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How Much Should a Greyhound Eat – Greyhound Feeding Chart

A greyhound is an adorable dog. It is kept as a pet in many people’s houses. It is loyal and calm.

You may want to know how much you feed your Greyhound. This is a common question when petting a greyhound for the first time. Let us help you find the answer you are looking for and provide you with some necessary additional information regarding this matter.

How much should a Greyhound eat?

A Greyhound should eat 250 – 300 grams of food every day. This means that an adult Greyhound should consume at least 1 cup of dry food and one tin of meat daily. One can of food and one meat container comprises 50 and 250 grams of food. The amount will vary based on age and weight.

Greyhound has a straightforward diet. It eats dry food, meat, vegetables and many more items. The list of things that it cannot eat is short. But whatever you feed them, it has to be measured appropriately.

The right amount of food for a Greyhound is essential. As it has a fast growth rate, you will have to feed them on time with the right amount. You may want to know how much a Greyhound of a certain age can eat. 

Let us help you know how much food a greyhound of a certain few ages can eat.

2 to 3 week old Greyhound:

A 2 to 3 week old Greyhound should eat around 82 – 85 grams of food. Greyhounds are usually small at this age and are called puppy Greyhounds. Puppy Greyhound requires a small amount of food and needs to be fed three times a day to fulfill their daily nutrition.

4 to 5 week old Greyhound:

4 to 5 week old Greyhounds should eat 82 – 137 grams of food per day. As the age of puppy Greyhounds increases, their required food amount increases. So, they need a bigger meal. 

You will have to divide their daily food equally and feed them three times a day.

6 to 7 week old Greyhound:

A 6 to 7 week old Greyhound needs around 82 – 192 grams of food. When the puppy Greyhound passes the one month age mark, the amount of food that they need increases a lot. The food chart changes as well. 

When your puppy Greyhound reaches the one month age, you may start giving it canned meat to help it grow faster.

8 to 9 week old Greyhound:

An 8 to 9 week old Greyhound should eat around 82 – 275 grams of food. When a Greyhound reaches the 8 week mark, it is said that they have reached their two month age. A 2 month Greyhound needs a maximum of around 2 1/2 cups of food. 

You will have to give dry food and meat for its proper growth.

10 to 11 week old Greyhound:

A 10 to 11 week old Greyhound requires 137 – 330 grams of food. This is said to be the end of its puppy age. During this time, they need a high calorie diet. You need to change the food distribution a lot. 

To help your growing Greyhound get the right nutrition, it is advised to increase the amount of meat in their diet.

3 month old Greyhound:

A 3 month Greyhound should eat around 192 – 330 grams of food. A Greyhound starts becoming an adult Greyhound when it becomes three months old. It starts to become proactive and its body parts start to get muscular. 

It usually needs 1 cup of dry food and 1 can of canned meat to get the right nutrition.

4 month old Greyhound:

A 4 month old Greyhound eats 275 – 440 grams of food. At this age, the food requirement of the Greyhound reduces significantly. The growth of the Greyhound starts to decrease slowly from this age. 

You can also feed your Greyhound 2 times a day instead of 3 times. You just need to divide the daily food it needs into two parts and feed them accordingly.

5 month old Greyhound:

5 month old Greyhound should eat almost 330 – 440 grams of food. At this age, you can start trying to feed your Greyhound with only meat if you want. 

But this is not recommended by experts as dried foods and vegetables also provide necessary nutrition that only meat cannot offer itself. A proper and equal amount of meat and dried food is essential for its proper nutrition.

6 month old Greyhound:

A 6 month old Greyhound should eat around 220 – 367 grams of food. This is when your Greyhound will start becoming a proper adult. The amount of food that it needs daily also decreases significantly at this age.

7 month old Greyhound:

A 7 month old Greyhound should eat around 300 – 367 grams of food. You can start giving an equal amount of dried and wet meat at this age. This is ideal and recommended by many Greyhound owners and vets.

8 month old Greyhound:

An 8 month old Greyhound should eat around 300 – 440 grams of food. A male Greyhound needs to eat more compared to a female Greyhound due to its different nutrition requirements. 

So, you need to provide the right amount of food to your Greyhound based on its gender at this age.

9 month old Greyhound:

A 9 month old Greyhound should eat around 367 – 440 grams of food. The daily calorie requirement increases a lot at this age. So, it would be best if you feed your Greyhound more at this age. You may need to fulfill their nutrition through supplements if required.

10 month old Greyhound:

A 10 month old Greyhound should eat around 440 – 495 grams of food. A greyhound is said to be an adult at the age of 10 months. From this age, the growth rate reduces a lot but the amount of food it eats increases due to their required daily calorie limit.

Greyhound feeding chart:

AgeExpected dog Weight (pounds)Recommended amount of food per day (cups)Daily calorie intakeFeeding frequency
2 week1.5 – 23/4125 kcal/day3 times/day
3 week1.75 – 2.53/4226 kcal/day3 times/day
4 week2 – 53/4392 kcal/day3 times/day
5 week2.75 – 7.53/4 – 1 1/4526 kcal/day3 times/day
6 week3.5 – 103/4 – 1 3/4649 kcal/day3 times/day
7 week4.25 – 12.53/4 – 1 3/4766 kcal/day3 times/day
8 week or 2 month5 – 153/4 – 2 1/2884 kcal/day3 times/day
9 week6.25 – 17.51 1/4 – 2 1/2992 kcal/day3 times/day
10 week7.50 – 201 1/4 – 31100 kcal/day3 times/day
11 week8.75 – 22.51 1/4 – 31197 kcal/day3 times/day
12 week or 3 month10 – 251 3/4 – 31294 kcal/day3 times/day
4 month15 – 302 1/2 – 41321 kcal/day2 times/day
5 month20 – 353 – 41327 kcal/day2 times/day
6 month25 – 402 – 3 1/31344 kcal/day2 times/day
7 month30 – 452 3/4 – 3 1/31344 kcal/day2 times/day
8 month35 – 502 3/4 – 41456 kcal/day2 times/day
9 month40 – 553 1/3 – 41588 kcal/day2 times/day
10 month45 – 604 – 4 2/31667 kcal/day2 times/day

Are you overfeeding your Greyhound or not feeding enough?

Greyhound needs the right amount of food to grow properly. If you overfeed, they may become sick and start showing symptoms of various health issues. On the other hand, if you do not feed properly, the Greyhound will become malnourished. 

It is vital to provide the right amount of food based on weight, age and size.

There are many ways you can know if you are overfeeding your Greyhound or not. You will see your dog becoming overweight. When a dog is weighed more than the normal weight according to age, that dog is said to be overweight. 

This is a common problem these days and is becoming a worldwide issue.

Greyhounds showing bowel and skin problems also indicate that it has been overfed. The bowel problem can be identified if you find that your Greyhound’s stool is loose, there is abnormal gas discharge and many more.

On the other hand, if you are not feeding your Greyhound properly it is another thing that you cannot do. This will prevent the expected growth of the Greyhound. 

They will not gain the required weight and size according to their age if you do not provide them with the necessary amount of food.

They will also become weak. As a result, you will see your Greyhound becoming tired often. It may also show aggressive behavior towards the owner, other people and pets as well.

How frequently to feed your Greyhound?

It would be best if you feed your Greyhound twice a day. Vets recommend that you feed your Greyhound in the morning and in the evening. The daily calorie needs have to be evenly distributed among these two feeding times.

This even distribution of food will help your Greyhound get the proper nutrition. It will get the all-day energy it needs to do its activities. This will also help in the appropriate growth of your Greyhound as well.

It would be best if you kept in mind that the feeding frequencies of adult and puppy Greyhounds are different. Puppy Greyhounds need more energy due to their growing bodies. So, it would help if you fed them three times a day until they reach the age of 4 months.

Recommended feeding time:

The recommended feeding time for Greyhound is morning and evening. These two times are the perfect time to provide a meal. As Greyhounds can digest their food in 11 – 12 hours, feeding them in the morning and evening would be the best.

This will help you in growing a proper potty schedule for your dog. You may find that your dog is trying to poop just around 30 minutes before its usual mealtime. Therefore, you can keep an eye on them and give them their food at the right time.

For puppy Greyhounds, you will need to feed them in the morning, afternoon and evening. This is because puppy Greyhounds need more food due to their growing bodies and small servings.

Final thoughts

An adult greyhound should eat an average of 250 grams of food. Based on age, size and weight, the amount of food required for your Greyhound may vary up to 320 grams daily. This will consist of canned dry food and meat. You can also feed them vegetables which vets and Greyhound owners recommend.