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Do Catahoulas Get Along with Cats? (All You Need to Know)

Catahoulas are known for their high working stamina and for their distinct markings, as well as for their marbled eyes. They are more energetic dogs which is why they love to do more outdoor activities for a longer period of time.

The owners of Catahoulas reported that despite being more active and playful breeds, they could also get along with other companions in the house more than often. However, a lot of people wonder, do Catahoulas get along with other pets such as cats?

Stick to the last word of the article to find the answer to your wonders.

Do Catahoulas get along with cats?

Catahoulas can get along with other cats; however, it will be best if you try to raise your Catahoula and your cat together. Being a playful and well-socialized dog breed, the Catahoula can get along with house cats very well. Though, they can also be aggressive towards the anonymous street cats.

Are Catahoula leopard dogs good with cats?

Catahoula leopard dogs are good with those cats with whom they have been getting along together for a long time. Because of their distinctive nature, as well as for being curious breeds, you might see your Catahoula chasing those unknown street cats a lot.

In the case of the house cats, you will need to raise your Catahoula and your cat together from the very beginning. Because it is advisable that if you want your Catahoula to be good with cats, then you should let them spend time together more than often.

Can Catahoulas live with cats?

Yes, Catahoulas can live with cats as long as they accept the cat as part of the family. Because of their curious nature, the Catahoulas might not live with the cats in the beginning. However, they will get used to the cat slowly after spending time with them.

Also, the Catahoulas are familiar because of their aggressive nature, which is why you will need to be careful whenever the Catahoulas get along with the cats. There is a chance that the Catahoulas will attack cats when they get together for the first time.

The Catahoulas will get used to the cat after they spend time together, and eventually, they will live together peacefully.

Can you train Catahoulas to live with cats and how to?

Catahoulas can easily be trained because of their energetic and curious nature. The two different house pets will become quick buddies to live in harmony when the Catahoulas are trained how to socialize with cats.

You can also train them to live with cats by following three simple techniques. They are described below:

Keep them apart at the beginning: 

Whenever introducing a new cat to your dog into your home, you shouldn’t assume the two animals will get along on their own. Therefore, split them up during those first few days while they get used to one another’s smells without interacting.

Provide both animals their secure personal place, including a bedroom. Once they get comfortable near each other, start giving the cat and dog food on separate ends of a locked door.

Introduce them together:

The initial contact between your dogs can happen on each end of a sliding glass door.  They can now see one another without fear of being hurt. Now you should put them together inside the same room when they’re comfortable in that setting.

You should make sure that the meetings are short.  Within a week, practice a few of these exchanges nearly every day. Rewards should be given to both animals to help them form strong bonds with their new friend.

Train your Catahoula:

You should make sure that your Catahoula is well-mannered and doesn’t get excited whenever they get to interact with something new.

You can train them to become calm and peaceful around other pets so that it becomes easy to make them get along with other pets in the future.

Are Catahoulas social?

Catahoulas don’t very much socialize with other animals in the beginning; however, if you train them to socialize, then they can get along with other animals very well.

 Because of their distinctive and unique marking as well as energetic and curious nature, the Catahoulas might not get along with other animals at the beginning, which might also lead them to become aggressive with other animals.

Therefore, you will need to train your Catahoulas in order to socialize with other pets.

Are Catahoulas good with other dogs/ small dogs?

Well, it is very complicated to answer; however, it is not completely sure that the Catahoulas will be good with other dogs or small dogs when they meet for the first time.

If you train your Catahoulas to become calm and peaceful around other animals, then they will be good with other dogs or small dogs in the beginning. Although having an aggressive nature, the Catahoulas can attack other male dogs of the same breed.

That is why it will be better if you train your Catahoulas to remain calm and peaceful from the beginning.

Are Catahoulas good with babies?

Catahoulas are known for their herding and curious nature. Therefore, whenever they see children’s plays and running in front of them, then their herding nature can kick in

Therefore you should make sure you bring a dog which is happy and has a joyful character. Which means, you need to be extra cautious while having babies around catahoulas

Side by side, you can train your dog to socialize with other people from the first period of raising them. That will let them remain calm whenever they meet new people and other animals.

In case you don’t want these types of herding behavior from your Catahoulas, then you can go for other breeds of dogs.

Are Catahoulas good with chickens?

Catahoulas are known for their hunting nature as well as their high working capabilities. Therefore, if they see any other animals running in front of them, their herding nature will kick in, and they will chase the animal.

Also, because of their high prey drive as well as having an aggressive nature, they might hunt chickens, or they can chase them all day long until they get them.

Therefore, it is suggested from the dog trainers that you should train your Catahoulas to remain and be well-behaved from the early stage of raising them. 

How do you socialize a Catahoula?

There are lots of ways you can follow to socialize your Catahoula. But you shouldn’t rely on some specific methods which are suggested by the certified dog trainers.

Training them from the early stage:

One of the familiar techniques you can follow is by training them from their puppy stage. This will let them socialize more quickly and maintain their well-mannered behavior for the rest of their life.

That is why you should train them properly and make sure you transform them into a well-behaved canine.

Introduce them to new people:

Allow your Catahoulas to interact with a large audience, including males and females, to youngsters so that they can become comfortable with the notion of persons. 

The concept is that even if your canine only spends more time with one individual, he may become apprehensive of everyone who isn’t that individual, so it’s important to diversify your pet’s social circle and scheduled meet-and-greets.

Socialization classes:

A bit of field training action—or doggy school can be very helpful for your Catahoula to socialize. Inquire with your veterinarian about pet socialization options in your area that could be a suitable fit for both you and your dog.

Canine training sessions are indeed a terrific way of meeting people and pets in a secure and regulated setting.

Are Catahoulas friendly?

Whereas most pets are devoted to their owners, some are exceptionally outgoing and enjoy meeting new people on a regular basis. Compassion does not have to be a product of a certain breed.

If they’ve been exposed to new people, locations, and situations as they’ve grown up, then a number of dogs become friendly.

So the same goes with Catahoulas; if you train them to remain calm and friendly around other people, then they will surely become good dogs around other pets and people.

Are Catahoulas good family dogs?

Although Catahoula Leopard Dogs are mostly herding dogs, they can make excellent household pets. If reared with courteous kids, the majority can get on very well swimmingly. Also, if they are trained very well, they can even end up becoming well-behaved house dogs.

If you don’t want to train them, then you will need to make sure you raise them with family members surrounding them, or you can bring a Catahoula, which has a jolly and playful nature.

However, several Catahoula Leopard Canines have trouble getting along with other terriers, house cats, particularly ones of the same gender.

Can a Catahoula be a service dog?

Yes, Catahoulas can be good service dogs because of their energetic and joyful nature because they are effective leaders, which may be a fantastic characteristic inside a service dog. They are extremely powerful and enjoy chasing tiny creatures.

They can get more civilized and well-behaved service dogs with the proper amount of training. That will make them perfectly trained and well-mannered service dogs.

Final Thoughts:

Catahoulas are wonderful, energetic, and hard-working breeds. They can get along with anyone if they are properly trained from their puppy stage. Because of having herding and aggressive nature, they can get excited sometimes; however, proper training can obstruct them from showing such nature.

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