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How Much Does a 5 Month Old Puppy Sleep? (Quick Answers)

Do you think your 5 month old puppy is sleeping more than usual? If you are a new puppy raiser, thinking that is very obvious. This article will cover all the information related to the sleep patterns of five-month-old puppies. 

Stick with us to get a clear understanding of their sleep cycle.

5 month old puppy sleep requirements:

18-20 hours a day is regular for a 5 month old puppy. Sleep time can differ depending on individual puppies and breeds. If your 5-month-old puppy sleeps over 21 hours a day or less than 15 hours a day, you should consult a veterinary doctor for a check-up. 

5 months is a time when puppies are between adolescence and puppyhood. At this period of their life, they sleep quite a lot but a few hours less than early months. 

In the first few months after birth, they sleep about 22 hours a day, and after some months, they reduce their sleeping time.

When they get 5 months old, they sleep 18 hours on average. Two to three hours more or less sleeping is not a matter of concern as long as it does not happen regularly.

Sleeping time can be different for different breeds of dogs. Puppies of larger breeds of dogs need more sleep to grow faster. Sleeping plays an important role in their growth, development, and memory. 

The sleeping time can also vary depending on their activity. If your puppy stays more active, like running and playing, that can cause extra sleeping. When sleeping, they repair their damaged body cells, making new cells much faster than natural.

Sleeping also helps them to recharge their energy and muscle stress. A 5 month old puppy can usually sleep up to 20 hours a day, and that’s not a matter of concern if that happens sometimes. 

But if your puppy sleeps more than 21 hours for like three days, you must look after their diet and health. If you think something is wrong with your puppy, visit a vet for a health check-up. 

18 to 20 hours a day is a lot of time for us, and if you are a new puppy keeper, you may think your puppy is too lazy, and he sleeps a lot. Maybe you want to play with your puppy more, so you may want your puppy to be active.

But you also need to understand that it is the growing period of your life. They are preparing their mind and body for their adulthood. Sleeping is no less essential for puppies than eating, exercising, and socializing.  

You have to keep patience at this time of your puppy’s growth. After five months, their sleeping hours change a lot quicker. 

A 6 month old puppy should sleep 16 hours, and a seven-month-old puppy will sleep less than 15 hours, so soon, you will be able to spend more time with your puppy.

Is it normal for a 5 month old puppy to sleep a lot? 

Yes, for a 5 month old puppy sleeping a lot is expected. They can sleep about ⅓ of a day sleeping. Let’s make it clear how much sleep for the puppies. 18 hours is the average sleeping time for them, while 16-21 hours is a normal sleeping time range for them. 

So if your puppy sleeps more than 21 hours, you can call that sleeping a lot. Sometimes, sleeping 20-21 hours does not mean something is wrong with them. But if that happens consistently, that can be a sign of health complications for your puppy.

But if you think 18 hours of sleeping is too much for your puppy, let me assure you that it’s not oversleeping. Naturally, puppies sleep most of the day and night. After reaching adolescence, their sleeping time reduces a lot.

The sleeping hours are not perfect, and your puppy may be sleeping more or less than the average sleeping time. That happens because every puppy is different, and everyone has a different energy level. 

Moreover, larger and more intelligent dog breeds need more sleep as it’s the time for their body and brain development.

How long should a 5 month/20 week old puppy sleep at night and day?

A 5-month or 20 week old puppy sleeps most of 18-20 hours within 24 hours. They will sleep all night without waking up and for about 8 hours in the daytime. Their sleeping during the day can be half an hour to two hours long.

However, you can adjust their sleeping pattern depending on which hours of the day you have time for your puppy. Simply wake your puppy up at the same time of the day. After doing it for a few days, your puppy should know when to wake up and be active.

Consistency is the key to fixing their behavior. A five-month-old puppy stays awake only 4-6 hours a day, so completing your responsibilities is vital. Make sure your puppy is eating enough food and taking care of his business in the right place. 

They also need light exercise during this time. Generally, they are packed with energy when they wake up. They will continuously run, play and bite things. That’s enough for most of the time. 

You should also start socializing with your puppy early, as it will be more challenging when he gets older. You can take your puppy to the dog park and let him meet a lot of friendly people.

If you can adequately utilize the hours your puppy stays awake, it will be much easier to train your puppy later.

Can a 5 month old puppy sleep through the night? 

4 month old puppies can sleep through the night, so 5 month old puppies should do it comfortably. I know how it feels when a puppy starts barking in the middle of the night. If your 5 month old puppy is doing that, you may not have trained your puppy correctly.

You can take some steps to help your puppy sleep through the night. Make your puppy exercise, so they become tired enough to sleep the whole night. Also, before making them sleep, ensure your puppy peed and pooped, so they don’t have to wake up for those. 

Make their bed comfortable and ensure a quiet and dark place for sleeping. Tell your kids not to wake the puppy up while he is sleeping. If you consistently maintain those simple steps, you will not have to wake up for your puppy anymore. 

Make sure to wake your puppy and make your puppy sleep at the same time. This will help your pet understand when to do what. Still, puppies can cause hustle sometimes but remember they are just babies, and as they grow up, they will cause fewer issues.

Why does my 5 month old puppy sleep so much? 

There are some solid reasons why a 5 month old puppy sleeps so much. Check out the following points.

They are growing super fast:

More than 80 percent of dogs’ growth happens in the first year after birth. The growth rate is even faster in the first six months of their life. Growing is a complicated process for the body, and the growth rate is faster when the puppy sleeps.

They are growing memories:

Like human children, puppies also observe the world around them. They need to remember a lesson you teach them or follow a pattern. That is a lot of information for the little puppies. Sleeping helps them to store memory and remember everything. 

If they do not get to sleep properly, that can affect their intelligence a lot.

Other health issues:

Puppies sleep a lot naturally, but if they oversleep more often, that may indicate health issues of nutrition lack. Sleeping less is also alarming and disturbing too, especially at night. Talk to a professional if you face such problems. 

However, some puppies sleep less than natural, and you will know that if you observe your puppy for some days.

Final Thoughts 

18 hours of sleep is enough for a 5 month old puppy, and don’t worry if your puppy occasionally sleeps one or two hours more or less than that. Sleeping is essential for healthy and intelligent dogs as it helps to grow their body and brain. So take steps to help them get a sound sleep.