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How Many Goldfish in a 50 & 55 Gallon Tank? (Explained)

Goldfish is everyone’s favorite go-to fish for decorating their aquarium. While the fish might look appealing, it requires a lot of caution when you consider keeping it safe and healthy. And the first step of owning a goldfish is knowing the right size of the tank.

Let’s explore how to habitat your favorite goldfish and the appropriate tank size for them.

How many goldfish in a 50- & 55-gallon tank?

In general, a goldfish requires almost 20 gallons of water so that it can live the most comfortably. That means only two or three goldfish can live in a 50 – 55 gallon tank. However, a 50 to 55-gallon tank can easily hold three full-size goldfish or four small-size goldfish at a time comfortably.

The most commonly used tank for aquariums is 50 and 55-gallon tanks. They are found everywhere in pet shops. This is an ideal size for keeping most of the aquatic animals and standard-sized fishes.

On the other hand, goldfish are a great source of joy in the aquarium. People choose goldfish to be an ornament for their aquarium.

However, there are different types of goldfish available, and also, they have different requirements for living comfortably. The following is how many goldfish of various kinds can live in a 50 and 55-gallon water tank.

Common goldfish:

Common goldfish are bigger in size and require more space than any other kind. They usually need at least 75 gallons per fish. So, you can fit no common goldfish in 50 and 55-gallon tanks.

Fancy goldfish:

You can either apply the general rule of thumb 20 to 1 or one fancy goldfish per 20-gallon water. But only two goldfish can live in a 50 and 55 gallon tank, that too when there is a good filtration system.

Comet goldfish:

Comet goldfish are born to live in a pond or a larger pond. It is believed a comet goldfish require a minimum of 75 gallon of water to live perfectly. That means they can go for a 50 gallon pond as well.

So, there is no doubt you should not put a comet goldfish in a 50 and 55 gallon tank.

Fantail goldfish:

A full-grown fantail goldfish can be 6” taller. If you consider the 1 gallon per inch method, you would require 6 gallons per fantail goldfish.

At this rate, eight fantail goldfish will remain in a 50-gallon tank and nine fantail goldfish in a 55-gallon tank.

Oranda goldfish:

These goldfish are famous for their brain like head parts. They are usually 7 inches long, and they typically need 10 gallons per fish. So, you can fit 5 Oranda goldfish in a 50 and 55 gallon tank.

How big will a goldfish get in a 50 or 55 gallon tank?

This is uncommon to see goldfish getting bigger than 1 or 2 inches. The growth of a goldfish depends mostly on the size of the tank they live in. And in the case of small fish tanks or bowls, goldfish don’t grow enough.

Given a larger fish tank, such as a 50 or 55-gallon tank, a goldfish can grow much bigger than usual. But the fish tank must have good filtration as dirty water can hamper the growth. You must clean the tank once a week.

How much room do goldfish need in a tank?

Usually, a goldfish will need about 20 gallons of water to itself, and you must put a goldfish in the tank that can hold at least two goldfish at a time, mainly because goldfish can grow very big.

Depending on their kind, some goldfish can be 6 inches to a foot taller. Many goldfish owners suggest 40 to 50 gallons of the room is required for a full-grown goldfish in tanks.

Moreover, a congested fish tank harms the goldfish to grow and live comfortably by polluting and reducing water quality.

Is a 55 gallon fish tank a good size for goldfish?

55-gallon fish tanks are commonly available, and for most households, this size can be a good fit for their other furniture.

Also, a 55-gallon fish tank can accommodate a good filtration system and oxygen circulation along with enough space for keeping the tank cleaner.

On average, a goldfish requires 20 gallons of water for proper movement and growth. You need twice the capacity a goldfish requires to keep a healthy environment for your pet. The bottom line is that a 55-gallon fish tank is a good size for goldfish.

Why do goldfish need big tanks?

Many assume goldfish are small creatures and put them in a small fishbowl. But this is an untrue statement, and in reality, goldfish require a much bigger tank. Here is why goldfish need big tanks-

Goldfish have high growth:

Goldfish are big aquatic animals put in the aquarium. Although you may find small goldfish in fish tanks, in larger tanks and with adequate nutrition, a goldfish can get as big as 2 feet tall.

A small size goldfish may require 20-gallon water for itself. So, it is not very difficult to assume how much water is necessary for a full-grown goldfish to live perfectly.

Goldfish are very messy:

Unlike much other fish and aquatic animals, goldfish usually leave a high amount of pollutants from its body.

These pollutants reduce the quality of the water and hamper the biochemistry of water, and as a result, they may inhibit the growth of a goldfish.

Oxygen, Nutrient and Access to mobility:

A smaller tank filled with dirty water will have reduced oxygen and nutrients. Also, a full-grown goldfish cannot swim properly in a small space. So, a big tank allows a goldfish a better life quality.

What fish can you put in a 50 gallon or 55 gallon tank with goldfish?

 An average goldfish occupies 20-gallon water in a tank, and you can roughly accommodate two-three goldfish in a 50 or 55-gallon tank.

If you want to put other fish with goldfish, you have to know what fish you can put and calculate how much water they would require. From the following list, you can find your suitable options-

Rosy Barb:

This colorful aquatic animal is exotic and can grow up to 6 inches. They usually require 20-gallon space.

Platy Fish:

They are well acquainted with goldfish and are 2.5 inches tall. They require 10-gallon per fish space.

Cherry Shrimp:

Not a fish but is very popular among the aquarium community. They are 1.5 inches tall and only need 5-gallon water.

Mystery Snail:

They can increase diversity in your fish tank. They require 5-gallon waters per snail.

Zebra Danio:

They will add another dimension to your aquarium. They are 2-2.5 inches in length and occupy 10-gallon water.

White Cloud Mountain Minnow:

Although they are a good companion for goldfish they need 10 gallons per fish.

Final thoughts

One inch of goldfish requires a gallon of water. Thus, a 50 or 55-gallon tank can hold 50-55 inches long goldfish; ideally, it is 2-3 goldfish at a time. On average, three full-grown goldfish can easily live in a 50-gallon tank. If the number of fish surpasses the capacity, water quality will fall.