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Do Hummingbirds Like Hibiscus? (All You Need to Know)

Hummingbirds are small birds from Trochilidae biological family and they are native to the Americas. The majority of hummingbirds are found in the tropics. They produce a humming sound from the beating of their wings at high frequencies.

Various types of flowers attract hummingbirds, hibiscus is one of them. This article will provide an in-depth answer and offer you deep insights into the likings of hummingbirds toward hibiscus flowers.

Do hummingbirds like hibiscus?

Hummingbirds like hibiscus flowers. Hummingbirds like hibiscus for the nectar. Hummingbirds also reach the nectar of the hibiscus easily. Their long tubular bills help them to sip the nectar from hibiscus flowers. Hummingbirds also are attracted to the color of the hibiscus flower.

Hummingbirds undoubtedly like hibiscus flowers. Hibiscus flower attracts a variety of insects and birds. Hummingbirds are one of them.

Hummingbirds don’t attract all flowers. There are many beautiful flower varieties in the world. But the beauty of a flower is not the only criterion to get attracted by the hummingbirds. There are many flowers that hummingbirds don’t like.

Hummingbirds are nectarivorous birds. They have an enormous thirst for the nectar of flowers. Many flowers don’t contain enough nectar to feed the thirst of hummingbirds. And many flower species don’t produce nectar at all.

Hummingbirds have high body metabolism, and they spend an enormous amount of energy to sustain the beating of their wings at a high frequency. For this reason, they need to frequently feed themselves.

It is the main reason behind the hummingbird’s nectarivorous behavior. They sip the majority of nectar from flowers. The body biology of hummingbirds is evolved in such a way. They have developed needle-like bills to reach deep into the flowers to sip the nectar from them.

And for this reason, they usually like a high amount of nectar-producing flowers. Hummingbirds also prefer elongated tubular shape flowers to other shapes such as puffs, saucers, bowls, etc.

Hummingbirds tend to hover around the flower while the bird is sipping the nectar from the flower. And the bird requires enough space for the freely beating of their wings. Flowers that provide enough amount of hovering space for the hummingbirds are also appealing to them.

The Hibiscus flower meets all the requirements for hummingbirds. Hibiscus flowers contain enough nectar in the stamens of the flower. And hibiscus is a tubular-shaped flower and hummingbirds can easily sip the nectar from the stamen of hibiscus.

For this reason, hummingbirds like the hibiscus flowers.

Hibiscus is a well-known flower plant comprised of the family Malvaceae. There are many available species of hibiscus flowers. Hibiscus flowers are found in different colors and shapes. And most of the hibiscus flowers attract hummingbirds.

Among them, Yellow hibiscus, Blue hibiscus, Pink hibiscus, Hibiscus plant, Hardy hibiscus are noticeable for their quality of hummingbirds attraction.

Yellow hibiscus:

Yellow hibiscus is a beautiful tropical plant. Hummingbirds like the yellow hibiscus flower for its glut of nectar and large flower size. The yellow hibiscus is morphologically also suitable for hummingbirds.

Hummingbirds can readily suck the nectar from the tubular-shaped yellow hibiscus flower.

Blue hibiscus:

Hummingbirds including the other insects and birds like the blue hibiscus for its vibrant color of the petals. Blue hibiscus is a beautiful flower that is appealing to hummingbirds. Blue hibiscus contains nectar in the core of the flower.

Hummingbirds feed themselves the nectar of blue hibiscus using their needle-shaped bills.

Pink hibiscus:

Hummingbirds like the pink hibiscus flowers for their large shape petals and stamens containing the nectar. Hummingbirds have developed needle-shaped bills to probe deep into the stamen of flowers.

Hummingbirds drink the nectar from the core of the pink hibiscus.

Hibiscus plant:

Hummingbirds are attracted to the hibiscus plant for the nectar. Hibiscus is a flower-producing plant and the large shape petals of the hibiscus flower usually attract insects and birds.

And the flowers can quench the insatiable thirst of hummingbirds. And for this reason, hummingbirds like the hibiscus plant.

Hardy hibiscus:

Hardy hibiscus is a non-tropical plant that can grow in harsh winter climates. The color of the hardy hibiscus flower attracts hummingbirds. And hummingbirds can collect enough amount of nectar from the hardy hibiscus flower.

Does hibiscus have nectar for hummingbirds?

Hibiscus flowers contain nectar for hummingbirds. The Hibiscus flower has large colorful petals that attract various insects and birds. Most of the hibiscus flowers don’t have any fragrance. But some hibiscus contains moderate levels of scent.

Hibiscus mostly attract birds and insects using their petals. Hummingbirds like the vibrant color of the hibiscus petals. The yellow, blue and pinkish petals attract not only the hummingbirds but several other birds and insects. Also, the hibiscus has a sufficient amount of nectar.

Hummingbirds sip at the nectar of the hibiscus and the bird assists in the pollination of the flower. And for this reason, the hibiscus flower contains nectar for the birds.

In process of drinking the nectar, hummingbirds work as a pollinator in the reproduction process of hibiscus and assist the flower to pollinate. For this reason, the hibiscus contains nectar for hummingbirds.

Why do hummingbirds like hibiscus flowers?

Hummingbirds like hibiscus flowers. The reasons behind the predilections of hummingbirds toward hibiscus flowers are mentioned hereafter –

Hibiscus flower contains nectar:

Hibiscus flower contains nectar in its stamen and hummingbirds can easily sip at the nectar liquids.

Large colorful petals of hibiscus:

The Hibiscus flower has large shape petals. The vibrant color of petals attracts hummingbirds and other insects. The color of petals can vary according to the species of the hibiscus plant. The flower can be red, yellow, blue, and white in colors.

The tubular shape of the hibiscus flower:

Hibiscus flower generally is tubular in shape. Hummingbirds are evolved needle-like bills to collect the nectars from tubular-shaped flowers. For this reason, hummingbirds prefer hibiscus flowers to collect nectar.

Enough hovering space:

Hummingbirds hover around the flower while sipping its nectar. Hummingbirds prefer flowers with enough hovering space around the bloom.

Blooming time of hibiscus flower:

Hibiscus flower blooms during the mid to late summer and it is suitable for the hummingbirds returning from their winter ranges. That’s why hummingbirds like the hibiscus flowers.

Is Hibiscus good for hummingbirds?

Hibiscus is good for hummingbirds. The favorite food of Hummingbirds is nectar. Hummingbirds can drink the nectar from the core of the hibiscus flower. Hibiscus contains nectar into its stamen.

Hummingbirds have developed long bills to sip the nectar from the flower core.

Nectar is the predominant food of hummingbirds. The hummingbird burns body energy faster and for that reason, they require a frequent supply of food. The hibiscus flower is an excellent source of energy-enriched nectar. And nectar is barely toxic for the body of hummingbirds.

How do I attract hummingbirds to my garden?

Some ways to attract the hummingbirds into your garden are mentioned hereafter –

Hang the flower with red ribbons:

To attract hummingbirds, display as many petals as of the flowers as you can. It will assist to attract hummingbirds easily.

Water source:

Build a source of water for the hummingbirds, so that they can drink water fearlessly. It will certainly attract birds to your garden.

Plant trees:

Plantation of trees is a good idea to attract hummingbirds into your garden. Moreover, other birds will also visit your garden and they might make a nest over your trees.

Hang feeders:

You might hand a protein feeder into your garden to attract the hummingbirds. Increasing the number of protein feeders will rise the hummingbird’s attraction in your garden.

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Cleaning the feeders:

Clean your feeders regularly. A clean environment creates a zone of attraction for hummingbirds.

What is a hummingbird’s favorite flower?

Flowers such as bee balms, columbines, daylilies, hibiscus, hollyhocks, petunias, etc. are hummingbirds’ favorite flowers. Hummingbirds prefer bright-colored tubular-shaped flowers with most nectar.

Hummingbirds are nectar-hungry birds and they require a glut of nectar to survive. Flowers that contain the most nectar are suitable for hummingbirds. And nectar-enriched flowers usually have vibrant color petals.

Hummingbirds are generally attracted to the bright color petals of the flower. For this reason, hummingbirds also like the flower lupine.

What plants do hummingbirds not like?

Flowers such as crocuses, daffodils, dianthus, gardenias, lilacs, marigold, roses, sunflowers, tulips, etc. are not appealing to the hummingbirds. Hummingbirds may investigate a flower before they reach for the nectar of the flower.

Exotic and poisonous plants are not suitable for hummingbirds. Also, the plants with insufficient nectar are not suitable for hummingbirds. Hummingbirds usually don’t like those types of flowering plants.

Puff shapes, bowl shapes, saucer shapes, lip shapes flowers are not suitable for hummingbirds as hummingbirds can’t access the nectar easily with their bills. And that is why hummingbirds don’t like those flowering shapes.

Final thoughts

Hummingbirds like hibiscus flower as hibiscus contain most nectar into its stamens. Hibiscus is a bright-colored flowering plant that is appealing to most birds and insects. Hummingbirds can easily collect nectar from the hibiscus flower. That’s why hummingbirds have a liking towards the flower.