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How High Can a Mastiff Jump? (All You Need to Know)

Dogs love to play and jump. But the how high a dog can jump depends on the size of the dog and the breed of the dog. A lot also depends on how much and what type of exercise the dog is getting. But dogs are naturally drawn towards jumping.

Mastiffs are big, strong dogs. They are athletic and have a hunting instinct. Any outdoor activity like jumping or running is ideal for them. Their physique and their determination make them great jumpers.

How high can a mastiff jump?

As a medium to large-sized dog, a mastiff should easily be able to jump a 4-foot high fence. This jumping height can change depending on how much exercise your mastiff gets. The size will hardly matter if the dog has enough practice and exercise. But a 4-foot high fence is no problem for a mastiff.

Tibetan Mastiff:

Surprisingly enough, a Tibetan mastiff can jump up to a good height. Without any fence, they can jump off a six-foot fence. This is because of their natural build and stamina.

But do not be disappointed when your mastiff fails to jump that high, they might not have the dedication just yet.


This mix of the mastiff is not fond of jumping. The bullmastiff rarely jumps or shows any enthusiasm to jump. They will jump only 1.5 meters of fences. There are exceptions to this the common trait of the bullmastiff is not to jump at all.

They might jump with provocation but the jump will be at a very limited height.

English Mastiff:

English mastiffs are high jumpers. They prefer such sports and take these training rather seriously. The English mastiff can jump as high as 6 feet in the air. They can cover such high obstacles and fences as well.

The giant dog uses it’s built rather efficiently when it comes to jumping.

Neapolitan Mastiff:

The Neapolitan Mastiff is a giant breed and they have the natural build to jump as high as six feet in the air, with or without any obstacle or fence. Their long legs help them jump so high without using much stamina and effort.

French Mastiff:

The very strong and powerful French mastiff can jump as high as a six-foot fence. They can do so without any support. The dogs are very athletic and love outdoor activities. Jumping is one of their favorite sports.

Italian Mastiff:

The Italian mastiffs are giant dogs with high jumping power. These big dogs can easily jump off 4 to 6 feet high fences with no visible struggle. The Cane Corso is a large dog and they have the strength to cover such height on any good day.

Pyrenean Mastiff:

A minimum of a 5-foot high fence is perfect for the Pyrenean Mastiff. These athletic dogs are fast on their feet.  4 to 5 feet high fences are easy for them to jump off from.

You will have to keep an eye on them so they don’t jump off the fence every so often.

Mastiffs are naturally athletic and they have an interest in that sector. Both their natural build and their enthusiasm makes them great jumpers. Most of the dogs of this breed are high jumpers and are excited about training regarding jumping.

Can a mastiff jump?

Mastiffs are athletic and sporty dogs. They love outdoor activities and any kind of sport. Jumping is one of their top choices of sport and fun. These large dogs can jump very high and love it when jumping is incorporate with the exercise routine.

Large dogs are great at jumping. Their long legs allow them the strength to jump off of high fences and obstacles and land safely. Mastiffs are such giants that can utilize their strength and jump to a good height.

Some might think that such large dogs would not know how to jump and control but mastiffs are great at this.

3 factors help a mastiff to jump over

Mastiffs tend to lean towards the athletic side more and the big dogs tend to have a natural liking for jumping and hunting. With the right training and support, your mastiff will be eager to jump obstacles on its’ own.


Proper and routine exercise will encourage your mastiff to jump over obstacles. It can be a part of your occasional or regular exercise.


Make jumping a game. Jump to small heights with your mastiff. Make them fall in love with jumping. And watch how much they enjoy jumping on their own.

Obstacle size:

Start with smaller-sized obstacles. Gradually turn to taller obstacles. Give your mastiff time and affirmation after every obstacle passed.

These should encourage your mastiff to jump over fences or obstacles if that is what you are aiming at.

How to stop a mastiff from jumping?

Sometimes your mastiff can be too jumpy. They will look for opportunities to jump over the fences. And if that is not possible they will jump around the house. Both of which are bothersome. If it is not stopped in time there might be a lot of damage done –

Not giving attention:

Start by not giving any attention to your dog when they jump abruptly. Let them know that this behavior is not appreciated.

Instruct them to sit:

Instruct them to sit whenever they jump. This way the dogs can have a sense of what to do when they get an instinct to jump.

Keep repeating the instruction:

Be persistent and keep repeating the sitting instruction. Do not show any anger or discontent. Show them you are serious about sitting over jumping.

Cut off on the endearment:

Cut off on the endearment when they follow the sitting instruction instead of jumping. This way they will know what is normal and right.

Be very careful not to be aggressive with your mastiff while teaching them to not jump too often. Be patient with your dog and they will get the message in no time.

Can a mastiff jump a fence? Will the mastiff jump the fence?

Whether your dog will jump a fence or not depends on the size of your fence. If you have a 4-foot fence, it will be easier for a mastiff to jump off that. Large dogs like the mastiff are kept to jump over obstacles and fences.

There is a good chance that the mastiff will jump the fence if they can. The dogs are naturally sporty and their hunting instincts make it easier for them to jump a fence. Chances are they will utilize every opportunity they get to jump a fence.

How high should a fence be for a mastiff?

Mastiffs are large dogs and it might be hard to keep them inside the fence. They are likely to jump over a fence. To keep this trouble away you should make the fence at least 6 feet. This height might not be able to jump over this easily.

Mastiffs can easily jump over a 5-foot fence, without any support even. This jumping habit can be a hassle. To prevent this, you should make sure your fence is around 6 feet high. This height can be difficult to jump over.

Can mastiffs jump a 4-foot fence?

A 4-foot fence is no problem for a mastiff. They can easily jump off that height, that too without any support. The large dog is built to jump over obstacles. Their long legs are supportive enough to break the jump with no injuries.

Any medium to a large dog can jump off a 4-foot fence. And mastiffs have the natural build to jump this height with no hesitation. And a 4-foot fence is barely an obstacle for them. If you want to stop your mastiff to jump you will need at least 6 feet for your fence.

How do I get my mastiff to stop jumping on the 6-foot fence?

If your mastiff is adept enough to jump over a 6-foot fence, then you need to train your dog to stop doing that. Usually, a lack of encouragement works amazingly in this situation. Try not to be aggressive or angry when you tell your mastiff to not jump.

Basically what you have to do is show them you do not condone such behavior. You can use other small steps like-

  • Using a leash when your dog is out;
  • Constantly supervise them when they are out;
  • Keep them inside the yard.

These small steps should tell your dog that you do not encourage jumping over a 6-foot fence. With time they will stop.

Should mastiffs climb stairs?

Stairs are generally dangerous for dogs and puppies. Though a mastiff is a fast learner, stairs are very difficult to master. Be very careful when you see your mastiff around stairs. There is a high possibility that they might fall and hurt themselves.

Even as puppies, mastiffs should not be near stairs too much. They should not be encouraged to go up and down a stair. It is too much pressure on a growing dog. Even grown mastiffs have trouble walking up and down the stairs because of their physique.

Final thoughts:

Large dogs like mastiffs have a natural fondness for jumping. These long-legged dogs can jump up to 4 to 5 foot high fences without much hesitation. The strength of the dog can help them break the fall and not get injured. Mastiffs are hunting dogs, jumping high is one of their natural traits.

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