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How Far Can a Bernese Mountain Dog Walk? (Explained)

If you’re looking for a walking or working dog, Bernese Mountain Dog will be one of the best to meet your needs. This breed will walk, run, hike, or even climb with you without complaining. You can also use them to run errands for you.

How far can a Bernese Mountain Dog walk?

An adult typical Bernese Mountain Dog will be able to walk for at least 10 miles a day. But she needs to cover more distance considering Bernese are herding dogs and have a high energy level. A strong healthy Bernese can walk up to 20 miles or more per day when off-leash.

How long can a Bernese Mountain Dog walk?

Bernese Mountain Dogs have high energy levels as a result, they can walk comparatively more than an average dog. A typical Bernese can walk for 30-45 minutes per day. However, this period may vary depending on his physical condition.

Usually, a healthy Bernese will walk for 45 minutes or more.

As Bernese are working dogs, they tend to walk more than an average dog. They also need adequate exercise to keep the energy level in check or behavioral problems may arise. Larger Bernese will walk for more than 60 minutes.

But a Bernese puppy will be exhausted after a walk of 30 minutes, and you mustn’t make her walk more.

Moreover, your pooch will be able to go out on walks twice a day and walk for the same distance both times. Since Bernese are herding dogs, and they used to watch cattle and livestock, they’ll walk with you for more than an hour or two if required.

How far should you walk a Bernese Mountain Dog?

You must walk your adult Bernese Mountain Dog for at least 10 miles each day to maintain her physical and mental well-being. Moreover, Bernese has a tendency to be obese, so to keep her health in check, you must make her do this bare minimum exercise every day.

Adding on to that, Bernese Mountain Dogs have high energy levels, hence, it is likely that they’ll require more rounds of the walk rather than just a walk of 10 miles. While taking your pup out on walks, notice her reactions.

If she seems to enjoy it, and feel more energetic, you can continue this distance as long as she’s not exhausted. You can traverse a distance of at best 20 miles with your adult and strong Bernese.

However, if you observe your pup excessively panting and sweating, call it a day for that day. You mustn’t overdo your pooch for that might be harmful to her as well. Again, for Bernese puppies, a daily walk of 5 miles should do fine.

Don’t walk the puppies too much since their limbs and joints are still growing.

How often should you walk a Bernese Mountain Dog?

It is ideal to walk your Bernese Mountain Dog once every day. However, practically it might not be possible to take your pup out on walks every day since there will be rainy days, too hot or cold days where you and your pup both will not be able to step out of the house.

In such cases, you have to arrange mental stimulation games like puzzle-solving and other physical exercises at home.

That said, since Bernese are herding dogs, they have high energy levels, and they need to wear themselves off to burn the extra energy or there will be some temperament issues involved. Your adult Bernese pup will do several walks in one day.

Since they’re working dogs, they’d always want to know what’s happening outside and exercise is always good for them.

For your older Bernese dogs, going out on a walk once a day will do fine. You have to be a little tricky with Bernese puppies. They still have got a lot of energy in them and also require frequent nap times in between.

You can take them out on relaxing walks twice a day if your pup is okay with it.

You have to watch out a little bit for your dog can get exhausted with all the walks every day. On such days, you can minimize the walking period a little bit. Or you can give breaks to your pup in the middle of walking.

Can Bernese mountain dogs go on long walks?

You can take your Bernese mountain dog for a long walk that has a short time period. Too much long walk can tire your dog and them sick. Besides, it is better to go for small several walks rather than on a long walk for a day. 

Are Bernese Mountain Dogs good walkers?

Bernese Mountain dogs are undoubtedly one of the best walking dog breeds. They were initially bred to run errands, and watch over cattle and livestock. So naturally, they’re good walkers. Hence, they’re able to walk a considerable amount of distance with you.

No matter if you’re going for a morning jog, or climbing up a hill, know that a Bernese can always accompany you. Not to mention, they have high energy levels which they need to burn through exercise.

So walking is always a convenient option for them to be in a good mental and physical position.

Moreover, you can train your adult Bernese to pick up milk bottles or paper in the morning. Bernese Mountain Dogs also excels in cart pulling as well. Being natural walkers, your Bernese Dog can accompany you both on and off-leash or even if you’re on a cycle.

How many walks a day does a Bernese Mountain Dog need?

The answer to how many walks your Bernese Mountain Dogs needs a day depends on your dog’s health, age, and sex, and preference. For instance, adults and healthy Bernese will want to go out on walks several times a day.

Whereas, older Bernese may prefer one longer and slower walk in the morning or evening.

Likewise, Bernese puppies may require several times of small walks a day but on breaks. If you’re unable to take your pup out on walks frequently you can hire someone to do so. Or you can also arrange some mental stimulating game for her inside the house.

Even simply playing by the yard with toys and balls will do fine for his physical health.

Furthermore, you can make her play tug of war, digging, go bone, chew toys, and so on. However, walking is an ideal exercise for dogs. Since Bernese Mountain Dogs are working dogs, they will need their fair share of walks every day.

How much exercise does a Bernese Mountain Dog need?

Bernese Mountain Dog needs a relatively higher amount of exercise compared to other dog breeds. Due to the high energy level, they’ll require at least 30 minutes of exercise every day. Some individual Bernese may prefer exercising for 60-90 minutes even.

Not to mention, they’re a herding breed, and they require lots of exercise for mental and physical balancing.

You can engage a Bernese in walking, playing with other dogs, digging, pulling carts, hiking, tug of war, and with chew toys as well.

How much exercise should a Bernese Mountain Dog puppy get?

The amount of exercise a Bernese Mountain dog puppy needs is much less and different than an adult Bernese. A puppy’s muscles, bones, and joints are still growing, hence, they mustn’t do exercise that puts too much pressure on their bodies.

Informal walks for your 3-4months puppies will be helpful for both physical well-being and improving her social skills. You can also make her play with adult Bernese dogs. You may increase her waking period by five minutes each month.

You can also arrange mental stimulating programs like puzzle-solving for your Bernese puppy. But make them less complicated than the one for adult Bernese. Only searching treats by sniffing will do fine for the starters.

Is it safe to take my Bernese Mountain Dog for walks?

It is completely safe to take your Bernese Mountain Dog for walks. The Bernese are social, loving, and friendly animals; hence, they always appreciate a look at what’s happening outside. With proper training, they’ll not embarrass you in public with unwanted barks at strangers.

However, before taking your Bernese pup of 3 months out on walks, make sure she’s completely vaccinated. In fact, no dog should be taken out on walks unless they’re fully vaccinated.

Can Bernese Mountain dog hike?

Bernese Mountain Dogs are amazing at hiking. Considering they’re working dogs and naturally good walkers; they’re able to hike for a decent distance.

Moreover, they’re also used to cart pulling, hence, they can pressurize their bodies to work more. As a result, even while hiking with you, if they get exhausted, they’ll push themselves to their last extent to accompany and support.

They’re always in need of finishing the job they started.

Are stairs bad for Bernese Mountain Dogs?

While dogs of most breeds don’t seem to have any issues with going up and downstairs, your Bernese Mountain dog may struggle a bit with stairs whatsoever.

Considering the enormous body size of your Bernese Mountain Dog, it is most likely that with frequent climbing up on stairs, she may fall or get into an accident and injure herself. But that doesn’t mean she can’t climb up and down at all.

Using stairs once in a while is fine. Make sure she does it under your supervision.

Final Thoughts:

As you can see, you can always count on a Bernese whether you’re going cycling, hiking, or walking. A Bernese will always keep you accompanied. However, they’re a working breed, so you must take care of your pooch’s exercise schedule as well if you got a Bernese yourself recently.

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