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How Long Can A Cane Corso Be Left Alone? (Explained)

Dogs tend to get a lot of anxiety if they are left alone for a long period of time. This is not true for all dog breeds but it is true when it comes to certain social breeds like the cane corso.

These dogs will easily adapt to a social and friendly situation and will not get anxious when you are away if trained properly.

Cane corsos are big dogs with a very independent mind. You do not have to worry about them being anxious if you can get them adapted to a certain lifestyle. These big dogs can take care of themselves most of the times.

How long can a cane corso be left alone?

Though independent, the cane corso needs a lot of socializing as it is a friendly and active breed. But that does not mean it can’t be left alone. You can leave your cane corso alone for around 4 to 8 hours daily. But make sure they have enough exercise. Without enough exercise they might get fussy.

Some of the breeds tend to get separation anxiety and can’t deal with being alone. That is not the case for a cane corso. These dogs are very much independent and can be left alone for awhile every day. However you must give him enough exercise time and attention.

Cane corso require a lot of exercise. And they are social dogs. If you interact with your cane corso for an adequate amount of time and give him enough play time or exercise, they will be good for around 4 to 8 hours alone easily.

Can a cane corso be left alone?

Being left alone does not have much negative effect on the cane corso. These independent dog breeds get accustomed to being on there own if it is practiced from early on. However as they grow up mostly being on their own, they might actively avoid socializing.

The cane corso is a very social animal. They love interacting with their owners and people they trust. These active and friendly dog breeds get accustomed to being on their own as well.

If you give them enough attention and time to exercise, they can be left alone for a long period of time without any problem.

Do Cane Corsos have separation anxiety?

It is very common for dogs to get separation anxiety. As they are used to stay in packs inherently, any dog breed tends to get anxious when left alone. The Cane Corso is no different. If left alone for a long time and abruptly, they do develop an anxiety and fear of separation.

Sometimes your cane corso can get very clingy and may want to be with their owner at all times. Other times, a cane corso might face some trauma or sudden trigger that makes them fear separation.

If one of the family member passes away, they feel the same pain. This can trigger separation anxiety in the cane corso dog.

How to calm down a cane corso with separation anxiety?

Dogs are inherently used to being in packs. It is very common for any dog to develop separation anxiety. If you find your cane corso developing separation anxiety you can do a few things to help him calm down-

  • Try and ignore your dogs attack for awhile. Let them calm down on their own. then gently pat them on the head or pet them how they prefer;
  • Give your cane corso a piece of your clothing that strongly smells like you. You can spray a cloth your regular perfume so they can snuggle to it when you leave;
  • Use a phrase or word that will reassure your dog that you will be coming back as you leave. Make them used to it;
  • Give your dog a strong chew toy to keep him busy when you are not around;
  • Do not isolate your dog entirely, but you can loosely confine them if you feel them getting too aggressive. Till they calm down be around them;

If you see your dog getting anxious and aggressive when you are not around, it may be a clear sign that they are starting to develop separation anxiety. Try your best to calm them down as soon as you notice so they don’t get too hard to handle.

How do you stop separation anxiety in cane corsos?

Separation anxiety is very much common in dogs, especially in social breeds like the cane corso. You can stop the problem if you detect it early on. Some of the more common suggestion to deal with this issue are-

  • Condition you dog to be okay with you leaving him alone for a specific time every day. Repeat reassuring words that will ensure your dog that you will be coming back. Leave him toys and clothes that smell like you.
  • Make it a routine to leave your dog alone for a while. Do it for a short period of time initially. Increase the duration everyday to get your dog used to it.
  • Give a lot of time to your dogs’ exercise. The more exercise your dog gets, the more happy it will be. Specially dog breeds like the cane corso, exercise helps them a lot. Separation will be somewhat normal for your dog.
  • If you notice the anxiety and depression increasing day by day, take your dog to a specialist. There are specific medication for these sort of situations. Medications will help your dog with the panic attacks as well.

Treat your dog as soon as you notice symptoms and be patient while it heals. This is not a long term effect. The anxiety will go away with adequate reassurance. Show your dog the love it deserves and be there for him while he gets used to being left alone for a long time.

Are cane corsos independent?

Cane corsos are known for their independent mindset and individualistic way of living. These dogs are not a push over. They are trainable and they will follow commands better than any other hard headed breed. But the dog breed are very much independent.

The breed cane corso are very much independent. They can manage on their own pretty well. And once they set their mind on something, it can be difficult to turn them the other way.

However, it does not mean that they are stubborn or hard headed. Most of the dogs of this breed are very much trainable.

Should I get two cane corso?

Two cane corso can be a handful for one person to handle. The dominant dog breed tends to fight with one another to assert their superiority. This is more prominent in case you have two of the same gender. The situation may get very much dangerous.

If you do not have a helping hand or a strong support to handle two cane corsos, it is best not to get two. Specially of the same gender. They tend to get very aggressive and will literally fight to see who gets to be the alpha.

And as time goes by, the dogs will get more and more strong. This will only add more to your plate. The fight may go out of hand and cause serious injuries. If you feel you are not capable enough, try to avoid getting two cane corsos.  

Can two Cane Corsos live together?

It will be very difficult to keep two cane corsos together in harmony. These dogs thrive to assert dominance. And if they are off the same gender, you might find it more difficult to keep them away from fighting.

However, it is not entirely impossible to keep two cane corsos together. If they are with each other since childhood, it might be easier to stop the aggressive fighting. And if your dogs are off different genders the issue of dominance may not be an issue.

When do cane corso get aggressive?

It is not like cane corsos are very peaceful dog breeds. They tend to get a bit aggressive. It depends on the situation they are put in. Most of the times these strong breeds will get aggressive if they are afraid of something. Some of the obvious reasons for their aggression are-

  • If they get suspicious;
  • If they are not used to socializing;
  • Around strangers;
  • To assert dominance over another strong dog;
  • To be the alpha of the pack;
  • If they get panic attacks over separation anxiety.

These are some of the reasons your cane corso might get aggressive. It is not natural for a cane corso to be aggressive without any particular reason. To help your dog calm down find why they got aggressive and handle the situation accordingly.

Cane corsos are very social and active breeds of dogs. They need a lot of exercise and playtime. With enough attention and play time, the dogs will not face any anxiety and panic if you are away from them for a long time. Train and condition accordingly to make sure they are okay with being alone. 

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