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How Long Can a Parakeet Go Without Food and Water?

Whenever you want to take a bird as a pet, you might think about a parakeet. Because parakeet is so common pet bird that almost all people are familiar with them.

So, being interested in parakeets is normal. Besides, if you already have a parakeet, you have to know about their food habit.

So, you might be confused about how long a parakeet can go without food and water. You have to know details about the parakeet’s food habits and survival.

Because you might not be present all the time with your pet. So, if you know about the food habit of parakeets, you can arrange food and water for them.

How long can a parakeet go without food and water?

Generally, a parakeet can go pretty well for 24 hours without food and water. Even parakeets might survive 48 hours without food and water. But keeping them without 48 hours will be cruel. Many birds can survive even a week, but parakeets are different from them.

When we want to take a parakeet as a pet, we must know about their basic needs. For example, knowing about their food and nature is a must. We have to know what a parakeet can eat, how many times we have to provide food, how often we have to give water, etc.

Because food and water are two essentials that animals must need. Sometimes, when we are not around, we have to take care of providing the parakeet food. So, we have to measure how much a parakeet will need.

Most importantly, we have to know how long a parakeet will survive without food and water. Generally, parakeets will live up to 24 hours or one day pretty well. After 24 hours, the parakeet might start to become sick.

Another important issue is that a parakeet can live without food for some time if you provide water. For other birds, they can survive some days with only water. But a parakeet will not live long without food. You have to provide solid food with water.

Generally, parakeets have a metabolism that burns calories at a fast rate. So, they can survive a short time without food and water. That’s why parakeets will need food supply from time to time. Sometimes, you have to prepare food in advance.

You might think that if you provide water, a parakeet can live drinking water some days. But only water is not sufficient for them.

Parakeets need food every day that doesn’t mean parakeets eat a lot of food. They will need a minimum supply of food and water per day and consistently. 

How long can a parakeet survive without water? How often should parakeets drink water?

A parakeet can survive without water for 24 hours. Generally, parakeets have a digestive and metabolism system that will need water frequently. Parakeets drink water a couple of times every day.

If you keep your parakeet without water, it is recommended not to keep it without water for more than 24 hours. Because if you keep a parakeet without water for more than 24 hours, the parakeet will get sick.

Sometimes, a parakeet survives without water for 48 hours but you might need to provide treatment for keeping the parakeet alive.

A parakeet requires drinking water 2 to 3 times a day. That doesn’t mean that a parakeet will need more and more frequent water like other animals. But you have to be consistent in providing water to a parakeet.

Generally, drinking water 2-3 times a day will keep a parakeet hydrated. If you don’t provide the parakeet water at this rate, your parakeet might go through dehydration problems.

Do parakeets need to eat everyday? How often do parakeets need to eat?

Yes, parakeets need to eat every day. Generally, parakeets eat many normal foods like vegetables, fruits, etc. So, you can provide them with regular food every day. Moreover, you need to keep food in their case always. The parakeets will eat when they need to eat.

Parakeets will need to eat twice a day. Sometimes, we might not get free time to provide them food twice every day. So, you have to ensure that the parakeets might get food when they need it.

It will be a wise practice if you check once a day that the parakeets have enough food to eat on their case. Though a parakeet can survive 24 hours without eating food, you should not keep them waiting.

Because parakeets need food regularly to keep their metabolism working. Otherwise, keeping themselves without food is not good for their health. They will need food because they burn calories at a faster rate than other birds.

What happens when parakeets don’t eat food and drink water?

If parakeets don’t eat food and drink water, the parakeets will face different health problems. So, let’s see what will happen when parakeets don’t eat food and drink water.


When parakeets don’t eat food or drink water, dehydration will occur. Water is one of the main elements to prevent dehydration. When dehydration occurs, the parakeet will become weaker. This will affect the overall health of the parakeet. So, parakeets should eat food and drink water regularly. 

Problems with metabolism:

Parakeets burn more calories at a fast rate than many other birds. So, they will also need food on a regular basis.

For example, a parakeet will need food 2 to 3 times a day. If the parakeet doesn’t eat food and drinks water, this will affect the parakeet’s metabolism.

Digestion problems:

Keeping a long time without food and water will also create a problem with the digestion problems of the parakeets. If parakeets don’t eat food and drink water, the digestive system will lose its regular balance.

Weaker health:

If you don’t give the parakeets food and water, some instant effects will start to show. But if parakeets don’t eat food and drink water for a long time, it will lead them to weaker health.

How long does it take for a parakeet to starve?

It takes 48 hours for a parakeet to starve. Generally, a parakeet can starve for up to two days if it doesn’t get food and water. You might think that a parakeet might starve for a longer time if it gets water. But parakeets need water and food to survive.

Generally, if a parakeet doesn’t get food and water, it will survive pretty well for 24 hours. After 24 hours, the parakeet will start to face dehydration. Moreover, it will affect the parakeet’s metabolism, digestion system, and overall health.

So, starving for 48 hours without food and water is pretty difficult for a parakeet. You must not keep your parakeet without food for up to two days.

How can I tell if my parakeet is dehydrated?

If your parakeet is dehydrated, you will see some symptoms. For example, your parakeet will lose apatite. Even if you provide regular food, you will see the parakeet is not eating properly or wasting food.

Moreover, your parakeet will look tired always. You might not see the tiredness instantly. But you will see tiredness if you notice for a long time. Besides, you will see that the parakeet is panting constantly.

You might have seen your dog or other animals panting. But you will also notice panting in your parakeet if the parakeet is dehydrated.

It’s pretty difficult to tell whether your parakeet is dehydrated or not. But if you notice the above symptoms in your parakeet, your parakeet might be dehydrated.

How to motivate parakeets to eat and drink in a new environment?

Sometimes, when your parakeet is in a new environment, or you bring a new parakeet to your home, the parakeet might lose its apatite.

Moreover, the parakeet might not feel like eating something. So, here are some tips that you can follow to motivate parakeets to eat and drink in a new environment.

  • Provide a wide and shallow bowl to give your parakeet food instead of a deep bowl.
  • Provide parakeets’ favorite food like vegetables, fruits, seeds, etc.
  • Give your parakeet food multiple times a day and give enough water.
  • If the parakeet is sick, give it proper treatment and keep the sick bird separated from other birds.
  • Don’t give the parakeet rotten food or seeds.
  • You can cut the food into small pieces so that it can be easy to eat for the parakeet.

Final Thoughts

A parakeet can’t go for a long time without food and water. If the parakeet doesn’t eat food or drink water, it can survive a maximum of two days. Because parakeets need a lot of energy and they consume energy in a short time. So, it will be wise if you provide your parakeet food every day.