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Do Dogs Need Scratching Posts? (All You Need to Know)

A scratching post is basically a wooden post wrapped in ragged material that cats are provided with by their owner so that cats can have a satisfactory spot to scratch themselves.

Hence, scratch posts are mainly used by cat owners for their cats, it can make you think about dogs that do pet dogs also require scratching posts or not.

So, let’s not make any further delay and quickly find out the rationales to satisfy your queries regarding this topic.

Do Dogs Need Scratching Posts?

Dogs don’t need scratching posts because scratching is a cat behavior, dogs rather bite things. But it’s better to provide a dog with a scratching post and train him to use the scratch post to safeguard prized belongings, trim his nails on his own, and help the dog relieving his anxiety.

Essentially, canines don’t require any scratching posts to scratch themselves because scratching is acknowledged as a feline’s natural characteristic, canines are more prevalently recognized for biting.

Cats scratch themselves out instinctively as they have sharp like razor claws. So they use their sharp claws to scratch to relieve their anxiety, to feel better, or to stretch their muscles.

Besides, cats can rescind their nails and keep them away from the ground to keep their claws sharp.

But on the contrary, dogs don’t have sharp claws and as they walk on surfaces, their nails also get worn by the ground. Therefore, dogs actually don’t feel the necessity to scratch their claws on scratching posts.

So even if dogs are provided with scratching posts, they are most likely not to use them too frequently to scratch nails on them. At least in some specific situations, dogs won’t use scratching posts.

However, know that it’s always better to provide dogs with scratching posts since they are little and to teach them to use them to scratch their nails on.

It will help a dog to relieve its anxiety, marking its territory, and from destroying valuable stuff. A scratching post is also required for a dog to teach it to shorten its nails on its own.

Why Do Dogs Need Scratching Posts?

Even if a dog necessarily doesn’t need a scratch post, at some points, certain behavioral issues can create a situation where the dog might really need a scratching post.

This section has included all of the bottom causes or root behavior of a dog to make you be aware of the certain circumstances where a dog is in need of a scratch post. Read below to get an insight into the causes/behaviors.

Anxiety Issues:

Anxiety issues are the first main reason that might make a dog needing a scratching post.

Many dog breeds are quite likely to be triggered by anxiety issues such as separation anxiety, not getting enough attention, not getting his work done on time, etc. and all of these reasons can make a dog extremely tense.

Therefore, to let out his suppressed stress, the dog will scratch his nails on anything he will find around the home.

So if you notice such a stressful behavior of your dog, provide the dog with a scratching post to calm his anxiety along with treating him.


Boredom is the next major cause that creates a situation where a dog is needed to be provided with a scratch post.

When a dog is not mentally and physically stimulated enough, he feels really bored. And out of boredom, he tends to scratch on everything to let go of his boredom and feel entertained.

At that point, the dog requires a scratch post so that he can scratch on it rather than scratching on your belongings.

Nail Clipping:

If your dog doesn’t allow you to go near him to trim his nails, he is most likely in need of a scratch post. Especially, if the dog has black nails as you accidentally can cut their skin instead of nails.

So providing a scratch post will make your pup scratch its nails on its own to shorten them.

Destroying Thoughts:

Some dogs have the destructive behavior of destroying anything they find by scratching their nails on them. If you have got a dog with such problematic behavior, it’s time to bring your dog a scratching post instead to scratch.

Territory Marking:

If your dog is not neutered or spayed yet, it’s most likely to scratch on stuff to mark its territory. In that situation, give your dog a scratch post to scratch on it and mark its territory.

Do Dogs Like Scratching Posts?

Initially, a dog may not like scratching posts as dogs really don’t use scratching posts to scratch, they bite on things instead. However, a dog can surely be trained to like scratching posts similarly to a cat.

All you have to make sure that the dog gets a stronger scratch post than a scratch post for a cat. And you have to place the scratch post on the ground at such an angle that provides a comfortable position for the dog.

Also, you have to train the dog in small several sessions in a week rather than training it for a long time at once.

Are Scratching Posts Good For Dogs?

Scratching posts are certainly a piece of good equipment for dogs because it helps a dog relieve its anxiety, boredom, and destructive behavior without ruining valuable belongings.

Also, a scratching post can be a great tool for a dog that doesn’t let anyone clip its nails. Because by getting training and a scratch post, the dog will trim his nails by himself.

Are There Scratching Posts For Dogs?

There surely are scratching posts for dogs. But these scratch posts come in the shape of a board or pad, therefore, these scratch posts are mainly known as scratchboards or scratchpads. However, there are scratch posts too for dogs.

The only difference between a cat’s scratch post and a dog’s scratch post/pad is, the scratchpads/boards/posts for dogs are bigger and sturdier than cat ones.

Can Dogs Use Cat Scratch Pads?

Dogs can not use cat scratchpads because the scratchpads meant for cats are smaller in size and less strong. As dogs are bigger than cats, dogs require a heftier and bigger-sized scratchpad than the cat ones.

Why Do Dogs Scratch Themselves?

Though dogs are known as a biter than a scratcher, they can scratch themselves quite hard too. And here are the bottom reasons explained that can make a dog scratch himself.


Dogs are generally very active animals and like to stay both physically and mentally stimulated. So if you are not providing your dog with adequate playtime, exercise, and exciting games and toys, he is likely to get bored.

And that time he can be very hyperactive and destructive. As a result, your dog will engage himself in all types of actions such as scratching your sofa, pillows, walls, etc. to pass time.

Separation Anxiety:

Dogs are instinctively attached to their owners and their favorite person at home. When you are leaving your dog alone for a long period, he is most likely to get lonely and suffer from separation anxiety. Therefore, to relieve its anxiety, your dog will scratch hardly.

Besides, some breeds of dogs such as Bichon Fries, Weimaraner, Cavalier Kings, Border Collies, etc. are very easily get triggered by separation anxiety if they are not with their masters. So if you have gotten a dog from any of these breeds, he will scratch on things.

Searching Stuff:

Sometimes your furry four-legged friend will scratch in stuff to search for an object. For instance, your dog will scratch on the couch or pillows to find a buried toy under a pillow or couch.


If your dog has developed an addiction to scratching on pillows, couch, or the carpet before he sleeps or rests on it, there are higher chances that he will scratch that spot or thing every time before lying on it.

Sometimes your dog can scratch the ground of your garden too before he takes a snooze on it.

For Communication:

Dog’s have scent glands on their paws. So your dog will combine this scent and will scratch on the ground to mark his territory. And to leave a message for other dogs in that neighborhood about his existence there.

Do Scratch-Boards Or Scratch Pads Work For Dogs?

A scratch-board or scratchpad really does work for dogs if a dog is well-trained to use a scratch-board or scratchpad in several short training sessions each week.

In fact, a scratch-board or a scratchpad can be proven to be an incredibly helpful tool for training a dog to shorten its nails on its own.

Final Thoughts

Like a cat, dogs don’t require scratching posts to scratch on them because dogs bite on things. But if certain behavior or situations such as while trimming a dog’s nails, if it’s anxious or bored, being destructive, or if it’s not neutered, a dog will be needing scratching posts.