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Do Turtles Snore? (All You Need to Know)

Are aware of your pet turtles’ snoring behavior? Are your pet turtles snoring loudly at nighttime? Are you wondering whether or not it is normal for your pet turtles to snore with such loud sounds?

In addition, are you also wondering whether or not this external snoring behavior in turtles is actually some indication of the internal illnesses?

Do turtles snore?

Being a pet owner, you are already aware of the snoring behavior of your turtles. Whether your pet turtle snores loudly or in a very subtle manner, there is almost no exception that turtles do snore. However, this snoring behavior can sometimes be an indication of illnesses and sometimes not.  

Turtles are definitely prone to snore be it sea or land turtles and their snoring behavior can indicate a lot of things. 

Therefore, being knowledgeable about the patterns of your pet turtles’ snoring behavior can save you from all the unnecessary confusion and anxiety. 

When they sleep: 

If you are a pet owner of your lovely pet turtles, you may have listened to all the loud and muffled sounds of snoring produced by your pet turtles.

Consequently, turtles can definitely show snoring behavior when they are sleeping. Sometimes, the sound may be so loud to wake you up, and sometimes, the sound can be very muffled in the case of the sea turtles.

But common for all the turtles is that they all like to snore at night while they are sleeping and it is very unlikely for them to snore in the daytime while resting as they do not really sleep rather rest throughout the day. 

In addition, it is also common for pet owners to mistake the snoring sounds of their pet turtles with signs of illness or respiratory problems but nevertheless, it may not be the case always except for one or two exceptions. 

Do sea turtles snore? 

Sea turtles are just another type of turtle and nothing changes for their habitation being water rather sea turtles also like to snore a lot just like any other turtles. 

In addition, sea turtles seem to snore especially when they are sleeping at night and the loudness of their snoring is also the same as the other reptiles.

However, there is one thing where sea turtles may differ and it is the notion that it is not that easy for the owners to detect whether their pet sea turtles are snoring or not as their snoring can be very muffled when they are in the water. 

Additionally, due to this phenomenon, even if the snoring of the turtles bears the signs of sickness with it, the owners will not be able to detect that clearly. 

3 reason why turtles snore 

There are several reasons behind the snoring behavior of turtles and sometimes, owners may mistake the snoring of their pet turtles with something else.

Therefore, being knowledgeable about the possible reasons for the snoring behavior of your pet turtles can help you to mold your decisions accordingly. 

Normal Breathing System: 

One of the most common reasons for your turtles to show snoring behavior is due to the normal breathing system. 

Additionally, it is very common for the turtles to snore when they are sleeping and this snoring will also be due to the vibration that happens due to the breathing through cheeks. 

Accordingly, this vibration happens due to the tissue that is present in the airway of the mouth. Moreover, when the air passes these tissues, it makes sounds and thus it results in the snoring behavior of the turtles. 

Indication of Illness: 

Although snoring can be very normal for the turtles, it still may contain some of the indications of some internal illnesses. 

In addition, if the sounds of the snoring are very alarming and if it is almost like a crying sound, then this snoring behavior is an indication of illness in turtles. Moreover, respiratory sickness or infection can also be indicated by the snoring of the turtles. 

Additionally, if there is some discharge of mucus and white slimy elements coming out of the mouth of the turtles while snoring, then it is also a firm indication that your turtle may have internal illnesses or breathing problems. 

Adult Turtles: 

Another very common reason for your turtles to snore is due to their natural mark-up which means when turtles become adults, they seem to snore at night naturally. 

Is obesity linked with turtle snoring? Do turtles snoring indicate illness? 

Obesity can inspire the behavior of snoring in humans however, it may not be the case for the turtles and turtles do not seem to snore due to obesity. Rather, other factors are attached to this phenomenon. 

Although it is very easy to associate snoring with obesity, there is still a lot of testing to be done to be sure whether obesity is actually linked with a turtle’s snoring behavior or not.

However, as of now, it is not obesity that leads to turtles’ snoring behavior as there is no substantial ground to affirm otherwise.

In addition, it is very normal for the turtles to snore while sleeping and it sometimes can be only due to the natural process of breathing and as these turtles breathe through cheeks, the sound appears as snoring. 

Moreover, it is not snoring that should be the pivotal indication of illness rather the loss of appetite, runny nose, floating problems, lethargy, and swollen eyes are the actual indicators of illness in turtles.

Nevertheless, although snoring behavior may not be the main sign of illness, it still can bear the signs of illness especially when you will see mucous or slimy substances coming out of the turtle’s mouth while breathing

Moreover, the crying and whistling sounds of the turtles when they snore are also firm indications that your pet turtle may be go through some serious illnesses.

Do turtles snore during hibernation?

Although turtles like to snore a lot while they are sleeping, it is rather unlikely for them to snore when they are deep in their hibernation cycle.

In addition, when it comes to the hibernation process, these unique reptiles employ a very different type of breathing system which refrains them from snoring.

When it comes to these turtles’ normal breathing technique, the process is known as the buccal pumping technique where they process their normal breathing through cheeks. 

However, in hibernation mode, their unique breathing system lets them breathe through their cloaca as when they are hibernating, they refrain from inflating through their lungs which is why they do not snore during hibernation. 

This process of breathing is also known as cloacal respiration. It is not the regular breathing system in the true sense rather it is just the diffusing of oxygen and carbon dioxide.

This type of breathing system is very common for all reptiles and amphibians and therefore, turtles are also known as the butt-breathers during hibernation which stops their snoring behavior. 

How do turtles snore? 

Just like any other animal, turtles also like to snore when they are sleeping at the nighttime. Moreover, their snoring can be quite loud sometimes which may have the potential to wake the owners sometimes.

However, for other turtles, the snoring can be very subtle which almost resembles the hissing or whistling sound. Moreover, when it comes to the sea turtles, their snoring can also be very different and more muffled. 

In addition, the sound turtles produce while snoring comes from the vibration. 

Turtles like to breathe through cheeks and when they take air in and out of their system, the air flows around the tissues of the mouth which in turn vibrates a lot and thus creates the sound of snoring.

When do turtles snore? 

It is no surprise that your pet turtle is the most low-maintenance animal that one can ask for. However, with such an advantage comes a severe disadvantage that is the snoring behavior of the turtles which may let you think twice before getting a turtle as a pet.

In addition, turtles really like to snore when they are asleep and their snoring can be quite loud sometimes which also sometimes sounds a lot like whistling. 

Additionally, it is the nighttime when they like to snore the most as in the daytime, they only like to rest and do not sleep. 

Moreover, snoring in turtles is not really something very unusual, rather it can be a very common and natural thing for these types of reptiles.

Furthermore, there are some turtles that will not snore as loud as the adult ones rather these turtle’s snoring will be very subtle which may let their owners to think that their pet turtles are not snoring at all. 

Final Thoughts

To sum up, turtles really do snore and their snoring sound can sometimes be very loud and sometimes very subtle and muffled. In addition, their snoring behavior can derive from the vibration from the soft tissue inside the mouth which is prevalent when they try to breathe through their cheeks.