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Are Dog Toys from Dollar Store Safe? (Explained & Solved)

If you are thinking of buys loads of toys for your four-legged friend, be careful where you get it from and what you get. If you are planning to buy the toy from the dollar store across the street, think again.

Are dog toys from dollar store safe?

Most dog toys from dollar stores are not safe for your pet as they sell cheap toys which contain harmful chemicals. The most common type of toy available for dogs in such stores is either kid’s toy with parts that can be pulled out easily or rubber toys that have the toxic chemical, Phthalates.

Due to their price range, dollar stores keep toys that are mostly manufactured in China. Although dog toys are not officially tested anywhere in the world and have no standard for safety, toys made in china contain poisonous levels of lead, phthalate, or even chromium.

Moreover, toys sold in dollar stores labeled as dog toys might not be specifically manufactured for dogs.

They sell kids toys that are made in China, which may not even be approved safe for use by humans. You can naturally guess if those same toys will be safe for your four-legged friend.

Dollar stores may also sell toys that have loose parts. As pets chew on their toys, small parts may get detached, and your dog could even choke on them. Antlers chew sticks and hard plastic balls sold on dollar stores that may look alluring and fun are not safe either.

Despite all that, you can find fabulous toys in dollar stores. You only have to spend a few dollars to hoard up your dog’s toy dreams. To be sure, it is best to buy your pet’s recreational chew toys from a pet store only.

Wherever you buy that dog toy from, it’s sensible to know what toys are safe and which material to type you can choose with your eyes close.

What dog toys are safe?

Hard Rubber toys:

When it comes to toys, you know your dog will probably rip in in shreds within a few days. Dogs love to chew off their toys, although some are more caring for their toys than others.

One of the best options to give your dog are hard rubber toys, which they can chew all they want without breaking them to pieces. Moreover, these are chemical-free and won’t harm your dog even if they chew all day. 

Some good options can be chew-friendly fetch balls, rubber fishes of suitable size, or balls with teeth. Kongs are a favorite option for many pet owners, and so are hollow toys made with hard rubber. It is great to fill them up with treats as well.

Hollow-type toys:

One of the most popular and safest options when it comes to dog toys are the hollow rubber toys that can be filled with other toys or treats. The classic kong-type toys are so common; you will find them in every house with a furry member.

This type of toy can also be used as a food box or interactive dog toy. They come in different shapes, like the conventional dumbbell shape, bone shape, or ball-shaped. The best part is how you don’t have to worry about any toxins or loose parts getting inside your dog’s body.

Feeder toys or commonly known as busy box toys, are also safe for your furry friend. Just make sure you get the right size for your dog.

Other active or distraction toys:

To keep your dog active and safe, tennis balls from pet stores are a safe option. However, make sure you don’t let your dog chew on a tennis ball for long, as they also contain shredders. 

When it comes to balls or rope pulls, it best to use them during playtime only. Don’t leave those lying around for your dog to chew on. Frisbees made of soft cloths are also safe for dogs.

Piece of clothing:

If you have an old piece of cloth, it can be a great and safe toy for your pet if you are not willing to risk it on store-bought toys.

Are vinyl dog toys safe?

Another name for vinyl that you might be more familiar with is PVC. PVC is an inexpensive plastic that has myriads of uses. They also happen to be in toys.

PVC itself will not cause great harm if present in products. However, when the same vinyl is used to make a toy for dogs, they are usually mixed with additives.

Additives may include very harmful chemicals like phthalates, lead, and alkyl-phenols which are unsafe for dogs.

Are plastic dog toys safe?

Cheaper plastic toys for dogs always run the risk of breaking apart into smaller pieces and getting swallowed by your dog, which is a red alert. Hard plastic, on the other hand, may harm your pet friend’s gums, even if they don’t get disintegrated.

Like vinyl, plastic is not safe when it comes to being used in dog toys for all the hazardous additives. To make toys softer, additives are almost always used with plastic. Some of the most harm causing plastics additives are:

  • Phthalates
  • Alkyl-phenols
  • Lead
  • Bisphenol-A or BPA
  • Polyvinyl Chloride or PVC

Are tennis balls safe for dogs?

Low-priced tennis balls tend to be unsafe as there the fuzz of the surface can come off. Tennis balls that are manufactured by reputable brands- you can find many on the market- are made safe and durable.

If your dog chews on the tennis balls very hard, there will be the risk of enamel harm. However, that is true for any toy, not just tennis balls.

Are antler toys safe for dogs?

Antlers are considered safer as chewing toys compared to other toys and bones. They are affordable, long-lasting, and they don’t break away easily, and neither do they have a fuzz that might come off.

Some vets, nevertheless, advise against giving antlers to dogs with very hard teeth. If a piece of antler is swallowed by the dog, it could cause serious problems.

How to make safe dog toys?

You can make a DIY dog toy as well. Here are two easy ways to make safe dog toys at home:

Toy with ball and rope:

Take a good quality tennis ball and drill a hole through the middle. Next, use a rope and thread it through the tennis hole. The rope can be of cotton or good quality fiber, as long as it is shredded free and sturdy. Ties knots at both ends, and voila!

You have a perfect tug toy for your pet that certainly contains no toxins.

Toy with bottle and fabric:

This simple method will only need plastic bottles and colorful fabric of your choice. Since your dog will bite into it, choose a fabric that will not show stitches.

Cut the edge of the fabric into strips. Wrap the bottle in the fabric from one end. If there is a cloth remaining after the wrap, tuck it in.

Use the cut-out strips to secure the fabric. Finally, braid out the strips.

How to make your dog toys safe?

There are a number of ways to ensure safety for your dog when you buy a dog toy:

  1. Buy dog toys from popular brands and pet stores only.
  2. Look for the tag that it is made in the USA or it is safe for kids and dogs.
  3. Wash toys, especially newly bought soft toys, to get rid of surface toxins.
  4. Get rid of any decorative parts like strings, eyes, buttons, or tags
  5. Give your dog one or two toys at a time. Rotate different toys.
  6. Avoid painted toys, lead toys, or cheap toys.
  7. Choose the right sized toy for your dog, so it’s not too big or too small for your pet’s mouth.
  8. Be around the dog when they have the toys with them.

Are cheap dog toys safe?

Cheap dog toys, especially ones found in dollar stores at not safe. They are also not durable and manufactured with toxic chemicals that are harmful to your dog.

Cheap tennis balls or soft toys are easily shredded away and may even carry the risk of getting into the dog’s throats. Inexpensive rope toys are one of the worst kinds as they can fragment to fabrics that are chemically unsafe. Rawhide chews are also quite risky!

Dog toys that are inexpensive but are sold in pet stores are a much safer alternative.

Is the stuffing in dog toys safe?

The stuffing in dogs may or may not be safe depending on what material they are made of. Usually, cheap soft toys are full of unsafe sills. Good quality ones from pet stores are durable and cause no harm to your pet.

It is not a good idea if your dog is one that always wants to destroy their soft toys and remove the parts of the toy. Some dogs love soft toys. They love to carry those around and see them as friends.

If you know your dog well, you can understand how would actually treat the toy. If your pet is bound to make the toy a companion, high-quality comfort toys are always safe. However, check the stuffing inside and make sure the filling is tagged safe.

What dog toys stuffing are safe fill?

Some dogs love to carry around their stuffed toy and think of the toy as friends. If you are willing to give them a soft toy, make sure it is an organic material. Hypoallergenic fillings are a great alternative in terms of safety.

Washing the toy once is also a good idea, as it could get rid of any chemicals trailing from the manufacturing process.

Most stuffing in dog toys is made with polyester fiber which is a kind of plastic. Although plastic is not a great substance in general, it is deemed safe for pets and kids, even if they chew it.

However, there is always the chance of plastic bits going into the dog’s stomach, which will be unwanted. Organic fibers, which are also available as stuffing, are safe in that regard

Dollar stores are a great place to find bargain deals. However, when it comes to our furry friends, we can only concern about their safety and health. We want the best for them.

When it comes to dog toys, it’s important to look for safe alternatives from good stores. After all, your pets deserve to have a healthy and happy playtime! 

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