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How Much Does a 4 Month Old Puppy Sleep? (Explained)

If you raise a 4-month-old puppy, you must know some essential characteristics of your pet. It will have a little different living style than the other aged puppies. In Particular, this pet will differ from a 2-month-old little puppy and an adult puppy.

You can consider this puppy as a half-mature puppy that is still growing. So, you cannot treat it like an adult puppy or dog pet. It requires a special diet, take care, and a good & spacious crate to live in.

4 month old puppy sleep requirements

A 4-month-old puppy sleeps for 12-14 hours daily. It will depend on the surrounding and living area if you can ensure a perfect living place for your 4-month-old puppy. If it gets perfect comfort, it will sleep for more than 14 hours and grow naturally and perfectly.

The growth of your little puppy mostly depends on two factors. One is its sleeping cycle, and the other one is its diet.

When your pet gets enough time to sleep, it will be healthy enough. Since you will not have enough time to offer various food to your puppy, you should make a healthy diet.

It will always help your puppy to get everything from the diet. You should include protein, vitamins, and minerals in that diet chart. After that, you should concentrate on the sleeping cycle. It is not easy to grow a puppy without ensuring a good sleeping time.

If your puppy sleeps less than 12-14 hours, it must have something wrong. Maybe it gets low in nutrients and becomes weak day by day. Or the puppy faces something difficult that bothers him regularly. Whatever the reason is, you must take care of its health.

In most cases, the sleeping cycle will indicate if your little puppy is growing or not. It’s more like a human being or an infant. You cannot expect your little puppy to grow without sleeping. And it is you who can ensure the best circumstances for better sleep.

So, notice your small puppy carefully and ensure the proper sleeping time. If your 4-month-old puppy sleeps less than the standard time, you must find out why it happens and why your little puppy is not sleeping.

You should also notice the sleeping break and the cycle to make sound decisions.

If your pet sleeps more at night than during the day, it’s not a concerning fact. Only when your pet sleeps more than 14 hours without any break will it be a great difficulty for its life.

It’s not a good thing to starve for that long period. So, you should provide enough food so that it can be eaten anytime.

As I said, you won’t get enough time to feed different foods to your 4-month-old puppy. So, you should always keep some food near the puppy.

When it wakes up and finds food nearby, it will devour them within a while. So, the puppy will get instant food and can meet its stomach needs.

Is it normal for a 4 month old puppy to sleep a lot?

It is normal for a 4-month-old puppy to sleep a lot. Typically, the 4-month-old puppy will sleep for 14 hours a day. It may differ from puppy to puppy and place to place. If you can ensure the best comfortable living area, your little puppy will sleep more than 14 hours daily.

If you find your 4-month-old puppy sleeping for more than 14 hours or 18 hours, it may still be normal for your puppy’s health.

So, you should not take it seriously and take any immediate action. You should be careful about the internal breaks of your puppy’s sleeping cycle since it will eat by that time.

You will only take it seriously if your pet forgets to eat and only sleeps for a very long time. Maybe your 4-month-old puppy sleeps at night and wakes up the next afternoon.

That would be the ultimate scenario where you cannot take it normally if your pet puppy can sleep for a long time.

 You should concentrate on its sleeping pattern and try to get your little puppy’s unusual behavior and eating habits. If it eats and sleeps well, there is nothing to worry about.

How much should a 4 month old puppy sleep during the day and night?

A 4-month-old puppy should sleep 6-7 hours during the day and 8-9 hours at night. It’s an average sleeping cycle for the little puppy, but it’s not universal.

Instead, the sleeping cycle will vary from puppy to puppy and in the nearby area. You can only expect to get a similar sleeping cycle to your puppy.

Sometimes, the puppy will sleep more during the day than at night. It’s a common scenario for most 4-month-old puppies. They love to spend the night playing and eating. However, most will sleep equally at night and during the day.

When you have such a puppy, you must provide enough food so that the puppy will get the food whenever they wake up.

You cannot give new food at night when your puppy will take a break and try to play in the crate. So, it’s better you know your pet’s sleeping cycle and provide food accordingly.

Whatever the sleeping cycle, your puppy should never sleep for a long time without taking any break. Your puppy can sleep 8-10 hours at night and 4-6 hours a day which is okay. But if your puppy sleeps for one time, and that is for 12-16 hours, it will be an abnormal sleeping cycle.

Can a 4 month/16 week old puppy sleep through the night?

A 4-month or 16-week-old puppy can sleep through the night. As I said, your little puppy can sleep for 14 hours every 24 hours day. But there is no particular time for your little puppy. It will sleep whenever it feels asleep and eat enough.

The little puppy can sleep more often for the entire day or night; it’s entirely on its mood. Sometimes, it may awake for the entire night and sleep for the entire day, which is a very common scenario for us (for the pet lover).

You cannot expect the same sleeping cycle as your little puppy.

The sleeping cycle will change frequently; it may sleep through the entire night without waking for a minute. It happens when your little puppy is sick or has done some serious exercise during the daytime. Your puppy will get tired and may sleep through the night.

Whatever the reason is, your puppy can sleep throughout the day or night. It’s not a big concern for you; you should only focus on your puppy’s growth and be sure about its food. Until your puppy gets enough protein and grows naturally, you don’t need to worry about its sleeping cycle.

Why does my 4 month old puppy sleep so much?

If you feel your 4-month-old puppy is sleeping too much, don’t worry. It is normal. 4 month old puppies need a fair bit of sleep because of the following reasons:


Rest is pivotal to your 4 month old puppy’s improvement. At this age, they develop inconceivably rapidly, encountering unused sounds, sights, and smells and always playing during their waking hours.

They require rest to assist them in recovering their vitality, preparing for the modern things they are seeing and learning, and many more things.


Their small bodies are developing quickly, and they require rest, particularly given how enthusiastic they can be when they’re alert.

Your pup is learning and developing each moment of the day. Their rest gives them the chance to energize their batteries.


Rest is imperative for holding information and shaping recollections. If you’re proactive about educating your 4-month-old puppy after it is fully rested, it’ll learn faster, and you’ll create distant and improved compatibility.

It’s not simple to arrange each minute around your 4 month old puppy, and you won’t be able to.

That said, time with and absent from you is imperative for good advancement. It can be challenging to memorize how to live in an adjusted way as a pet owner.

It gets to be less demanding the more you hone and proceed to teach yourself what works together with your interesting pet.

Hormones & Nerve Systems:

While the numerous benefits and purposes of rest are still being inquired about, it’s accepted that sleep provides vitality to the brain and body and contributes to a sound-resistant system.

Proper sleep will help your 4 month old puppy to balance appetites. It also releases hormones, counting hormones basic to development and advancement.

Final Thoughts

Depending on food habits, physical exercise, and comfort, your 4-month-old puppy can sleep 12-14 hours daily. It may increase if your puppy is too tired or sick. Also, the sleeping cycle will be changed when your puppy passes the 4-month. So, you cannot take that sleeping time for granted.