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Do Dogs Like Blankets? Do They Need Blankets? (Answered)

Dogs are animals that truly thrive when given warmth and affection. Blankets may seem like a silly thing to get for your dog. But dogs have evolved and become more domesticated which has changed a lot of their physiological needs.

Do dogs like blankets?

Dogs love blankets. They like to be bundled up in their favorite blankets and sometimes might even drag it around with them like a toy. Their fondness for blankets can be attributed to the feeling blankets evoke in them; which is of affection and a sense of security.

Many dog experts have recommended that this bond with their blankets should be encouraged.

Because when they understand their blanket is a sort of safe place for them, every time they feel scared or overwhelmed, they will be able to find their way back to this safe place without any help.

And in order for this to happen, you need to first see where and how they like their blanket to be placed.

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Blankets on them:

If they are introduced to it properly, dogs will undoubtedly love having a blanket on them. It will provide them with comfort and keep them warm on cold nights.

But it is important to make sure the blanket isn’t suffocating them. Therefore, it is always best to check if it’s too tightly wrapped around the dog or if it is too thick and heavy.

Blankets when it’s cold:

Dogs will appreciate a warm blanket when it is cold, just like humans. Even though their fur keeps them warm but some days that might not be enough, especially if they have been out in the snow for too long.

And that’s when the blanket will be able to cocoon them in its warmth.

Blankets in their beds or crates:

Dogs like to have their blankets on their beds or crates and lay on top of them during warmer months because it might be too hot to keep the blankets over them.

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Blankets over their crates:

Dogs may have different reactions to having blankets over their crates. Some are fine with it, while others might prefer to have half of their crates covered but there are also some dogs who are fearful of it.

So, it is best to see how they react and then you can train them to be comfortable with the blankets over their crates gradually. But you must never use blankets over their crates as a form of punishment or reform.

What kind of blankets do dogs like?

There is a variety of choices when it comes to the type of blanket that dogs like to have with and on them. The material plays a huge role in how the dogs will react to them but there are some blankets that almost all dogs instantly seem to take a liking to.

Pawsse Waterproof Blanket for Dogs:

This blanket provides both comfort and functionality. It is a dual-sided material with soft microfleece on one side and sherpa surfaces on the other.

This helps keep dogs cozy on extremely cold nights but the best part is they also have a waterproof coating which makes it perfect for puppies who are more likely to have accidents.

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Uxcell Flannel Fleece Blanket:

This is a lightweight fleece blanket that is perfect for laying it on top of your bed or sofa. This way your dogs will know they have their own designated place with you and can be warm and comfortable right next to you.

And since these come in multiple color choices, they won’t even clash with your existing decor.

Best Friend by Sheri Shag Dog and Cat Throw:

This is a favorite amongst most dogs but especially for shaggy dogs. They love the coziness that this faux fur shag blanket provides.

This imitates the fur of a mama dog and we know that dogs like blankets because of the feelings and emotions behind them. The bottom of this blanket is also resistant to dirt or water and very easy to wash.

Do dogs need blankets?

Dogs need blankets. Despite having heat-insulating fur, dogs still need help with heat and blankets to feel cozy and comfortable during the winter months. And you don’t have to worry about them overheating because if that happens they will move off the blanket or push it to the side on their own.

Dogs living in the wilderness of Alaska may not need blankets but it is different for dogs who have been living in a familial setting. The environment tends to domesticate them and they begin to crave comfort and emotional attachment.

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Blankets in the crate:

You can put blankets over your dog while they are inside their crates but it is best to use proper bedding at the bottom of their crate. It will be much more comfortable and the chances of them chewing it will be less.

Blankets in winter:

Blankets are essential for the winter months. They will prevent your dog from getting cold during the night and they are very handy when your dogs come back indoors after playing in the snow for hours.

Heat and blankets will warm them up in no time.

Blankets in summer:

Dogs don’t need blankets only for warmth. They need them to feel safe and secure. Therefore, they should be allowed to have their blankets even in summer. You can opt for a lighter blanket for summer. This will prevent overheating.

Blankets in AC:

Dogs will need their blankets in AC. Many dog owners keep the AC on during summer to create a temperature that their dog will be comfortable in, as high temperatures can be unbearable for some dogs.

But AC can cool down a room very quickly, so it is important to leave their blankets near them. This way they can get to it if they begin to feel cold.

What are the best materials for a dog blanket?

The material is very important when it comes to dog blankets. So, choose one with the utmost care to ensure your dog will be comfortable while using it and it will also last a long time.


Fleece blankets are very popular among dog owners for how sturdy they are while still being so lightweight. Their edges don’t fray easily which is a plus as dogs tend to chew their blankets. They also come with anti-perspiration abilities.

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Terry fabric:

This is also a popular choice for being soft and warm on the inside and despite not being able to wick moisture, it is still a popular fabric for dog blankets.

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This is a new material used for dog blankets but is getting increasingly well known because of how soft and warm it is. It helps contain heat very well and the best part is, it is extremely durable and doesn’t get ruined after a couple of washes.

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Do dogs need special blankets?

Dogs don’t usually need special blankets. The materials that are used to manufacture human blankets are usually safe for dogs too. So, you can wrap them up in blankets you already own. But some dog owners only use special blankets that are made for dogs.

These blankets tend to be waterproof and more durable than normal human blankets.

Do dogs like weighted blankets?

Dogs enjoy weighted blankets as this helps mimic the feeling of being hugged or cuddled. It has a calming effect on the dogs just the way it has on humans who are under a lot of pressure or dogs that are battling anxiety or stress.

And as it reduces their anxiety and stress, the quality of their sleep significantly increases.

Are weighted blankets safe or bad for dogs?

You need to be cautious when covering your dogs with a weighted blanket, especially very small dogs. The constant weight can cause suffocation or asphysifixation mainly in dogs already suffering from breathing problems such as asthma or have a flatter face like Bulldogs.

They can also be aggravating for dogs with skin conditions or allergies because the constant weight can cause a flare-up.

Are heated blankets good for dogs?

Heated blankets are usually very good and safe for dogs. They love having heated blankets placed over and under their bodies during winter.

But use heated blankets that are specifically made for dogs because these are made by keeping the dogs body temperature in mind which helps avoid overheating.

Despite being safe, they can be a bit dangerous for dogs that chew and bite things too much because the interior of the blanket contains a web of thin and delicate wires. And if these are broken it can cause an electrical fire.

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Final Thoughts:

Dogs, especially ones who have been living with humans for a long time, love blankets whether they are normal blankets or heated and weighted ones. They are known to be beneficial for the dogs. So, it is best to encourage them to lay on or sleep with blankets.