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How Big Do Goldendoodles Get? (Read This First!)

Cross bred dogs are not something new. In fact, the breeds have become very common now a days. But before you get yourself one, make sure you are well aware of their health stats and issues. Taking care of the pups can be easy but you should know how to do it properly.

Like the cross between the Golden Retriever and the Poodle, the Goldendoodle, are usually very low maintenance dogs. Still you should have adequate knowledge about their health issues and standards. This is to keep the dogs healthy and happy.

Goldendoodles size

Just like most hybrid dogs, a goldendoodles size depends on the two mixes. The goldendoodle comes in three sizes. But usually an adult goldendoodle will grow up to 22-24″ tall and can weigh around 50 to 70 pounds on an average. The size and weight does vary according to the male and female dogs.

Goldendoodles are an adorable mix of the two very popular and favorite dog breeds. The cute mix of a golden retriever and the poodle is also known as the “designer dog” because of the appearance of the dog. The cross breed is not so rare. In fact it is very much popular.

The size and weight of the goldendoodle varies. The cross bred dog comes in three sizes. Even so, there is a standard size for the dog. Which, again, depends on the gender of the dog. The standard charts are given below for reference-


The average height of the adult goldendoodle is between 22 inches to 24 inches. Some fully grown dogs can grow up to 26 inches as well. The height is measured to the shoulder of the dog. The smallest height this dog breed can get is about 13 inches only.


The male goldendoodle can grow up to 24 inches starting from 20 inches. This is the standard size of the goldendoodle.

The male can be smaller than 20 inches if it is a teacup or a miniature breed. But the standard height of the male goldendoodle dog starts from 20 inches.


The female goldendoodle dog breed are a bit shorter than the male of the same breed.

The standard size starts from 17 inches and can go up to only 20 inches. The highest height of the female is the lowest for the male of the breed, which is the standard breed.


Though the weight of any dog depends on their individual diet chart and activity, there is always a standard weight that should be maintained.

For the goldendoodle dog breed, the ideal weight is around 18 to 23 kgs. A healthy and standard goldendoodle will weight more than 51 pounds.


A healthy male goldendoodle will weigh around 50 pounds. This is the weight of the standard goldendoodle male dog.

The miniature goldendoodle can be about 15 to 30 pounds only, as the dog is smaller in size. This weight depends on the diet chart and activity level of the male dog.


As the female goldendoodle is shorter compared to the male, it is very obvious that the female dog of the breed will weight less than the male as well.

A healthy and adult goldendoodle female dog of the standard size will weigh only around 40 to 45 pounds.

How big do these goldendoodles get?

The golden doodle this height and weight has three main variations, standard, mini and medium sized. But there are more variations of the height and weight of the same breed of dogs as well-

Mini goldendoodles:

The mini goldendoodle is small, just as their name suggests. The dog breed can be around only 13 to 20 inches. Their average weight is 15 to 35 pounds only.

Standard goldendoodles:

A standard or normal goldendoodle can be in between 20 inches to 24 inches. And a healthy, adult goldendoodle will weigh more than 51 pounds. Any less than that would mean a different breed or any dietary issue.

F1B goldendoodles:

One of the most common breeds of the goldendoodles is the F1B and these pups are medium in size. The dogs can be around 19 to 25 inches in height and they can weight between 40 to 58 pounds.

Toy goldendoodles:

Perhaps the smallest breed of the goldendoodle family, these dogs can be only 10 to 16 inches. Their weight might alarm you as they can be only 10 to 20 pounds, however that is normal like their name.

F1BB goldendoodles:

The F1BB goldendoodles are the mini version of the F1B breed. They can be around 13 to 20 inches and their weight can reach more than 35 inches on an average.

F1 goldendoodles:

The first to be bred of this variation is also known as the standard goldendoodle. Their height can start from 11 inches with a weight of 50 75 pounds.

Goldendoodle size and weight chart

The goldendoodle has various versions of their breed and their height and weight varies heavily based on the breed.

There are some standard range for both height and weight when it comes to the goldendoodle dog breed. Most times the dog breed is bred at the standard size for both height and size-

8 weeks13.5 to 27 lbs11 inches
12 weeks18 to 36.5 lbs11 to 13 inches
16 weeks24 to 48 lbs15 inches or less
24 weeks33.5 to 67 lbs15 to 20 inches
36 weeks41 to 82 lbs20 to 24 inches
One year43 to 87 lbs20 to 24 inches

Given above is the size chart of a healthy goldendoodle. The height and weight are mentioned according to the age of the dog breed. By the week 24, the goldendoodle dog breed becomes a fully grown adult dog.

How do I know how big my Goldendoodle will get?

It is very important to know the height and weight of your pup, no matter the breed. This is to make sure you have a clear idea of how healthy the puppy is growing up to be. And for mixed breeds like the goldendoodle, the estimation should be done carefully.

There is a trick to figure out an estimation of growth for your goldendoodle puppy. The math is to measure the weight of the puppy at 4 months and multiply it by 2. With the new amount found you should add 5 to 10 lbs. The result is the estimated weight of your pup.

With this simple trick you can figure out how big your goldendoodle puppy will be. With the initial weight of your pup you will be able to figure out an estimation of the final weight of your dog. This is important to figure out their healthy growth.

How do I get my Goldendoodle to gain weight?

Puppies are supposed to be a bit fluffy. A little bit of fat is not bad for any puppy because they will shed it off. The amount of activity a puppy goes through is a great way of burning the excess fat. So it is good if your puppy is not too skinny.

A goldendoodle needs to keep their weight in the appropriate range. Otherwise there might be some serious issues when they hit adulthood.

Make sure your goldendoodle puppy is not too skinny and within the ideal weight range. If the puppy is smaller or weighs less then take the following steps to help the issue-

Food habit:

Make sure your pup is eating the right food at the right time. There are many types of food that is suggested for the goldendoodle.

The goldendoodle does not have much limitations or restrictions when it comes to their diet chart. So you can give all types of food to your goldendoodle.

Canned foods and dry snacks should be given in a moderate amount. Make sure your pup has enough nutrient based food in their everyday meal. Fiber is also important to keep their tummy happy. And do not shy away from a treat after any activity or play time.


Playtime and exercise should not be neglected when it comes to a goldendoodle puppy. The more they play, the more hungry they will be.

Always let your puppy play and give them enough physical activities to follow through. This will help them build an appetite which will help them gain their ideal weight.

The goldendoodle puppy needs to be healthy from their early days. The ideal weight should be maintained. So make sure you take extra care of their weight from their puppy days. This is to ensure your pups healthy growth.

Final thoughts

Goldendoodle puppies are an adorable mix of two popular favorite dog breeds. The cross bred dog can grow up to around 22 inches to 24 inches tall and for their weight range it is usually 50 to 70 pounds. These range depends on their breed and variations of course. However, that is the standard.