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How Fast and Far Can Shiba Inus Run? (Explained!)

Shiba Inus are a hunting breed that originated in ancient Japan and their habitats were in the mountainous areas of Chabu, Japan. By nature, Shibas are curious, intelligent, fast, and stubborn. They are also quite famous for their reactive temperament in public or any critical situation.

There are six breeds called “Nihon-ken” that originated in Japan. These dogs, such as Shiba Inu, Akita Inu, Shikoku Ken, Hokkaido Ken, Kishu Ken, and Kai Ken are treated as Japan’s national dogs. Among all these dog breeds, Shiba Inus are the smallest ones.

How Fast Can Shiba Inus Run?

25 miles per hour. Shiba Inus run fast for a small dog breed. They even run faster than many other large dogs. They are swiftly little animals who move almost 250 yards in just six seconds. Their endurability is high and thus they can cover a long distance within a short course of time.

Do Shibas Run Fast?

Shiba Inus run fast for their size because other breeds similar to their size don’t run as fast as they do. Shibas are high-energy dogs and they cannot sit somewhere calmly. They are always seen to be sprinting from here and there.

Covering the area of almost 250 yards in just about six seconds is not a piece of cake for most dog breeds but it is so to the Shibas. They are born to be hunters and their muscles are stronger than most breeds. Their endurance is higher and if trained well, they can come out as one of the fastest dog breeds out there.

Can You Catch A Running Shiba Inu?

Shibas are fast. According to people who own Shiba Inu dogs, you cannot catch a running Shiba Inu. It becomes quite impossible even to run along with them let alone catch them.

They can skip steps and cover a long distance with just a few steps and no human can keep up with their pace for long. As Shiba’s physiques are strong, they are extremely swift and fast. They can move without a blink of an eye.

How Far Can Shiba Inus Run?

Three to five miles. This is the average distance for Shibas aged over one year. They can cover this distance at once.

However fast Shibas may run, they like running shorter distances rather than long distances. A stronger-trained adult Shiba can cover a distance of almost 5 miles without resting.

How Long Can Shiba Inu Run?

Shiba Inus, if trained well, can run long distances. But being the strong-willed temperamental creatures that they are, they don’t usually run long distances. They like regular exercises and sprinting across short distances.

So, whatever the effort that they need to run long distances, they put it in running short term. It means, they start with full speed and thrill but after a while, they slow down their pace and stop eventually. This happens for a short course of time.

Can Shiba Inus Run With You?

Shiba Inus are extremely fun-loving creatures but only with their humans. Although they don’t do well with unknown figures, they can be extremely friendly while in the company of people who they know so dearly. So, if you want to go running with your buddy, go for it because your Shiba Inu will love to run with you as long as it is in good health and well trained.

Shibas are not social dogs by birth. They need training to be socialized, well-mannered and athletic and a well-trained Shiba can go long distances. Not only long distances, Shibas love to go hiking, playing, doing exercises etcetera. A Shiba, if trained well, can easily hike 10 kilometers.

Should You Run Long Distances With Your Shiba Inu?

Shiba Inus are excited animals and they love to stay active all the time. They love sprinting, hiking, playing, and doing exercises with their humans. However, they won’t go far running.

If you in any way want to run long distances with your Shiba, you should do it. This will not only help you with your exercise but also will help your Shiba to be well trained to go long distances. You need to run with your Shiba to farther places and practice it on a regular basis.

How To Train A Shiba Inu To Run With You?

Shibas are extremely energetic dogs and they can be trained pretty well. However, you should not rush while training your Shiba. Shibas can be reactive to any sudden change around them.

So, don’t make the common mistake of making your Shiba go too many yards at once. Be steady and slow with your Shiba’s training. Don’t let it feel the change.

Here’s how you can train a Shiba Inu to run with you-

 Make Sure That The Shiba Is Up To One Year Old:

Shibas are good to be trained well at an early age. When they are up to a year old, they become perfect for training. Shibas’ training becomes harder when they are older.

Start The Training By Walking:

Do not initiate the training by running with your Shiba at all. Start by walking alongside your Shiba and try making it get used to walking with you.

Add Cues To Speed Up:

After you practice walking together, add cues like “Let’s go”, “Move it”, or anything that comes to your mind right away and repeat this each time right before speeding up. This will help your Shiba understand the change of pace.

Spend Some Time Running Meanwhile Walking:

If you take your dog out regularly to go on a walk with you, after a couple of weeks it should have adopted the habit of walking by your side outside. If the result is positive, use the cues and sometimes add running in between of walking. Make it less at the beginning. Gradually increase the time of running and decrease the time of walking.

Continue this process for a time being and you’ll see how well your Shiba becomes trained.

Some Other Things To Notice:

  • Always warm up your dog before going to run with you and cool him down when you get back.
  • Remember to carry water for your dog because running may make it dehydrated.
  • Never run without giving any breaks to your dog.
  • Don’t put too much pressure on your little friend; let it enjoy the training.
  • Always consider the condition of the weather before going out to run.

Follow these easy steps mentioned above and you’ll soon have a good running partner for you!

Are Shiba Inus Runners?

Shiba Inus are very good runners. They are extremely volatile and stormy. You cannot really keep Shiba Inus unattended for long.

If you still somehow are in a situation where you need to keep your Shiba by itself, remember to keep it in a place with a rooftop or chain link on top. It’ll not let the Shiba cross the boundary.

Do Shibas Like Running?

Shibas are strong, fast, and fastidious by nature. Running is like their hobby. They keep looking for opportunities where they’ll make a move and run with all their speed.

They are extremely restless and reactive to hostile situations which makes their tendency to run even more prominent.

Will Shiba Inu Run Away?

Shibas will run away if they are unsupervised for even a while and if they’re already aware of the out. They are called escape artists because they are the expert kind in escaping as well as in running away. They know no boundaries when it’s time for their escape.

Always remember not to keep your Shiba unattended for long. Also, keep your fences steady, firm, and long. Make sure there aren’t ways near the fences where the Shiba can dig its way out.

How To Keep A Shiba Inu From Running Away?

Shiba Inus are running experts. They are sensitive and they’ll always seek ways to escape. The only ways you can actually stop them from running away are-

  • Increasing the height of the fence.
  • Remove the climbing assistance if there’s any.
  • You can try out fence landscaping as well as gardening near the fence.
  • Adjoin coyote rollers on the top of the fence so that escaping becomes nearly impossible.
  • Seal  the area near the fence with concrete so that the Shiba cannot dig its way out.

Above all are the ways you can keep a Shiba Inu from running away. However, good training from an early age and a friendly environment can keep your Shiba even from attempting an escape.

Do Shiba Inus Need a lot of exercises?

Shibas are strong, energetic, and durable animals. They have strong muscles that help them act swiftly and fast. The kind of physique that they are born with, need regular exercises and a nutritious diet to maintain shape.

The Shibas basically need at least an hour of walking daily. Half an hour of extra running can be included. The regular activities that they do as their playing methods are also considered as regular exercises because the more they play the more their workout is anticipated.

Shibas are very good runners. They are highly sinewy and they run really fast. If trained well, they can be called one of the fastest dog breeds in the world.

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