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Do Dobermans Turn on Their Owners? (All You Need to Know)

Dobermans are strong and agile, and protective as we know them. Doobies are shown as protective guard dogs with an intimidating aura around them.

But are Dobermans really that scary? Do they turn on their owners? Let’s dive in to find out about their nature and why people are scared of them.

Do dobermans turn on their owners?

Dobermans do not turn on their owners. Family dogs like them will always keep their family safe. Dobermans are not the vicious type of dogs that go wild when excited. They are a special breed inbred for personal protection, so they will never turn on their owners.

Dobermans are bred to be attached and attentive to their owner’s emotions. They are highly intelligent. Dobermans rarely get aggressive with their owners. They do not react impulsively like other dogs; Dobermans are more thoughtful about their actions.

Turning on their owners does not go with the behavior of Dobermans. Their purpose is to be protective and guard their owners. They also bond with the family, whom they consider friends.

Dobermans are bred to follow. They will not go beyond what they are instructed to do. So the thought of Dobermans turning on their owners is just insane. Female Dobermans are thoughtful, and they surpass other less intelligent breeds in terms of intellect.

A common myth flying around is that Dobermans’ brain outgrows their skull when they get old. This myth has been debunked so many times, yet people fall for this. Dobermans’ brain does not outgrow their skull.

Professionals have associated the unusual behaviors of Dobermans with other psychological factors and bringing up. A Doberman will never snap out of the blue and turn on its owner. This behavior takes time to take shape.

If you find irregular behavior in your Doberman, you should consult a professional.

Do dobermans turn on their owners at night? Do dobermans forget their owners at night?

No, Dobermans do not turn on their owners at night. Dobermans are high-energy dogs that require many physical exercises. For their intense energy, Dobermans require more than just walking.

Dobermans require outlets to let their high energy flow. Therefore, if you keep your dog inactive, it will find a way to express its built-up energy. So, before sleeping, the dogs will often snap and do unusual behaviors.

Keeping a Doberman is not everyone’s cup of tea. You need to have good leadership skills and plenty of time to guide your dog. Dobermans are bred to follow orders. If you do your task well as a Doberman owner, your dog will be just fine.

Dobermans do not forget their owners at night. Dogs have a “dark hour” in which they tend to become aggressive. This is a natural process of their sleep cycle. Your Doberman will not forget you as long as you treat it right.

Why do dobermans turn on/don’t turn on their owners?

Dobermans do not turn on their owners. However, they can show irregularities in their behavior, and here are some reasons why.

Why they turn on their owner:

No Proper Outlet:

Dobermans are high intense energy that they need to direct on a regular basis. A dog with no running or jumping for a few days will often vent their energy through harmful means.

So, take your dog out every day. Make sure your Dobermans get a healthy number of outlets to direct their energy. 

No leadership or direction:

Dobermans will upon their owners’ orders. They are very thoughtful and alert. So, if the owner is confused about what to direct in a crisis, a Doberman may show irregular behavior.

Dobermans are very loyal and protective of their owners. So, as long as you can lead your dog properly, they will not snap.


A dog abused from infancy will show irregular behaviors or may use negative outlets for their energy. Consult a professional when you see irrational behaviors.

Why Dobermans do not turn on their owners:

Bred to be protective:

Dobermans are bred to be protective and serve the purpose of guard dogs. They are intelligent and thoughtful as well. So, dogs with these characteristics are unlikely to turn on their owners.

Dobermans will do anything to protect their owners.

Protective instinct:

Dobermans, by their nature, are protective of their owners. So, it is ridiculous for them to turn on their owners unless there are some external reasons.

Do Dobermans harm their owners? Will a doberman protect its owner?

Dobermans do not harm their owners. They are highly intelligent dogs. Several sources claim Dobermans as top smart dogs. So, a dog that thinks before acting will never turn on or harm its owners.

Dobermans are very loyal and people-oriented. Loyal dogs do not turn on their owners. They are always concerned about their owner’s safety. Snapping on their owners is not present in their behavior.

A Doberman will always protect its owner. They are bred to be protective. A Doberman will not act unless it sees its owner at potential risks.

Why do Dobermans have a bad reputation?

Even if you do not own a Doberman, there is some chance that you have heard some rumors surrounding Dobermans. Many myths fly around Dobermans turning on their owners and other silly stories.

It is safe to say that Dobermans will never do any questionable with responsible and diligent owners. Here are some reasons why Dobermans have a bad reputation.

Evil portraying in movies:

It is quite intimidating to think of a Doberman chasing you. And this is the case with movies.

Dobermans are often shown as the evil dog doing evil stuff, terrifying people. From that, people who have never owned a Doberman before get scared.

Another thing is a Doberman will be merciless towards criminals or perpetrators. So, this makes the owners think, what if their dogs turn on them one day.

Medical conditions:

About 25% of Dobermans are affected by Canine Compulsive Disorder (CCD), similar to OCD in humans. This disease causes dogs to do repetitive tasks with no purpose. This includes repetitive licking or sucking.

Usually, anxiety and stress are the root cause of such problems. In other cases, CCD leads to self-directive aggression.

How do I bond with my Doberman?

Dobermans could seem hard to bond with. But it is not impossible. Here are steps on how you can bond with your Doberman.

Sleeping together:

It is common for pack dogs to sleep together. So, if you want to bond with your dog, sleeping with them is an effective way.

It would help if you did not do this regularly as you may lack quality sleep.

More involvement in daily life:

Keep your dog near when doing chores. Take your dog out when going to groceries. Even find ways to take your Doberman out for small trips.

Playing games together:

Play hide and seek with your Doberman and provide treats to them. This way, your Doberman will be more responsive to your emotions.

Explore new places together:

Dogs love to travel and explore new places. Hike up new hills or go to beaches; your dog will love it. Exploring unknown territories together will make a good bond between you and your dog.

More physical touch:

This is a simple one but the most important. Regular physical touch makes your Doberman trust you more. Watch TVs together, cuddle together while watching movies or dedicate some time to your dog for physical touch only.

Why do some dogs turn on their owners?

Dogs are pack animals, and they let their owners take their control. Dogs are more than happy just to follow orders if the dog is treated well enough. In their right state of mind, dogs will never turn on their owners.

But there could be several reasons why some dogs turn on their owners.


Abused dogs are more likely to turn on their owners. If you find any dog with a history of abuse, consult a veterinarian. Only a professional should handle abused dogs.

Physical health issue:

Physical health issues such as brain damage can make your dog act unpredictably. Always consult a vet if you find a change in your dog’s behavior.


Dogs can accumulate lots of stress from being in unfavorable situations. Most of the time, dogs use harmless outlets to release their stress, sometimes turning on their owners.

Final Thoughts 

Dobermans have all the characteristics of an intelligent dog. They are loyal, thoughtful, loving, and protective. A Doberman will always be faithful to its owner and will never do anything that may harm its owner. So, They do not turn on their owner.