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Are Dog Toys Good for Dogs? (Explained for Beginners)

Your furry friend deserves a good playtime. And you might not always be free to be there. You cannot just leave him be, can you? That is why you should be positive about giving toys to your dog.

Your playful furry friend can feel lonely and bored. Naturally, dogs are more athletic and ready to play. This is why dog toys are actually good for them. Be it a chewy toy or a rope toy; a dog toy can get your dog up and excited even on the gloomiest days.

Are dog toys good for dogs?

Dog toys are good and important for the health and well-being of a dog. Dog toys are comforting for them. Toys not only help reduce boredom but also help the dogs to cope when they are nervous. Some toys can help with the different behavioral problems your dog might develop.

A toy may seem like a luxury to some pet owners, but in reality, a dog toy is a necessity for your furry friend. Most of the toys are designed to attract dogs and other pets in a very simple design. There are several types to choose from as well.

Toys that are usually chosen are chewy and balls for a catch. These are the most popular ones. Other than these, rope toys, puzzle toys, stuffed toys are also quite available in the market. You should always go for the one your dog needs or likes to play with.

Toys are not only for recreation, but they can help dogs with their patience and other behavioral issues. Their attachment issues can be fixed. Your dog will get anxious when you’re not around. A toy can make his nervousness go away.

Other than recreational purposes, a toy can be beneficial for the overall development of a dog. You can teach him tricks and patience with toys. Dogs tend to respond to command better when conditioned with a toy.

Dogs are playful animals. You might not always have the time to play with him. This is why you should have a toy or two ready for him to play with. 

What toys are good for dogs?

Though toys, in general, are there to help your companion with many things and keep them busy. There are still some toys that are good or better for the dogs. Some of such toys are –

  • Firm rubber toys: Preferably the ones with hollow in it to hold their precious treats.
  • Rope toys: These toys are usually safe, but you have to make sure your dog isn’t an aggressive chewer.
  • Durable Stuffed Toys: These are amazing for any kind of dog and are usually available everywhere with various designs.
  • Tennis balls: Tennis balls are perfect and are usually the most favorite toys for the owners and the pets. Easy to find and easy to play with, a perfect combo for your furry friend.

Basically, anything that is not too small for your dog to accidentally swallow is perfect. Also, the types that are soft on teeth are good to go.

What toys are bad for dogs?

Any toy that might be too hard for the dogs to chew on is a big no. As dogs tend to chew most of the toys, it is best to avoid the ones that might hurt their teeth and mouth.

Contrary to popular belief, bones can cause a significant amount of damage to the dog’s teeth and should be avoided. Sticks are the same or worse than bones. Splinters are common when a stick is used as a toy.

So, here are some toys you must avoid for your dogs-

  • Bones
  • Sticks
  • Pigs ears
  • Cow hooves
  • Elk/ Deer antlers
  • Nylon chew toys
  • Hard plastic toys

Any toy that will be harmful to the dog should be avoided no matter how convenient or cheap it may be. The health and comfort of your dog should be kept in mind at all times. 

What are the benefits of letting your dog play with dog toys?

Other than keeping your furry friend happy and busy, a dog toy can have many other benefits which you might not have noticed –

Tires them out:

Playing with a toy creates a stimulation which can require equal energy as walking or running. This tires them out and helps them keep calm and still for a moderate amount of time.

Building independence:

Dogs are not accustomed to spending time alone as they are pack animals. Too much alone time may introduce commitment issues. Being with a toy, a dog can grow independent. They learn to be by themselves.


Toys help pups to learn new skills. For grown dogs, toys help enhance their natural abilities like exploring and foraging.

Relax time:

Toys give your dogs time to relax. It works as a stress releaser and can be rewarding. Playing with their favorite toy can make a dog happier.

Good Boy:

Toys are an amazing object to give to your dog as a reward for their good behavior. Dogs can be conditioned to avoid bad behaviors such as barking, chewing, etc., by giving them a toy when they stop.


A toy can enhance the bond between you and your dog. It gives the both of you a new pass time and a fun activity. And since you introduced the toy, your dog might just get more affectionate towards you.

A toy has usefulness beyond being just an object. Taking care of the overall well-being of a dogs’ health is why toys are a necessity for your dog.  

Should dogs have toys all the time?

It is best not to let your dog have toys all the time. They can lose interest in them pretty fast, and when it happens, it might be a huge hassle to find new toys every other day.

Your dog should know that you are the owner of the toys, so they can remain affectionate and grateful towards you.

Many times people complain that their dogs stopped playing fetch or they don’t chew their chewy toys anymore. It is because the toys and games have lost their value in your dog’s eyes. This is because of the availability of the toys.

This is why you should not let your dogs have their toys all the time.

Can dog toys make dogs sick?

A dog may be exposed to the harmful chemicals used in a toy. The chemicals leach from the plastic in the toys, which are harmful to the dogs.

Most of the toys and chewy toys are made of plastic, nylon, and vinyl, which contain ingredients such as Bisphenol A (BPA) and phthalates. These ingredients leach through the walls of the plastic that dogs chew and bite on and cause harm.

Major harm can include reproductive problems. The main harm is done to the baby dogs. Puppies face a problem with overall development as they are vulnerable to chemicals and their immunity system is not strong enough.

How do you make dog toys that are good for them?

You don’t have to buy fancy toys for your dog to make them feel important. Many things lying in your home can be perfect toys for your perfect furry buddy. A little bit of DIY goes a long way.

  • T-shirt or sock wrapped water bottle;
  • T-shirt and tennis ball toss toy;
  • Tennis ball treat puzzle;
  • Braided t-shirt rope toy;
  • Rope and dried sweet potato chew toy;
  • PVC Pipe treat puzzle;
  • Hanger slingshot;
  • Ring of rope;
  • Toss-able old t-shirt toy;
  • Stuffed toys from scrape fabric and socks;
  • Knotted balls

These are some of the things you can use as a toy for your dog. These toys are entirely homemade and have no added chemicals. These are safe and good for your companion.

Are Kong toys good for dogs?

Yes, Kong toys are safe for your dog and pups. The toys are safe, easy to use and clean, and rubbery. Kong toys can be your go-to choice if you are concerned about the quality of the toy.

Kong toys are made with non-toxic rubber, which gives more chewiness and less harmful chemicals. These are best for a long time of treat finding chew toys.

These entertaining toys are super easy to clean. You can pop them in the dishwasher, and the rest is easy. As they are dishwasher safe, all the slobber and residue from the treats will come right off. Best to keep the toys in the top rack.

Kong toys are a classic and are known for the versatile collection of toys. The toys come with a built-in hollow for you to stuff treat for your little dog. Your dog has to work to get the food out. It is like a puzzle, and it keeps your furry friend busy for awhile.

If you have a pup or a dog, it is best to keep a Kong toy for them. This is not only entertaining but also helpful for their behavioral development and patience.

Your good boy deserves a good toy to keep them occupied and happy. Toys will not only keep your pup happy, it will give you time to take care of other responsibilities without making your friend feel lonely. It is always a good idea to have toys for your dog.

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