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How Much Does a 3 Month Old Puppy Sleep? (Quick Answers)

A 3-month-old puppy is a very little pet without the maturity to understand your training purpose. Its main duty is to eat and sleep. You will get very little time to play with your 3-month-old puppy.

Since it’s a tiny puppy, you cannot force it to play for a long time. Otherwise, it may feel exhausted, and it will hamper natural growth. So, make sure your puppy gets enough time to sleep and enough food to eat.

3 month old puppy sleep requirements

A 3-month-old puppy will sleep for 14-18 hours a day. It will mostly sleep for 18 hours and play for the rest of the time. So, the 3-month-old puppy will have a different sleeping cycle. It’s not universal to get an even sleeping cycle for your little puppy. You must give enough comfort.

When you have a 3-month-old puppy, you must know the perfect sleeping time for your puppy. It’s not that your three-month-old puppy will always sleep for 18 hours because it will play a significant role in their lives.

If you see any difference in the sleeping cycle, it’s not a big concern.

You may find that your 3-month-old puppy will sleep for 12 hours, which is unacceptable. Your puppy must sleep for at least 14-18 hours on a 24-hours day.

It may hinder for some reasons; the first reason would be balancing activities. If your little puppy plays for a long time, it will sleep 18-20 hours daily.

On the other hand, the little puppy may sleep for only 12-14 hours when it will not participate in any activities. Physical activities will make a difference and hamper your little puppy’s sleeping cycle. But it never goes down in less than 12 hours.

When you see that your puppy sleeps for only 11-12 hours, you must be careful about its health. You should check all parts of your puppy and ensure they are all good. Sometimes, the sleep cycle will be hampered by sickness and other issues.

You will only get 4-6 hours to play and do activities with your 3-month-old puppies. And you won’t get the entire time at one time, but it will give you only one hour after taking 5-6 hours of sleep. If your puppy sleeps for 18 hours, it will give you 1-hours to do some activities.

However, you must worry if your puppy only sleeps for 10-12 hours a day. Maybe your puppy is sick and will fail to sleep for that time. Especially, it will fail to sleep at night since it will face lot and fail to rest peacefully. So, you must give proper treatment to your little puppy.

So, you can take the 14-18 hours as a standard sleeping cycle for your 3-month-old puppy. Whenever you find any dissimilarities in your puppy’s sleeping cycle, you should take care of it and try to find out why because your puppy’s growth will mostly depend on its sleeping cycle.

Is it normal for a 3 month old puppy to sleep a lot?

It is normal for a 3-month-old puppy to sleep a lot since its growth will entirely depend on diet and sleep.

If your puppy doesn’t sleep for at least 14 hours, it will get sick and face growth difficulties. Sometimes, the natural growth of your little puppy will mostly depend on its excellent sleep.

When your puppy sleeps a lot, it will indicate its good health. If your puppy gets sick due to insomnia, you must take it outside and exercise because the puppy may feel bored to sleep for a long time and wants to exercise.

In that situation, walking and playing with the ball will be a great solution.

It will be a problem only when your puppy sleeps too much at a time. It means your puppy should sleep in several times; maybe three times a day would be a good sleeping cycle.

It can sleep for five hours every time and fifteen hours a day. If your puppy sleeps for ten hours at a time without any break, it indicates something wrong.

Maybe your puppy is very sick or too tired; you should find out the real reason behind it. If your puppy does some extra exercise or plays for a while, it may sleep for a very long time. It’s normal to sleep for a long time in that condition. Otherwise, there is no logic in sleeping for a long time.

Can a 3 month old puppy sleep through the night?

A 3-month-old puppy can sleep through the night until it becomes an adult and be able to sleep in a dog bed. When you have a two or three months old puppy, you should give it proper circumstances to have a sound sleep for that night. It will love to sleep for the entire night.

Although the 3-month-old puppy can sleep through the night, it can also sleep through the day. In both cases, you must provide enough food and water to your puppy so that it can enjoy the meal anytime.

Since your puppy can wake up from sleep after 5-6 hours of sleep, it should get some food nearby.

You cannot be sure when your little puppy will wake up and seek food and water. So, it’s better to keep some water and food in front of your puppy and allow it to eat after waking up.

But very few times, your little puppy may not sleep through the entire night. In that case, it will be more harmful to your puppy if it continues not to sleep at night. It will directly affect your puppy’s help and impact the entire sleeping cycle.

How long should a 3 month/12 week old puppy be awake between naps?

A 3 month/12 week old puppy should be awake around 4 to 6 hours between naps. Something to remember for most puppies is that they require rest – parts of it, rather like babies. Your puppy will require approximately 18 to 20 hours of rest each 24.

So as anticipated, 4 to 6 hours of being alert and, as it were, almost an hour at a time. If they’re kept alert and playing, you may both be heading for an unpleasant time.

Your three-month-old puppy will still require around 18 hours to rest and revive. In between naps, there must be a gap of 30 to 40 minutes. Your three-month-old puppy will take each nap around a minimum of half an hour to a maximum of two hours.

As a result, they can revive their small growing body and keep going with all their 3-month-old fun kinds of stuff. Energize your puppy to require some daytime rests after lunch or strongly playing outside.

Why is my 3 month old puppy sleeping so much?

Your 3 month old puppy might be sleeping so much due to the following reasons:

Activity Level:

Development takes lots of activity, whether a puppy or a child. 3 month old puppies will be pretty active for a couple of hours; after that, it’s rest time, which will happen all day.

More frequent rest times in puppies are likely caused by the difficult work of developing, learning unused aptitudes, and adjusting to the life of a well-cared-for and adored family puppy.

The more energy and incitement a puppy encounters, the more rest he might require. It’s not exceptional for a three-month-old puppy to drop snoozing right after playing, eating, or visiting other individuals and animals.

Breed Size:

The action of each puppy depends on his breed. Generally, more giant puppies don’t favor playing even if they are four months old. On the other hand, more miniature mutts are more dynamic and lively, so they must play every time.

On the off chance that your three-month-old puppy is reaching to be an enormous one, at that point, it is pretty normal for her not to need to play with you. In case not, there’s not an issue, so don’t stress. Possibly she does not have sufficient vitality.

Stress/ Boredom:

In conclusion, if your 3-month-old puppy is the sole pet within the house, it might lose its littermates. Puppies are social creatures. A puppy going through mental troubles such as uneasiness, stress, and boredom would rest apart.

If your 3-month-old puppy is pushed or feeling on edge, you’ll take note of them getting to be dormant, and they will nap off regularly.

Making a difference to the 3-month-old puppy by giving it a schedule with exercises can invigorate and improve its mental and physical condition.

Final Thoughts

Although the sleeping cycle depends on various factors, a 3-month-old puppy can sleep for 14-18 hours daily. It should never be less than 14 hours since your puppy’s growth will mostly depend on eating habits and sleep cycle. It can sleep more than 14 or 18 hours but should never sleep less.