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Do Grasshoppers Eat Ants? (Read This First!)

Grasshoppers love to feed on tender green plants, seeds, and other herbs. They mainly feed on plants, but grasshoppers are seen munching on insects from time to time.

If you came to look for this year-old common question, you have landed on the right page. Scroll down to get your answer!

Do grasshoppers eat ants?

No, grasshoppers do not eat ants. Grasshoppers are herbivores, and they generally eat leaves, flowers, seeds. They love to eat cotton, oats, corn, and sometimes they eat toxic plants to save themselves from predators. Only when they need more protein, they go for expired insects.

Grasshoppers do not eat ants. On the other hand, sometimes ants play the role of a predator to grasshoppers. When the grasshoppers cannot defend themselves because of any injury, the predatory ants, such as fire ants, attack and eat them.

Grasshoppers do not change their food habits when adequate amounts of grasses, plants, or crops are available. They love to eat grains such as corn, and as they are herbivores. Grasshoppers can directly digest leaves and stems.

But grasshoppers do not mind taking fungi, insects, and lost animals’ meat when there is a lack of food. Some grasshoppers eat toxic plants to use the toxin to use against their predators. And they can fly for small distances to avoid predators.

Grasshoppers get the required protein from seed-based foods. But sometimes, they take small, injured insects to fulfill their protein needs.

What do baby grasshoppers feed on?

Usually, grasshoppers eat what they can digest quickly. This means grasshoppers love eating plants and grain-based foods like barley, alfalfa, corn, and rye. They also eat grasses.

Baby grasshoppers, also known as Nymphs, cannot take food as adult ones.

Any food that is easy for them to find and digest is the leading food for baby grasshoppers.

Female adult grasshoppers lay eggs on the leaves during summer, and the egg hatches early summer or spring when foods are available. From hatching, grasshoppers go straight to eating plant leaves, shoots, clover, and other tender parts.

The grasshoppers typically live near grasslands to avoid food shortages and fresh foods. Growing up, their food intake becomes diverse as they include other varieties of food in their palate.

Moreover, Baby grasshoppers cannot eat the ants, as they are too delicate to go further. Most importantly, they are herbivorous from the beginning. And they do not require water as the things they eat provide them with enough moisture.

What insects do grasshoppers eat?

From an early age, Grasshoppers start eating leaves, grasses shoot, corn, seeds, etc. But, if there is scarcity, they may go for different food sources than what they usually consume. Grasshoppers, as an insect itself, only go for certain insects.


Without any scarcity of food, grasshoppers will not take any insects as a regular meal. They will only feed on spiders if there is any shortage of regular food. The grasshoppers only eat the small ones.

Spiders are bugs that can be found everywhere. Spiders are tiny, and sometimes they are as large as an adult human hand. Spiders eat minor bugs by catching the bug on the net.


Grasshoppers do not hunt living flies. They typically wait for the flies to pass away and then eat them as extra add-ons of protein.


Mosquitoes can be found everywhere. They are primarily found in the wetlands and bushes. A particular group of grasshoppers eats mosquitoes usually. But most of the grasshoppers do not take mosquitoes as their primary source of nutrition.


Ants are the enemy of grasshoppers. Grasshoppers attack other insects or critters most of the time, but they do not consume them. Ants work and stay together, and generally, they cannot be attacked alone.

There is a risk associated with slaying ants, so grasshoppers do not go for ants. And grasshoppers only choose bugs when they require food.

What is the relationship between ants and grasshoppers?

There is no significant relationship between grasshoppers and ants. From the fable, you will find that the grasshoppers live on the mercy of ants in the winter season. But, in reality, both these insects live on their own, and generally, their food differs from each other.

Scientifically, Ants and Grasshoppers are from different families, so do their living styles and everything. The size and shape of both the insects are not the same.

Ants live under the wall, inside the wood, and mainly live inside something where they can hide and protect themselves. On the other hand, grasshoppers live on the grassland.

Grasshoppers do not really hide; instead, they use their tiny folded wings to fly for a small to medium distance. Ants and grasshoppers do not have any relationship like Disney’s animated film A Bug’s Life or the classic fable of grasshoppers and ants.

Do ants really collect food for grasshoppers?

As grasshoppers and Ants are two different insect species from different families, they do not help each other find food.

From the classic fable, you learned that the ant was industrious, and the grasshopper was lazy. Still, in reality, both ants and grasshoppers live independently, and ants and grasshoppers are not lazy or dependent on each other.

Ants do not necessarily collect food for grasshoppers. Instead, ants store the remains of injured or lost insects, which can be a grasshopper, to feed themselves.

Moreover, grasshoppers generally live outside of tropical forests, crop fields and eat leaves, seeds, etc. They do not need to depend on ants. Both of them can co-exist with each other without bothering any one of them.

Ants have a large population to feed; they collect food for themselves. They do not share their food with any other insects. Ants give up their own lives to save their colony and resource from being taken away.

Do grasshoppers attack ants? Do they fight ants?

Grasshoppers are herbivorous. They are not inclined to go on a fight against the ants. Ants, on the other hand, come to take advantage of the injured grasshopper and eat them.

These insects have their instincts; ants have to build a nest to live, bring food for the population, and have their way of living, whereas the grasshoppers live most of their life separately.

But when grasshoppers start to live cumulatively, indeed, these insects become violent to nature. Only then grasshoppers may attack ants. But that is quite a rare scene. 

Grasshoppers need food when there is drought as food is scarce. During those times, the living conditions change a bit. They tend to become more violent than usual to save themselves. Conversely, they eat a lot of things, including animal dung, insects, etc.

Do ants eat grasshoppers?

Ants are the largest group of insect scavengers, and they are classed as a predator as well. Ants, for their survival, will attack anything and everything violently. They live all together so that they can protect themselves from other predators.

From the fable and A Bug’s Life, you may have read or watched that ants are weak and work for other bugs. But it was just a metaphor.

A particular group of ants in real life, classified as predators, can carry toxins in their sac.

So, it is clear that ants can eat grasshoppers too. Ants eat almost everything, departed or injured. Usually, ants do not attack grasshoppers.

But when any grasshopper is wounded, the ants may slay their life.

How do ants hurt grasshoppers?

Generally, ants do not invade grasshoppers. Ants eat the bugs, and most of the time, ants look for the most accessible source of their energy. Ants are fond of sweets. And if ants can have their food without any obstacle, they will not react.

Ants are reactive by nature. So, you will rarely see them invading other regions. But, when faced with danger, ants become proactive. They go out hunting, invade neighbors, and gather food for their colony.

While slaying off a grasshopper, ants put toxins into the grasshopper’s body and slowly make them more vulnerable and injured. After successfully injecting the toxin, the grasshopper falls. Then the group of attacking ants tear apart the whole body of the grasshoppers.

Final Thoughts 

Grasshoppers, as the fable suggests, are not that harmful to ants. Grasshoppers do not eat ants, nor do they attack ants. If needed, grasshoppers eat other insects. Primarily grasshoppers feed on tender green leaves. Ants, on the other hand, attack grasshoppers for their colony.