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How Much Should a Doberman Eat – Doberman Feeding Chart

Dobermans require a lot of food, but exactly how much should you feed them? Well, that answer will be different depending on their age, weight, and a bunch of other factors. Find out their food requirements and more, here.

How Much Should A Doberman Eat?

The amount of food your dog needs depends on a variety of factors, such as the size and age of your dog and the breed. Generally speaking, a healthy adult Doberman will require up to 4 to 7 cups of dry dog food per day, but small dogs and puppies may only need a cup or two per day.

Doberman puppies typically require one to two times their own weight in food per day, while adult dogs require the equivalent of at least two times their body weight.

Your puppy will also require treats and extra food during the first month of life to build his or her strength and provide energy to the body. Doberman puppies require an average of 1-2 adult meals per day to support their growth in size and strength.

About 3 to 4 kilograms of food per day for puppies up to eight weeks old (about twice their birth weight), or about four to six kilograms per day for older puppies is necessary for growth. The amount depends on the size of the puppy and how active it is.

Larger puppies, therefore, need more food, but they grow faster and can be fed less; smaller puppies need more. Smaller dogs can be fed less, but they grow slower and may need more food as they get older.

You need to know exactly how much a puppy should eat at specific ages, and we are here to provide that information to you.

2 to 3 week old Doberman:

A Doberman puppy of only 2 to 3 weeks of age does not need any kind of solid food. These little babies just require their mother’s milk, and that suffices for them.

You don’t have to worry about giving them proper nutrition at this age, as the mother will provide just enough for it pupper.

4 to 5 week old Doberman:

Even at this age, puppies typically are not introduced to solid foods. The mother’s milk is enough and is usually still the only food they consume.

It is important for the puppy to be satisfied and for the human to know he is being sufficiently fed throughout the day. If the puppy does not like a particular food, he will not eat it and will continue to reject it.

6 to 7 week old Doberman:

A 6-7 week old Doberman puppy should be able to eat half a cup of puppy food (high in protein) every day mixed with water. This will ensure that the puppy is getting enough food and that he is getting all the nutrients he needs for optimum growth.

8 to 9 week old Doberman:

A 2-month-old Doberman puppy should be eating between 2 and 3 cups of water per day. This will help keep him hydrated and clean his teeth.

The average healthy 2-month-old Doberman weighs around 45 pounds. This means that the average 2-month-old Doberman needs to eat around 3.5 pounds of food every day. This amount of food will ensure that the puppy stays healthy and lean.

10 to 11 week old Doberman:

Puppies have a tendency to eat more than adults. On average, a 10-11 week-old puppy should be eating between 2-3 cups of food per day.

This includes puppy food, treats, and drinking water. Advanced breeders may need to feed their puppy slightly more, but this should not be a significant increase over the amount of food needed by a normal 10-11 week-old puppy.

3 month old Doberman:

Pups are small, so they need a lot of food to grow and develop. A puppy’s diet is designed to meet its needs while keeping it healthy and lean.

A 3-month-old Doberman puppy needs about 2-3 cups of dry dog food per day, divided into multiple small meals. This will provide the nutrients it needs to grow and develop, but won’t overfill the belly.

4 month old Doberman:

A 4 month old Doberman puppy should be eating between 3 and 5 cups of dry food a day. This number will vary depending on the size and activity level of the dog. It is best to measure the food the dog has been eating rather than feed it a specific amount.

5 month old Doberman:

Pups this age should be eating about 1.6kcal/kg a day, with about 400 kcal/kg being protein and 400 kcal/kg being fat (this includes both healthy and unhealthy fats).

This amounts to almost 4 to 6 cups of food each day. To calculate the daily food requirements of your puppy, multiply the pup’s weight in pounds by 2 to 3 cups of food and divide by 4. Then, multiply the total by 5 to give you the daily caloric needs.

6 month old Doberman:

In general, adult Dobermans need between 2 and 4 pounds or 4-6 cups of food per day to maintain a healthy weight.

The best way to determine what your Doberman’s exact needs are is to measure his food intake over a period of several days and record the amount of food he eats.

7 month old Doberman:

According to the American Kennel Club, a 7-month-old Doberman Pinscher should have: 8-12 cups of water per day, at least 3 cups of high-quality, hypoallergenic food at every meal, 4-5 cups of food per day, and 1-2 cups of food per day at night.

8 month old Doberman:

At eight months of age, your dog’s food needs will have increased dramatically. At this point, he is ready to transition from using his paws to using his teeth. This transition can be challenging.

You can give them up to 4-6.5 cups of food regularly at this age, without any hesitation. Your pups definitely need those calories.

9 month old Doberman:

Doberman puppies should eat and grow at the same rate. They should be weaned off of solid food by nine months of age.

Give them roughly 4-7 cups of dry food so that they can chew and eat their food using those new teeth they’ve grown. They should also love the taste of it. And the amount would be perfect for this age.

10 month old Doberman:

On average a 10-month-old eats pretty much the same as a 9-month-old, since they don’t grow too drastically in this one month. Make sure you are feeding them about 4-7 cups daily at this age so they get proper nutrients.

Doberman Feeding Chart:

AgeExpected dog Weight (pounds)Recommended amount of food per day (cups)Daily calorie intakeFeeding frequency
2 weeks 2-3 lbsN/AN/AN/A
3 weeks3-4 lbs N/A N/AN/A
4 weeks 5-10 lbs1/4 cup food with 3/4 cups water104-2084
5 weeks6-12 lbs1/4 cup food with 3/4 cups water104-208 4
6 weeks 8-12 lbs ½  cup food with ½ cups water208-4174
7 weeks 12-15 lbs1 cup417-7434
8 week or 2 months15-25 lbs 1.5 cups417-1043 4
9 weeks 18-25 lbs2 cups417-1100 4
10 weeks 19-25 lbs2.5 cups417-11504
11 weeks 22-25 lbs2.5 cups417-12004
12 week or 3 months 25-35 lbs3 cups417-12514
4 months 40-50 lbs3-5 cups1043-20853
5 months45-55 lbs4-6 cups1251-2502  3
6 months 50-65 lbs 4-6 cups1251-25022
7 months55-70 lbs 4-6.5 cups1668-27112
8 months 60-70 lbs 4-6.5 cups1668-27112
9 months65-80 lbs 4-7 cups 1668-27112
10 months70-85 lbs4-7 cups1668-27112

Are You Overfeeding Your Doberman Or Not Feeding Enough?

A common question people ask is: “Am I feeding my dog enough?” Each dog is an individual, and what works for one dog may not work for another.

However, there are a few ways to determine if you are overfeeding your dog or if you aren’t feeding them enough.

One of the easiest ways to determine if you are overfeeding your Doberman is to watch their weight. If your Doberman has been keeping their weight at the same level but is still craving food, you may be overfeeding them.

Your Doberman will eat until its bowl is clean, and then will look to you for more. Sometimes, a Doberman will refuse to eat for a few hours after they have eaten too much, which is a clear sign that you have fed them too much.

One of the best ways to determine if you are not feeding your Doberman enough is to measure their food. This is a great way to measure how much kibble your doggie is actually eating, and it’s a lot cheaper than purchasing a traditional food feeder.

Most food feeders will also measure out some treats so that you can give your Doberman some extra goodies if they are being good.

How Frequently To Feed Your Doberman?

You must note that, Doberman Pinschers are highly susceptible to bloat, so it’s important to feed them according to their weight. This is typically measured in pounds per 50 lbs of body weight.

Unlike food-motivated dogs, Doberman Pinschers aren’t really motivated by food, so they’ll continue to eat when they’re absolutely starving. Make sure it isn’t too frequent but also not irregular, in order to make sure they eat right.

A general rule of thumb is to feed them twice a day so that they don’t feel bloated or starved. This is the perfect frequency of meals for your Dobermans.

Recommended Feeding Time:

Dobermans should be fed at least twice a day – once in the morning and once in the evening.

The perfect time would be around 11 am to 1 pm in the morning, and then later in the afternoon/evening roughly between 6 pm and 8 pm. This is because they typically tend to be hungry later in the afternoon around that time.

You can change up this schedule as you prefer as well. Going 1-2 hours up or down won’t do any harm. However, make sure they get the necessary nutrients on time at least twice each day.

Final Thoughts

Veterinarians and dog owners alike agree that Doberman Pinschers need a lot of food to stay healthy. While adults eat up to 7 cups of food, younglings require about half a cup to one per day. Make sure you feed them on time, 2-4 times a day depending on their age, and don’t over or underfeed them.