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How Fast Can Mastiffs Run? How Far Can a Mastiff Walk?

Mastiff is a big working dog bred in England as a guarding and a fighting dog for 2,000 years. Dogs of this kind may be found in documents dating from 3000 BC in Europe and Asia.

Many giant, strongly constructed dog breeds often dubbed the Molossian races as common ancestry and included the names of the Mastiff.

The Mastiff is a strong yet very gentle dog with a large head, falling ears, a large, and a short snout. They are known for their colossal size, but how fast can the mastiffs run? And how far can they walk? All of your questions will be answered today.

How fast can mastiffs run?

Because of their immense stature, the mastiffs find it very difficult to sprint even short distances. However, according to the AKC, properly trained mastiffs can reach a speed of 10-15 miles per hour. The Mastiffs prefer walking rather than jogging or running as their body overheats quickly.

Let’s dig in deep to know more about the different breeds of mastiffs.

Tibetan Mastiff: 

While the Tibetan Mastiff is a big and powerful dog, it is comparatively quick and nimble.

In addition, they are renowned for running at speeds of up to 20 miles an hour, but this is most likely limited for short distances as they can run out of breath quite fast.


Bullmastiffs are also huge, and this enables them only to run short sprints. During that period, they can reach 15 to 20 miles an hour. But the running speed depends on multiple factors, including their training, diet, and health.

English Mastiff:

English mastiffs are pretty slow compared to the other versions of this breed.

The English Mastiff isn’t that good at running as they can only get up to a speed of 8.5 to 8.6 miles per hour. But even then, you will have to train your dog firmly to help him get to that speed.

Neapolitan Mastiff:

The Neapolitan Mastiff has a running speed of 15 miles per hour. The entire mastiff breed, in general, is known for being one of the slowest breeds around a racecourse.

That’s why you won’t see too many Neapolitan Mastiffs running in events.

French Mastiff:

Just like its other Mastiff cousins, the French Mastiff can run at 10-15 miles an hour, but it’s not suited for them.

The French Mastiff, also known as the Dogue de Bordeaux, shares similar traits to the other Mastiffs as it’s a slow-paced couch potato.

Italian Mastiff:

The Italian Mastiff can run at 20-25 miles per hour, depending on its size. Similar to the Italian Mastiff, the Cane Corso can run 30 miles per hour.

Pyrenean Mastiff:

Because Pyrenean Mastiff is not that good of a runner, the fastest speed may be about 25 mph.

However, it cannot be sustained over extended distances. Due to the sluggish metabolism and stored energy, energy is conserved throughout the day. But the large Pyrenees prefer to sprint quickly if necessary.

Can a mastiff run? Are Mastiffs slow?

It’s not about how quickly they can run when it’s about a Mastiff.  The Mastiffs can run, but, the Mastiff breed cannot run very quick due to its enormous bulkly. Think about it: a mastiff may be between 130 and 220 pounds anywhere.

This is a lot for a dog to carry, and it’s nearly difficult to attempt to maintain that weight at a quick speed. Hence they are very slow compared to the other breeds.

The large size of the Mastiff tends to make jogging or running difficult for them. If you think of introducing a wild, lively dog with the children from dawn to sunset, you may want to think about looking into a different breed.

The disposition of the Mastiff is laid down and calm, and he would rather lie down or snuggle.

Can mastiffs go on runs?

Yes, it is feasible to have a mastiff as a running partner, but only after reaching full maturity and adulthood (2 years old at least). You can take your Mastiff on runs every now and then but not any more than 30 minutes.

These canines and other very big dogs should not be subjected to further joint stress when they’re still developing. They are a low-energy breed that means that if you are accustomed to running for 20-40 minutes, they will love it.

If you are a serious runner, many other breeds are considerably more efficient and more suited to your needs.

How far can a mastiff walk?

The physical activity requirements of the mastiffs are very minimal compared to the other breeds. A few 20- to 30-minute walks each day will be plenty for an adult Mastiff. They are adaptable to any climate, whether a city or a country, but they thrive in a house with a secure yard.

Walking on a longer root is not something that is perfect for a mastiff. They need less exercise than other dog breeds as they get tired soon.

Tibetan Mastiff:

The Tibetan Mastiffs are quite similar to the English Mastiff; the only difference is in their coats. Excessive walking can cause damage to their joints. That’s why walking 5-10 miles each day is enough exercise.


A fifteen- to twenty-minute walk around the block or a leisurely stroll should be sufficient. In an ideal situation, two or three daily walks short walks would suffice. When the weather is hot and humid, avoid engaging in vigorous exercise.

English Mastiff:

On a single walk, you shouldn’t walk your English Mastiff more than a few miles.

Walking roughly for half an hour twice daily is more than enough for this breed. Remember not to push your Mastiff too much as it’s prone to extensive exercises.

Neapolitan Mastiff:

The adult Neapolitan Mastiff requires approximately half an hour’s walk a day.

You may split this into two 15-minute workouts or spend one block of time with your dog every day. Regardless of age, regular walking may be the greatest practice for this breed of Mastiff.

French Mastiff:

French Mastiffs can walk for 30-40 minutes on a single walk. But as a safety precaution, you should divide the walks into two separate 20 minute walks each day.

Italian Mastiff:

Italian Mastiffs can run 8-10 miles, but that would be pushing it. When you go for strolls for half an hour or so, that’s the ideal time to take your Italian Mastiff.

During warmer days, you should divide the 30 minutes into two or three different sessions to ensure its health.

Pyrenean Mastiff:

Like its cousins, the Pyrenean Mastiff has a large body with delicate joints that prevent it from going for long walks or hikes. You could take them for strolls, but the Pyrenean Mastiffs aren’t suited for hikes.

Do mastiffs like to walk?

Mastiffs aren’t the biggest fan of exercises, but they like to go for walks whenever they are excited. In general, walking is a good way to bond with your companion, and sometimes even if the Mastiff doesn’t want to go for a walk, they’d still oblige to your commands.

Mastiffs are a lazy breed, and that’s why sometimes you have to give them an extra push but remember not to burn their energy out.

How long should you walk a mastiff?

Once they reach maturity, Mastiffs can be taken on daily walks lasting 10-20 minutes once and sometimes twice.

Even if they jog or run for a longer period, it may still have an effect on their joints. The use of regular and balanced exercise can help keep your Mastiff from getting agitated, anxious, or even destructive at times.

How often should you walk a mastiff?

It would be best if you walked your Mastiff daily for short periods lasting roughly half an hour. But when they are pups, light exercising in the backyard is more than enough.

Walking is important in the early years of a Mastiff’s life since they develop at a fast rate throughout their first one and a half years.

But Mastiff pups should avoid lengthy runs and physically demanding activities to prevent joint and bone injuries that may negatively impact them later in life.

Are mastiffs hard walking?

Sometimes mastiffs can be unwilling to go for walks, but they are obedient and pretty easy to walk once they are out and about. Because of their lazy nature, they prefer to stay on the couch.

As they are tremendously friendly, you’d enjoy going out on strolls with your Mastiff.

Can mastiffs go hiking?

A motivated Mastiff may enjoy hiking, but it is essential to look after him to avoid overheating during the exercise. It is feasible to complete the trek if it is less than five miles.

As there are risks to it, you are better off going on walks with your Mastiff.

Are mastiffs athletic?

Mastiffs aren’t athletic by any means; they are completely the opposite of it. Their built body shape and structure aren’t meant for athleticism.

That’s why most mastiffs prefer laying on the couch rather than going out in the sun and playing.

Are Mastiffs good running dogs?

Mastiffs are good running dogs as they are obedient, but you can’t go on long runs with them. For small strolls, they are the perfect breed.

If you are someone who enjoys long walks or runs, you’re better off leaving your buddy at home.

Do mastiffs need a lot of exercises?

Mastiffs don’t require that much exercise. Because of their physique, they are quite unwilling at times to do exercises, but you should take him to regular jogs for 20-30 minutes each day.

Walking daily with your Mastiff is sufficient for its development.

Final Thoughts:

Due to their massive size, mastiffs struggle to sprint even short distances, but some mastiffs can achieve 10-15 mph. The Mastiff’s body overheats rapidly while jogging or sprinting. Mastiffs need relatively little exercise; adult mastiffs need a couple of 20–30 minute walks daily.

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