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Do Leopard Geckos Like Music? (All You Need to Know)

Leopard geckos are adorable. But they can be very sensitive as well, so you will have to be really careful while taking them as a pet. Leopard geckos react around music. But why is that so?

Do leopard geckos like or dislike music? In this article, we will address this question and help you get a better insight into caring for leopard geckos.

Do leopard geckos like music?

Leopard geckos do like music. But you will have to be careful with the level of volume. Leopard geckos are not a fan of loud music. In fact, they resent it and will associate it with a bad experience. But they like soft and melodious music. You can entertain a leopard gecko with some jazz.

Leopard geckos are very sensitive animals. They enjoy music but you will always have to keep the volume level in check. Leopard geckos do not enjoy music when it is loud.

Leopard geckos have lived in the wild for a long time. So in order to survive, they have developed a very sensitive hearing. You will have to be careful with the sound level when you’re playing music.

Due to the sensitivity in their hearing, you will notice that a leopard gecko is reacting to loud music. The loud music will overwhelm them and they will keep looking for a safer spot and hide.

You will notice that loud music makes the leopard geckos very anxious. And they will show their dislike for loud music by screaming, barking, or clicking. These are signs that your leopard gecko is under stress. And if you’re playing music, that would be your cue to stop it. 

Are leopard geckos sensitive to sound?

Yes, leopard geckos are very sensitive to sound. The leopard geckos have been living in the wild for a long time. They had to survive among bigger preyers who would hunt them for food. And sound would give their hunters’ location away.

So needless to say, the habitat of leopard geckos has forced them to develop very sensitive hearing. So now they cannot tolerate loud noises. 

While leopard geckos are quite fond of soft music, they cannot tolerate loud music. They are sensitive to sound and it shows in their behavior.

If you play loud music around leopard geckos, you will find that they show signs of anxiousness or nervousness.

In addition, leopard geckos have other behavior patterns that demonstrate nervousness. If you play loud music around a leopard gecko, you may also find that they are screaming, barking, or clicking out of nervousness.

These signs show that the leopard geckos are under a lot of stress so you would like to turn the music down in such a case.

Is loud music bad for leopard geckos?

Yes, loud music is very bad for leopard geckos. These animals have been surviving in the wild for a long time. They have been surviving from hunters who prey on them for food. This has forced them to develop a very sensitive hearing.

So when leopard geckos hear loud music, they associate it with a bad experience. Their sound sensitivity makes them very anxious at that time. They may even end up displaying severe signs of nervousness, such as barking, screaming, or clicking.

So loud music is very bad for leopard geckos. They cannot tolerate living in an environment where there plays loud music. When you play loud music around a leopard gecko, you will find that they anxiously start looking for places to hide.

They cannot stay around loud music for too long as it bothers them. Loud music is bad for leopard geckos as it deteriorates both their mental and physical conditions.

What happens when leopard geckos hear loud noises?

It is now quite clear that loud music can stress out leopard geckos. But what exactly happens when leopard geckos hear loud music? Let’s learn:


Leopard geckos can be very stressed out when they hear loud music. In fact, it can cause them to hide, scream, bark, and demonstrate such unusual behavior.

They are not used to being around loud music, so you might want to keep the volume in check when you’re taking care of leopard geckos or maybe in a place where leopard geckos live.

These animals are rather sensitive to loud music. They get very anxious when they are around loud music or noises. You should not even make loud speeches or scream around these animals as they may react badly to it.

Display unusual behavior:

You will notice that leopard geckos display unusual behavior when you play loud music around them.

They are most likely to start barking, screaming, or at least clicking when you play loud music around them. You will notice such behavior even if you make a sudden loud noise.

They cannot tolerate sudden loud noise, and it may shock them to their core. You don’t want to put your little friend through such misery.

May even cause the worst:

Since leopard geckos are highly sensitive animals, playing loud music suddenly may lead to putting them in shock.

It may stress them out to the point where they have a stroke or have a heart attack. So you should be very cautious while dealing with leopard geckos.

What kind of music do geckos like? What noises do they like?

It may come as a surprise but leopard geckos do like music. Here is a list of music that geckos like.

Music in low volume:

Leopard geckos do not hate music as one might think. In fact, it may come as a surprise to many, but they greatly enjoy music. But you will always have to keep the volume level in control.

Leopard geckos enjoy a wide range of music. But it’s not the genre of music that should be your concern. Instead, you should be monitoring the level of volume of the music.


While some leopard geckos enjoy heavy metal dubstep, of course in low volume, most of the leopard geckos enjoy jazz. You will find most of the leopard geckos grooving to jazz. Others may be found enjoying rap or even folk.

You would want to allow your leopard gecko to explore its music taste by introducing it to different genres. Do not put any restrictions on them from the beginning. Let them enjoy the music, but make sure to keep a very low volume.

How do you entertain a leopard gecko?

Entertaining a leopard gecko is not as tough as one might think. These reptiles are quite low maintenance and with little effort, you can make their life very interesting.

Here’s a list of things that you might do to entertain your leopard gecko:

Make their tank interesting:

Leopard geckos have been living in the wild for a long time now. And they enjoy living in interesting terrains.

So you would want to make their tanks interesting with different textures and places to climb, hide, and dig. This will keep your leopard geckos entertained.

Keeping an interesting tank keeps your leopard geckos healthy both mentally and physically.

Add places to hide in their tank:

This will allow them to gain physical enrichment. It also allows them to stay active throughout the day. You can add small holes in their tank to allow them to find a secure spot to hide. You can also add small bushes or weeds as places to hide.

Add sand or soil at the base of the tank to allow them to dig it. These will keep them physically engaged and active.

You will find that your leopard geckos will dig on the base, and they might even end up digging their own tunnels.

Adding such hiding places into their tanks offers them a sense of security which ends up being very healthy for your geckos.

Can geckos sleep through noise?

Geckos cannot sleep through loud noise. They are not particularly a fan of loud music, but they do enjoy soft and white music. It’s not quite about the genre of the music.

Instead, these animals are sensitive to the volume of the music that you’re playing. So whatever the music may be, as long as it is played in low volume, you are good to go. If the noise is too loud, you will find that the gecko is acting anxiously.

The leopard geckos show signs of stress when they are kept around loud music. If you notice any such sign, it would be your cue to stop the loud noise. Playing nature noises, white music, or soft music may put your geckos to sleep.

Final Thoughts

Leopard geckos like music. But they despise loud music or noise as they have very sensitive hearing. They cannot be around loud noise, let alone sleep or sit calmly. You will notice various signs of stress in your geckos when they are around loud music so keep the volume in check.