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How Long Can a Cockatiel Live Without Food and Water?

The cockatiel is a very loving and friendly type of bird, and normally, they are very fond of human affection.

Basically, they are not great cuddlers; however, they love to be around humans as well as the affectionate care from the humans makes them really happy. Many people who prefer birds as pets end up buying cockatiel for their loving nature.

Therefore, if you are planning to buy cockatiels, then you should know some details about them. And now, in this article, we will be going to discuss one of the main topics: how long can a cockatiel live without food and water.

How long can a cockatiel live without food and water?

Most bird owners have reported that a cockatiel can live without any food and water for almost two and a half days or up to 50 to 60 hours, but many bird experts have told that the survival hours are less than that, and in most cases, a cockatiel can survive less than 19 to 23 hours.

Well, it is completely unfair and brutal to leave your cockatiel without food or water. Because this type of bird is very sensitive, they can fall into depression very easily, and sometimes they won’t eat for days because of the depression.

Therefore, the first and foremost thing is that never leave your cockatiel without any food or water.

But if the scenario is different, for example, if you are going for an important business trip or tour, then it will be best if you leave enough food and water around them. Usually, a cockatiel can live without any food or water for almost two days.

After that, their natural instinct will kick in, and it will be hard for them to survive. Most bird owners have told that a cockatiel can survive as long as two days; however, many bird experts have denied this fact.

They have reported that for being a sensitive bird, a cockatiel can live a minimum of 19 hours to the highest of 23 hours. Afterward, the bird might fall into depression, and eventually, without food or water, their survival ability will go down to zero.

Baby cockatiel:

A baby cockatiel that is newly born cannot live without food and water for more than 2-3 hours. This is because it needs more food to survive than the older ones. A baby cockatiel is sensitive in nature.

It is born with closed eyes, having a few feathers, and completely helpless. Every two hours, the baby cockatiel should be given food. Feeding must be started from the early morning and continued till midnight.

Inside the cage, a baby cockatiel is fed by its parents, which meets its daily food requirement. Therefore, the baby’s cockatiel should not be kept away from its parents after birth.

How often do cockatiels need to eat to survive?

Well, cockatiels need to eat at least twice or thrice a day to survive. They usually have their food during the morning and evening. As they are tiny animals, they don’t need much food like humans.

In addition, cockatiels should be provided with three tablespoons (35gm to 45gm) of pallets or seeds each day to survive. It is better to feed your cockatiels with pellets instead of seeds, as pellets contain a good amount of nutrients.

Cockatiels can also be fed with fresh fruits and vegetables. While providing fresh foods, remember to cut the foods into tiny pieces. This is done for the cockatiel to swallow easily.

However, if you plan to go somewhere for a day or two and are worried about your Cockatiels daily diet, it will be just okay to keep some pellets or seeds inside its cage. You can also tell your friends or neighbor to look after the Cockatiels.

How often do cockatiels need to drink water?

Cockatiels need to drink water at least twice a day. Typically, a cockatiel can drink one or two teaspoons of water each day. But a cockatiel can drink more than that if it is hot outside or the cockatiel is provided with food that makes it thirsty.

Remember to give your cockatiels cool water if it is warmer outside. When the day is warmer and sunny, the cockatiel wants to have some cool water often. Also, make sure the water you provide is fresh and not contaminated.

Cockatiels normally don’t drink too much water. But if they do so, it might be for various reasons such as stress, exertion, etc. In most cases, it is just fine. But if the cockatiel is drinking too much water than normal, you may consult with an avian vet.

What happens if a cockatiel doesn’t eat food and drink water?

A cockatiel usually doesn’t stop eating food and drink water without any reason. If a cockatiel doesn’t eat food and drinks water, something must happen to the cockatiel.

It might be feeling sick, or the environment doesn’t suit it. The following thing happens if a cockatiel doesn’t eat food and drink water:

Getting used to the new environment:

If you newly brought a cockatiel to a new environment, it will naturally feel stressed.

Thus, it does not eat as much it did in the past. Shifting from a known environment to an unknown environment is always difficult for anybody, be it animals or humans.

However, when the cockatiel adjusts to its surroundings, it will start eating and drinking as usual. If it still doesn’t eat, better consult with a vet. Following the suggestions of a vet can improve the health of the cocktail.

Introducing new food to them:

A healthy cockatiel won’t stop eating food so easily. Cockatiel very quickly becomes habitual to a particular food and likes to have that for a long time.

Thus, you should not introduce the cockatiel to new foods. Rather, you should provide it with the same food it was having.

The cockatiel might be facing health issues:

If you see your bird is sitting idly by closing its eyes and is not making any sounds, then it is having some problems. It will be better if you test the droppings.

If you find the droppings are of different colors, watery, etc., then your bird might not be feeling well. If your cockatiel is not eating and if you can’t diagnose the exact problem, it is better to take your cockatiel to a vet for suggestions.

How can you tell if a cockatiel is hungry?

A cockatiel, when feels hungry, tries to draw the owner’s attention. There are some reasons by which we can say the cockatiel is hungry:

It starts screaming:

A cockatiel needs a healthy balanced diet to mitigate its hunger. If you have not given any food to your cockatiel for long, it tries to catch your attention. Thus, it starts screaming and gets cranky.

It moves its head up and down:

The young cockatiel moves its head continuously up and down to draw attention when it feels hungry.

When you enter your house after a long time, it is usual to see the head tossing of your cockatiel. It means you should provide it with food such as fruits and vegetables or pellets.

But, when a matured cockatiel moves its head up and down, it means you should look at it.

It sits idle:

Well, sometimes your cockatiel will sit idle and will do nothing for several hours. It usually indicates either the cockatiel is hungry or facing some serious health issues.

The cockatiel stops moving due to the reason is they are very hungry and do not want to make any birdly move.

How do I know if my cockatiel is thirsty?

When the day is warmer, it is usual for a cockatiel to feel thirsty more often. There are some reasons by which you can say your cockatiel is thirsty:

It exerts much:

If the cockatiel flies continuously surrounding the house, it will naturally feel thirsty. Besides, when you train your bird where you order the cockatiel to do lots of tasks, it gets tired. Thus, it feels thirsty.

It feels stressed:

When a cockatiel comes to a new environment, it feels stressed. If you see your bird under stress, it is better to give it some time to recover and adjust to its surroundings. After the bird comes to relaxation, it will automatically try to drink more water.

If the weather is hot:

When the weather and surrounding are hot and warm, cockatiel naturally feel hot and wants to drink more water than usual.

Final Thoughts:

The cockatiel can live without food or water for almost one and a half-day, and in the case of baby cockatiels, it can be down to six to ten hours as the baby cockatiels need to be fed continuously. But it is not recommended by experts to leave your cockatiel without food or water for a single day.