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Do Pomskies Like to Cuddle? Are Pomskies Affectionate?

Pomskies are one of the newer breeds of dogs; they are a cross between the Siberian Husky and Pomeranian. They are mini versions of husky who are super friendly, playful, and loyal.

They can be soft-hearted and protective at the same time which makes them a perfect companion if you live alone or with your family in an apartment.

Do pomskies like to cuddle?

Pomskies love to cuddle. They love getting cuddles and pets; they love showing affection and receiving affection. Pomskies inherit their parents’ cuddly and friendly nature; as a result Pomskies are very expressive dogs and they show love and trust through cuddles and snuggles.

Are pomskies cuddly?

Generally, pomsky puppies are very playful and cuddly. They like being around humans and love attention; this makes them a very cuddly breed.

They get this loving trait from their Husky parents. Huskies are known to be very friendly and family-oriented dogs, so as a result this trait is also passed down to their offspring.

However, you should keep in mind that every dog is different, and you cannot tell which trait they will inherit from the get-go. They might be more Pomeranian or more husky depending on the dominant parent’s genes.

For example, they might be 50% Pomeranian and 50% Husky where they share an equal amount of traits. In another scenario, they might be 75% Husky and 25% Pomeranian in which case they will have dominant Husky genes and vice versa.

How do pomskies cuddle?

Pomskies are affectionate dogs and aren’t afraid to show them! They will love being around you and show their love in various ways; such as:

Sit on your lap:

They will climb up on your lap, sit and settle there ready for pets and snuggles.

Nuzzle against:

When you go to sleep, you might find your little friend next to you. They love to sleep next to their humans because they feel safe next to you.

Lean against you:

They might lean against you while you’re sitting down on the couch.

Give nose boops:

Sometimes you will see that your dog will place their nose on your hands or against your legs or even face. This just means they want to cuddle with you.

Do Pomskies like to be held?

In general pomskies do like to be held, however this may vary from dog to dog.  Because Pomskies are a cross between Husky and Pomeranian; both of whom love to be held, most Pomskies love to be held.

They will sit on your lap and rest their head on your lap on their terms to ask for pets or just to cuddle with you. If you hug them they will hug you back because they know you are showing affection by doing this.

Pomskies are dogs that love affection and cuddling, they do not like to be directly picked up. This is because they do not feel safe being picked up and it might surprise them.

Do pomskies have attachment issues?

Pomskies have attachment issues and might become overly attached to only one member of the family; who provides the most care and food. This is because they will see that person as the primary caregiver and show the most gratitude and affection towards them.

This might be upsetting for children of the family who also want the same treatment that specific person is getting. Socialization training is a crucial training that should be given to avoid this type of attachment.

Are pomskies affectionate?

Yes, pomskies are very affectionate and loving dogs. They love to run around, play, and snuggle with you.

Pomskies are very family-oriented dogs, they love being around humans and other dogs. They inherit this playful and friendly demeanor from their husky parents. They pretty much get along with everyone.

Pomskies love attention and will show you their devotion by jumping onto your lap. They love getting attention and will love to be by your side anytime.

Why do Pomskies lick so much?


One of the most common reasons they will lick you is to show affection. It is their way of letting you know they trust you.


Another major reason can be to get your attention. If your dog isn’t getting enough attention from you they will lick you to get it.

If you want your dog to stop licking you to get attention, you will have to give attention when they’re not licking and ignore them when they lick so they can understand you do not like to be licked.

Anxiety or Stress:

Stressful situations like losing a family member or another dog passing away can have a severe effect. This makes them anxious and stressful which causes them to lick more.


Since one of the parent breeds is Husky who are very active dogs, they generally start to lick when they aren’t active hence they act out of boredom. The pomsky offspring may inherit this trait from them.


Another inherited trait from the parent husky is excitement when they are with someone they love. This usually happens when you are giving them attention or are taking them out for a walk.

Do pomskies have separation anxiety?

If your dog is dependent on one person and becomes attached to them, it is highly likely that they will experience separation anxiety.

This is because pomskies are very attention-loving dogs and get attached very quickly. If you are living alone with your dog without any other family members or dogs, your pomsky only has you to depend on and will seek your attention.

If there are multiple people living together with the dog, this will not be much of an issue since the dog will have others to depend on and play with.

Are Pomskies clingy?

Pomskies do not like to be alone and are known to be clingy dogs. They are sometimes called “Velcro dogs” because they can get extremely clingy and attached to their owners.

They love spending time with their owner and want to be with them for most of their day.  If you have to work long hours and leave your dog alone, they might not be the right choice for you.

However, if you have to go out and leave them alone for a couple of hours, you can create a fun activity they can do while you’re away.

Are pomskies friendly?

Yes, as mentioned before; pomskies are very friendly dogs and get along with pretty much everyone. They love being around others and love getting attention.

However, something to keep in mind is that they inherit their predator genes from their Pomeranian parents. This means that they might get aggressive and will stay alert around smaller animals.

Are Pomskies annoying?

Pomskies can get temperamental which might be annoying to many owners. These dogs can be shy and playful one minute and start shrill barking the next. This is because of the different traits they share that come from huskies and Pomeranians.

Pomeranians tend to be on guard when they encounter strangers and on the other hand huskies are very protective and loud dogs. Due to these two factors, the offspring pomsky inherits these traits and may show them often.

Are pomskies good pets?

Pomskies are very friendly and loving pets who love getting attention. They get along very well with humans and other dogs which make them a perfect choice as a family dog or a second dog if you already have another dog.

This is because they love socializing and require a lot of attention. However, it might not be a good idea to get a pomsky if you live alone. Pomskies tend to develop attachment issues if they only have one person to depend on which eventually may lead to separation anxiety.

Overall, these energetic balls of fur will surely brighten up your day and bring love to your family. They will love you and protect you forever. They will act as your mini wolf and protect their pack all the while being cute and cuddly!

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