amount of food will depend on your rottweiler weight and other factors since it will be a continuous process and their weight changes soon. In that case, you may consider your puppy’s weight & age to calculate food.

Today, we will walk you through the ages of old Rottweilers and show you their food habits and weight at different levels.

When you first get 2 weeks or a small rottweiler at your home, you must make a routine for it where you will explain everything clearly, including what to feed, how to feed, and what’s the average weight of your rottweiler dog.

Once you make that routine & chart, you must get through other aspects, including the regular growth and increase or decrease the food according to your rottweiler weight and growth.

A successful track of your rottweiler weight, food, and maintaining a routine will help you grow your puppy better than others. It will get everything to become a healthy puppy.

When you make dog food, you must ensure that your dog gets a bit of dry food and wet food based on its diet plan or diet chart.

2 to 3 week old Rottweiler:

If you have a 2 to 3 week old Rottweiler, you must feed around ¾ cup to ½ cup of food 2 to 3 times a day.

If the rottweiler age is only 2 weeks, you must offer three meals a day containing around ¾ cups of dry food to keep the Rottweiler growing naturally and give everything to grow naturally.

4 to 5 week old Rottweiler:

A 4 to 5 week old rottweiler should eat ½ cup of food 3 times a day. Sometimes, you may need to offer more food if your dog plays a lot and will come through different stages or in the long run.

On that day, you must offer more than ½ cup of dry food 3-4 times to back up the calorie level and maintain natural growth.

6 to 7 week old Rottweiler:

The 6 to 7 week old Rottweiler must eat around one and a half cups of food two times a day.

It will play a lot and go through the growing stages; therefore, you cannot just offer the best quality food, but you should calculate the required calories for your Rottweiler. It will be helpful to give sufficient food accordingly to maintain good health and growth.

8 to 9 week old Rottweiler:

A 8 to 9 week old Rottweiler must eat 1-2 cups of food two times a day. You should offer the food in the morning, evening, or afternoon to get the best output and maintain the excellent fit of your rottweiler health.

Sometimes, your dog might eat one piece of dry food two times a day, and it will be okay to keep the natural growth of your puppy or growing dog.

10 to 11 week old Rottweiler:

A 10 to 11 week old rottweiler must eat 2-3 cups of food two times a day since it will enjoy the tasty food and will love to take some extra calories to maintain its growth.

If you love your Rottweiler’s health, you must allow it to have a good meal two times a day, but you must ensure that you don’t overfeed your Rottweiler.

3 month old Rottweiler:

A 3 month old rottweiler should eat 2-3 cups of dry or regular dog food two times a day. If your Rottweiler is near maturity, it will consume more goods than ever, and it might be more than three cups two times a day.

You must make a routine and ensure that you give the right food, at the right amount, and at the right time to avoid unnecessary food or overfeeding.

4 month old Rottweiler:

Same goes for a 4 month old rottweiler. Since it’s the age of growth and maintaining good health, the 4 month old Rottweiler should eat 2-3 cups of food two times a day.

Average size 4 month old Rottweiler should have a requirement of 700-800 calories or around 650 calories that you must fulfill with those 4-6 cups of food. So, ensure that you offer nutrients based dry food.

5 month old Rottweiler:

A 5 month old rottweiler must eat 3-4 cups of food two times a day since it will need more calories to work and produce energy to become energetic always.

Your month-old Rottweiler will be half-mature, but it will do most of the hard work at this stage. So, you cannot stick to the main idea of feeding only 2 cups of food; you should offer 3-4 cups of food in every meal.

6 month old Rottweiler:

A 6 month old rottweiler must eat 4-5 cups of food two times a day since it will have a great attraction to food and will do more hard work than ever before.

It will play for hours and give you company for a long time, requiring more calories than a 4-5 month-old rottweiler or a normal dog growth. When you offer 4 cups of food two times a day, your dog will have the required calories and nutrients to keep fit.

7 month old Rottweiler:

A regular 7 month old rottweiler will need 5 cups of food two times a day since it will have more lbs than a 6-month or 5 month old rottweiler.

When you measure the weight of your 7 month old Rottweiler, you will find a weight between 75-80 lbs. So, you must keep the record & offer sufficient food to your 7 month old Rottweiler.

8 month old Rottweiler:

The 8 month old Rottweiler will eat around 5 to 6 cups of food two times a day. But it can eat more or less depending on weight and exercise time. Be sure not to overfeed your Rottweiler.

9 month old Rottweiler:

The 9 month rottweiler will eat around 5-6 cups of food two times a day. It will eat the same as the 8 month old Rottweiler because they have similar growth & weight.

Since a 9-month-old rottweiler is nearly a fully grown dog, you must give it enough food, snacks, and other foods.

10-month-old Rottweiler:

The 10-month-old Rottweiler is a fully grown dog who eats more than 6 cups of food twice daily to keep fit and maintain good health.

You must include different categories of foods, nutrients-based, fruits, and other dog-friendly food items to get the best growth opportunity. Your Rottweiler will be happy to eat different types of foods.

Rottweiler feeding chart:

AgeExpected dog Weight (pounds)Recommended amount of food per day (cups)Daily calorie intakeFeeding frequency
2 week2.5 lbs3/41152-3
3 week3.5 lbs¾ cup1302-3
4 week5 lbs½ cups160-1803
5 week7 lbs1 cup190-2002-3
6 week10 lbs1-1.5 cups300-3202-3
7 week13 lbs1-2 cups300-3502-3
8 week or 2 month16 lbd1-2 cups350-4002
9 week20 lbs1.5-2 cups400-4502
10 week26 lbs2-3 cups450-5002
11 week30 lbs2-3 cups450-5002
12 week or 3 month37 lbs2-3 cups500-5502
4 month43-50 lbs2-3 cups600-7002
5 month53-60 lbs3-4 cups800-9002
6 month75 lbs4-5 cups1000-11002
7 month75-80 lbs4-5 cups1100-12002
8 month80-85 lbs5-6 cups1250-13002
9 month85-90 lbs5-6 cups1300-14002
10 month90-95 lbs6-7 cups1350-15002

Are you overfeeding your Rottweiler or not feeding enough?

You must be aware of whether or not your dog is eating an insufficient amount. Their ribs will provide the clearest picture possible of their general state of health.

However, they should have some cushioning so you can still feel them. If they are protruding excessively, it means that your dog needs to consume more food.

The most effective strategy for preventing your dog from gaining weight is to keep a close eye on how much food they consume.

Instead of letting them eat whatever they want, whenever they want, measure out each meal for them, so you know exactly how much food they are consuming.

You shouldn’t have any problems with your dog’s weight as long as you are mindful of the amount of food you provide them. However, it is simple to adjust their diet such that it helps them deal with challenges in either direction. Overweight might mean you are overfeeding.

How frequently to feed your Rottweiler?

Kibble in the amount of four to six cups should be given to both males and females daily, split up into two separate meals. Male ones may require a little bit more than females do.

Males typically reach adulthood significantly more significantly than their female counterparts, sometimes by as much as 30 more pounds. That is why you might find that they require a little bit more food.

On the other hand, it ought to be somewhat comparable, and if you have both male and female dogs in your household, you won’t be judged harshly for feeding them the same food.

Recommended feeding time:

Recommended feeding time for your Rottweiler is approximately 20 minutes twice per day. It will be highly beneficial if you follow the pattern of feeding your Rottweiler every 6 hours.

It’s possible that sedentary dogs need only 4 cups of food twice a day, as opposed to the 6 cups energetic dogs require daily.

It is recommended that a dog that has been spayed or neutered consume between four and six cups of water each day, divided into two meals.

Final thoughts

Your Rottweiler should eat around 2-6 cups of dry food 2 to 3 times a day. If you have a small rottweiler, you must offer it ½ cup of food three times a day. When it becomes two months old, you should give it 2-3 cups of food two times a day. The amount of the food will be increasing.