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How Much Should a Beagle Eat-Beagle Feeding Chart

During the journey from puppyhood to adulthood, the need for food is changed at every stage of a dog’s life, regardless of the breed.

Therefore, as an owner of a Beagle dog, you must be concerned enough to know how much food you should feed your Beagle until it’s matured enough. Read on to learn about the feeding chart of a Beagle.

How Much Should A Beagle Eat?

A Beagle dog should eat a cup of food every day for most of its adult Beagle life, and the meal should be divided between morning and earlier in the evening. But Beagle puppies should eat two cups of food every day because they are in need of an abundant amount of nutrition to grow healthily.

To grow receiving proper nutrients, a Beagle puppy needs a bigger portion of food than an adult beagle. Therefore, the Beagle pup should be eating 2 cups or a little more or less food every day, whereas, an adult Beagle should eat 1 cup of food per day. 

However, that’s not the exact but standard amount of food that you should be feeding to your Beagle. So, knowing the exact feeding quantity while owning a Beagle is necessary so that your pup can grow while gaining proper nutrition.

Therefore, the amount of food a Beagle should consume starting from its 2-weeks-old age to 10-months-old age has been individually described and listed below for your better knowledge.

2 to 3-week-old Beagle:

A 2 to 3-week-old Beagle pup is basically a newborn pup that only needs its mother’s milk as the primary food, instead of any solid or dog food. So if you own both the pup and mother Beagle, let it consume its mother’s milk only.

But if you are having just a pup, feed it two tablespoons of canine milk replacer every 100 gm of its body weight per 3-4 hours at least.

4 to 5-week-old Beagle:

4 to 5-week-old age is the time to wean off a beagle pup of its mother milk by gradually feeding solid yet wet food. Therefore, every 6-8 hours you need to feed ½ to ¾ cups of wet and nutritious food to your 4-5-week-old pup. 

6 to 7-week-old Beagle:

At the 6-7-week-old age, a Beagle pup starts to learn to chew on solid food.

At this age, a Beagle pup should be fed a total of 1 cup of nutritious food per day, and the food should be divided into three meals. So for each meal, you will give one-third cup of food to the Beagle pup. 

8 to 9-week-old Beagle:

An 8-9-week-old Beagle pup is grown up enough to survive completely on solid.

Your Beagle puppy will be needing more food to grow healthily, thus, you need to start feeding him 1.5 cups of food each day, and divide the food into 3 meals ( ½ cup of food for each meal). And, don’t give 100% solid food, instead feed wet food with less water.

10 to 11-week-old Beagle:

A 10 to 11-week-old Beagle puppy should still be fed 1.5 cups of solid and nourishing food. And you must split it into three equal portions of ½ cup of food for every meal. Also, you can fully change to feeding all-solid food to the pup and give some dog treats sometimes.

3-month-old Beagle:

Generally, a 3-month-old Beagle puppy is eager about its food and gets hungry easily at the scheduled feeding time because it’s going through its growing period.

So to satisfy your pup’s hunger and to help it have a healthy and nourishing development, start feeding 1.5 to 2 cups of food rich in various nutrients, calories, and proteins. And divide the meal into three meals each day. 

4-month-old Beagle:

At the age of 4 months old, a Beagle puppy can continue having 1.5 cups to 2 cups of nutrient-rich food every day. However, the food should be spread into three proper meals each day, so you will be giving your Beagle half a cup or a little more than half a cup of food per meal. 

5-month-old Beagle:

The suggested amount of food for a 5-month-old Beagle puppy is also 1.5 cups to 2 cups of food per day.  And again the meal for an entire day should be divided into three meals per day, instead of one or two big meals.

6-month-old Beagle:

After reaching 6-month-old age, your Beagle should get one and a half cups of food every day. Feeding 1.5 cups of food per day will leave space for having its treats while being trained or doing various activities. Besides, it will prevent obesity in your Beagle. 

Split the entire meal plan into two or three meals plan per day for your Beagle. 

7-month-old Beagle:

At your Beagle’s 7-month-old age, you should begin to feed him one and one-third cups of nutritious food every day, and the meal for each day should be spread into two-three meals.

Most owners go for two meals, a light meal in the morning and a heavy dinner in the evening but you can continue feeding 3 meals. 

8-month-old Beagle:

A Beagle pup of the age 8-month-old should also be stuck to a diet plan of 1 ¼ to 1 ¾ cups of food per day.

And this time also you must split the food either into two meals or three meals for each day. If you don’t tend to feed your Beagle treats/snacks, you can keep feeding 3 meals every day. 

9-month-old Beagle:

Depending on the weight of your 9-month-old beagle, make a feeding plan of 1 cup of nutritive food (a little more than 1 cup actually) to 1 ¾ cup s of food per day.

This time, the food for a day should be divided into two proper meals, instead of three meals sometimes because it will leave room for having treats while taking training or doing daily activities. 

10-month-old Beagle:

For a 10-month-old Beagle, every day it should keep eating 1 cup to 1 1 ¾ cups of solid and nutritious food as well, like a 9-month-old Beagle dog. And the feeding routine per day also should remain 2 meals each day. 

Beagle feeding chart:

AgeExpected dog Weight (pounds)Recommended amount of food per day (cups)Daily calorie intakeFeeding frequency
2-weeks0.62 lbs. (roughly)2 tablespoons of canine milk replacer 34.1 cal. 6-8 times per day
3-weeks 0.68 lbs. (increases by 10%)2 tablespoons of canine milk replacer 37.4 cal. 6-8 times per day
4-weeks 2-3 lbs. (small size)
3-4 lbs. (large size)
⅓ to ¾ cups of food110-165 cal. 3-4 times per day
5-weeks3-4 lbs. (roughly)⅓ to ¾ cups of food165-220 cal.3-4 times per day
6-weeks 4-5 lbs. (roughly) 1 cups of food 220-275 cal. 3 times per day
7-weeks3.5-6 lbs. (roughly)1 cups of food192-330 cal.3 times per day
8-week or 2-months3-5 lbs. (small size)
4-7 lbs. (large size)
1.5 cups of food165-275 cal.
220-385 cal.
3 times per day 
9-weeks5-7 lbs. (roughly)1.5 cups of food 275-385 cal.3 times per day
10-weeks5.5-8 lbs. (roughly)1.5 cups of food302-440 cal.3 times per day
11-weeks6-9 lbs. (roughly)1.5 cups of food 330-495 cal.3 times per day
12-weeks or 3-months7-10 lbs. (small size)
8-11 lbs. (large size)
1.5-2 cups of food385-550 cal.
440-605 cal.
3 times per day
4-months8-11 lbs. (small size)
9-12 lbs.  (large size)
1.5-2 cups of food440-605 cal.
495-660 cal.
3 times per day 
5-months9-12 lbs.  (small size)
10-13lbs. (large size)
1.5-2 cups of food495-660 cal.
550-715 cal.
3 times per day
6-months12-14lbs. (small size)
14-18 lbs. (larger size)
1 ½ cups of food 660-770 cal. 
770-990 cal. 
3 times per day 
7-months14-16lbs. (small size)
16-20lbs.(large size)
1 ⅓ cups of food 770-880 cal. 
880-1100 cal.
2-3 meals per day
8-months16-20lbs. (small size)
20-22lbs. (large size)
1 ¼ to 1 ¾ cups of food880-1100 cal.
1100-1210 cal.
2-3 meals per day
9-months16-20lbs. (small size)
20-26lbs. (larger size)
1 ¾ cups of food 880-1100 cal. 
1100-1430 cal.
2-3 meals per day 
10-months16-20lbs. (small size)
20-28lbs. (larger size)
1 to 1 ¾ cups of food880-1100 cal.
1100-1580 cal.
2-3 meals per day

**Note- Here the calorie intake of a Beagle has been counted as per the rule of consuming 55 cal. per pound weight of a Beagle. Your Beagle may need to intake more or fewer calories per day depending on its weight, age, and daily activity level.

Are You Overfeeding Your Beagle Or Not Feeding Much?

Sometimes, you may not understand whether your beagle pup is being overfed or underfed. Thus, the symptoms of an overfed or an underfed beagle have been explained here. 

Signs Of Overfeeding 


Obesity is the prime and direct symptom that indicates that you are overfeeding your Beagle. If your Beagle’s weight is much more than it should be in accordance with its height, know that you are overfeeding. 

Bowel Issues:

Abdominal pain, gas, and loose poop, all of these are quite directly connected to overfeeding, as an overworking digestive system can’t function effectively. 

Joint Problem:

Overfeeding your beagle can cause obesity, and obesity can cause joint problems. Joint paint is also known as osteoarthritis in dogs. 

Signs Of Underfeeding 

Skin Problems:

Apparent dry skin, dandruff, and scruffy coat are a direct indication of underfeeding your dog. 

Low Energy:

Your beagle will show less energy and unwillingness in doing any activity.

Visible Ribs, Spine, And Bones:

Underfeeding Beagle will cause malnutrition, which will cause visible ribs, bones, and spine in your pooch. 

How Frequently To Feed Your Beagle?

If your Beagle is a newborn one, feed it 6-8 times a day until it reaches 1 month old, and at 1-month-old age, feed him 3-4 times every day. When your Beagle will reach 2-month-old age, start feeding him 3 times per day until it reaches 6-month-old.

At your pup’s 6, 7, and 8-month-old age, you can feed him 2 to 3 times a day. And starting from 9-month-old age to almost its adult life, give 2 meals each day. 

However, the feeding frequency ultimately depends on your Beagle’s age, weight, and activity level. Sometimes, feed your Beagle as per your vet’s recommendation. 

Recommended Feeding Time:

If you are feeding 3 meals to your Beagle, feed breakfast in the morning, lunch at noon, and dinner in the early evening. But if you are feeding 2 meals every day, give breakfast to your Beagle in the morning and dinner in the early evening. 

For newborn or less than 2-month-old Beagle puppy, feed every 3-4 hours or every 6-8 hours depending on its age.

Final Thoughts

A Beagle puppy requires a high amount of nutrition than an adult Beagle to grow in a healthy way, thus, the pup needs to be fed two cups of food until it reaches 7 to 8-month-old age. And starting from 7-8 month-old to most of the adult life of a Beagle, it should be fed two meals.