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How Many Mealworms to Feed Leopard Geckos? (Answered)

Feeding your geckos an appropriate portion of meal can be a very challenging task. It needs precise calculations and thorough measurements.

In this article, we will discuss how many mealworms you should feed a leopard gecko and other factors associated with it. Read ahead to ensure a balanced diet for your little friend.

How many mealworms to feed leopard gecko?

You can feed about 5 to 7 mealworms to a baby leopard gecko. Continue with this quantity until they reach a length of 4 inches. Once the gecko grows up, you will need to shift to larger portions. In addition to that, feed your adult leopard gecko 6 to 7 mealworms about 2 to 3 times every week.

Feeding mealworms to leopard geckos requires calculative measures. You should not overfeed or underfeed them. So here’s a breakdown of how many mealworms you should feed leopard geckos of different age groups:

Baby leopard gecko:

Baby leopard geckos are more dependent on mealworms than other food. It is a great source of nutrition for them. In addition, mealworms are very easy to eat, swallow, and digest for them.

So feeding mealworms to baby leopard geckos should be quite easy. They enjoy the meal as well. This is why you should feed mealworms to leopard geckos.

Feed at least 5 to 7 mealworms or small crickets to baby leopards every day. This diet plan should keep them well fed until they are older. When your leopard gecko turns 4 inches long, you will need to revise their food habits. Until then, 5 to 7 mealworms per day will keep them well nourished.

Young juvenile leopard gecko:

Young juvenile leopard geckos do not need to be fed mealworms as often as the younger ones or baby leopard gecko. At this stage of their life, they can eat other forms of food. So they do not rely on mealworms solely.

In this case, you should feed about 2 to 3 mealworms or small crickets to young juvenile leopard geckos on a regular basis, along with other food. This will provide them sufficient nutrition.

Full-grown leopard gecko:

The best way to determine how many mealworms should be provided to a leopard gecko is to look at their size. The full-grown leopard geckos are larger in size and have developed enough to start eating solid food.

So they will not be depending on mealworms as their only source of nutrition. As soon as leopard geckos grow longer than 4 inches in height, you can lessen the frequency at which you provide them mealworms. Full grown leopard geckos should eat about 6 to 7 mealworms twice or thrice a week.

How many mealworms to feed a leopard gecko a day? How many is too many?

Leopard geckos, especially the younger ones, find mealworms very appealing. They like to indulge in this food as it is equally nutritious, fulfilling, and tasty. But you should always be careful with the quantity of mealworms that you’ll be feeding your pet.

Feeding too many mealworms to your leopard gecko can do more harm than good. So you will need to consider the size, height, and age of the leopard gecko before deciding on the quantity of mealworms.

Age is the first and foremost factor of consideration in determining the amount of mealworms that you should feed your leopard gecko. If your leopard gecko is young then the quantity should be higher.

A leopard gecko that has not reached the length of 4 inches yet should be fed about 6 to 7 mealworms per day. This will keep them well nourished. Young leopard geckos enjoy this food because it is very easy to chew as well as digest.

But if you feed your leopard gecko more than 7 mealworms a day, it is too many mealworms for them. It can cause irritation, indigestion, and more.

Can you overfeed a leopard gecko?

Yes, you can overfeed a leopard gecko. Leopard geckos are sensitive animals, so you will need to choose their diet plan carefully. You should not overfeed them but make sure not to underfeed them as well.

If you feed your leopard gecko more than 7 mealworms a day, it will be too much for them. They will then be overfed. Overfeeding them can cause several problems including indigestion, irritation, vomiting, and more.

Overfeeding leopard geckos is quite common. This is a recurring mistake, especially for new owners. It is very tricky to decide exactly how much food you should provide your leopard gecko.

How often should you feed leopard gecko mealworms?

How often you should feed leopard geckos mealworms mainly depends on the age and size of the reptile. They have very specific diet needs that you will need to address. And overfeeding them can be equally troublesome as underfeeding them, so you will need to determine their food portion accurately.

If your leopard gecko is still young, you can safely feed them around 6 to 7 mealworms per day. This will be an appropriate portion for them as they are not eating much else.

On the other hand, if you’re dealing with an older leopard gecko, they will be eating other food, especially solid food, besides mealworms. In such a case, you should not feed them mealworms daily. Feed them mealworms only twice or thrice a week. This will meet their diet needs perfectly fine. 

Are mealworms healthy for leopard geckos?

Yes, mealworms are healthy for leopard geckos. In fact, it is among the best food options for them. Leopard geckos enjoy indulging in insects and mealworms are one of the best picks for them.

Mealworms are healthy for leopard geckos because they provide great nutritional values, offering them a fulfilling meal. In addition, mealworms are very easy to chew and swallow, making them one of the most convenient meals for the young leopard geckos.

In addition to mealworms, you can feed your leopard geckos crickets, silkworms, butterworms, waxworms, beetles, and more. They enjoy eating these insects because they are very fulfilling in terms of nutritional value as well as delicious.

Is it ok to feed leopard gecko only mealworms?

It is not okay to feed leopard geckos only mealworms. This will limit their diet and will keep them from getting enough nutritions. There can be some health complications in your leopard gecko as well, if you keep on feeding them mealworms only.

Mealworms contain a significant fat content. Feeding them mealworms exclusively can cause obesity and other health issues associated with that. Your leopard gecko will then have a very hard time to move around, play, or even stay awake. It will keep them tired all the time.

As your leopard gecko gets older, mealworms should be fed less and less. It should be fed occasionally, only as a treat, when your leopard gecko is old. This will keep them healthy.

How old does a leopard gecko have to be to eat mealworms?

Baby leopard geckos can eat mealworms. There is no age criteria in case of this food. They can be fed mealworms exclusively until they are 4 inches tall. Once they get older, you should introduce them to other sources of food as well.

A young leopard gecko can eat 5 to 7 mealworms everyday. But once they get older, you should provide them with larger food. Adult leopard geckos should be given mealworms only 2 to 3 times a week.

How do you prepare mealworms for leopard geckos?

Mealworms are very easy to eat and digest, so this quantity will keep them well-nourished. While mealworms provide great nutritional value, they should not be fed in excessive quantities in order to avoid health complications. Here are some tips on how you can prepare mealworms for leopard geckos:

Keep in fridge:

Once you have your hands on some mealworms for your leopard gecko, make sure to store them in a refrigerator in order to keep them fresh. Storing them in the cold will keep the mealworms perfectly edible.

But make sure to bring out the mealworms out of the refrigerator at least 24 hours prior to feeding them. You will need to bring them to room temperature in order to make the mealworms active again.

Cover the mealworms with nutrient powder:

If you’re feeding your leopard geckos only mealworms, make sure to cover the insects with nutrient powder before feeding them. This will work as a supplement for the missing nutritional values that they demand. In addition, make sure to provide your leopard gecko with enough vitamins supplements as well.

Final thoughts

Leopard geckos should eat 6 to 7 mealworms everyday until they are 4 inches long. After that, feed them mealworms only 2 to 3 times a week. Be careful not to underfeed or overfeed them to ensure good health for them. If you find the process to be challenging, you can always take professional help.