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Do Birds Feathers Grow Back? (Quick Answers)

Birds have some distinct features that make them different from other animals. Do you want to know some interesting and unique facts about birds? Keep on reading; you will get some new facts about your favorite birds.

Do birds feathers grow back? Did you notice your lovely birds for years? Some people get some fascinating information about birds. Follow our write-up to explore them.

Do birds feathers grow back?

Birds’ feathers grow back, but it takes 1 to 12 months for a bird to regrow the feather. When a bird faces liver or kidney diseases and damages the feather follicles, your bird might not grow its feather. Those damages cause permanent feather loss. To avoid such injuries, take care of your bird.

Birds have feathers on both the tail and wing/flight, and at first need to identify the place of losing feathers and take steps to prevent or cure it.

Tail feathers:

Tail feathers have an interlocking microstructure. And the feathers ultimately help a bird to fly precisely. When you see your bird is losing tail feathers, check that area first.

There might be some damage. If you see something over there, take the necessary steps to help regrow the feathers back.

Flight/Wing feathers:

Flight feathers are also called the Remiges. These feathers have primary, secondary and tertiary feathers. Combining all these feathers, a bird can perfectly fly in the air.

Damaging any of them might cause a significant loss of feathers. In that case, proper care and treatment can help to grow back the feathers.

Do birds feathers grow back after being plucked/clipped?

Birds feathers grow back after being plucked/clipped. But if a bird has feathers plucked for a long time, it will cause significant internal damage. Especially, the feathers follicles cannot regrow the feather again.

Here we added some prominent birds and showed you how they could grow back their feathers.


Parrots can lose feathers and get back them afterwards. They follow the human hair growth system. But it would be best if you were cautious.

If you see your parrot lose feathers regularly, take steps and try to get the reasons behind it. After that, go for treatment that can help it grow back its feathers.


Molting is a common way to lose feathers for a bird. Here, parakeets do the same. They lose their feathers to have some room for the new one to grow. And they naturally grow back their feathers.


Cockatiel loses its feathers every year. It’s routine work for Cockatiels. They molt heavily and lose feathers here and there.

It is a common characteristic. But they can also grow back their feathers after the molting time. Be patient and let your cockatiel grow back its feathers naturally.


Finches lose their feathers because of stress and eating habits. When they face living issues and get stressed, they start to lose feathers.

Make sure you follow a good diet and have a relaxed environment for your finches that ultimately help your finches grow back feathers quickly.


Lovebirds have two molting periods in a year. And they lose their feathers at that time. It’s a natural year-round incident for lovebirds. Wait for the end of the molting period. They will grow back their feathers naturally.


Dove can lose feathers for a couple of reasons. Among them, stress, feather destruction and molting are the main reasons. You need to be careful and check your dove health regularly.

When you get the reason behind feather loss, sort out the issues. It will help them to grow back their feathers soon.


Parrotlets can face some severe feather diseases and lose their feathers to a great extent.

In that case, you need to take the doctor’s advice and follow the instructions and medicines. Thus the Parrotlet can regrow its feathers quickly.


Cockatoo loses its feathers for molting. Cockatoo and parrot follow the same reasons to lose their feathers. If they get infected and get some internal damage, they may face permanent loss of feathers.

To avoid such an incident, be careful and take care of your Cockatoo. With proper care, you can help your Cockatoo regrow its feathers.


Large parakeets or small parrots are known as Conure. It may lose feathers because of molting. But the regrowth feature is widespread. They naturally grow back their feathers.

Pionus Parrot:

Pionus is a medium-sized parrot. You will get them in Mexico, Central and South America. However, they face yearly molting periods; as a result, they lose feathers naturally and get back them as well.

African Grey:

African Greys are the world’s oldest parrot. At the age of 11 months, your African Grey will start to lose its feathers because of the molting period.

It’s a usual process for them to lose feathers on tails, wings and contour. Therefore, they naturally get back their feathers and can regrow them as well.


Robins lose lots of feathers from the wings and chest. It is a natural molting process for them to regrow their feathers. If you find any disease, try to cure it. After recovering, your robin will regrow the feathers again.

How long do bird feathers take to grow back?

Birds feathers take up to 12 months to grow back. It’s a natural time frame for the birds if they lose feathers for molting periods. But birds might get permanent feather loss due to some internal damage or virus.

You need to be careful and notice the abnormal feather loss to avoid such injuries. To save your bird from permanent feather loss, take steps and check its health.

Why won’t my bird feathers grow back?

When birds face internal damages and liver or kidney diseases, your bird won’t be able to grow back its feathers. It is known as permanent feather loss of the birds.

Unusual/Abnormal Molting:

Molting is a common reason for birds to lose feathers.

Usually, birds go through 1-2 molting periods in a year. If you find more than two molting periods of your bird, you should consult a doctor and check its health.

Internal Damage:

Birds fly all over the world. They don’t have any area restrictions. As a result, they face natural calamities now then. It might damage internal health. Thus, it damages the feathers’ health.

Kidney/Liver diseases:

Eating habits are a concerning fact for birds. When birds depend on the seed only, it creates health issues for them.

Ultimately, it causes kidney or liver damage. That would be the reason why your bird loses permanent feathers.

How do I get my bird feathers to grow back?

There are some tips that you can follow to get your bird’s feathers to grow back. Here you go.

Spraying Water:

Spraying water is an excellent way to help your bird’s feathers grow back. It would help if you sprayed two times a day. When your bird goes through a molting period, this process will help your bird to grow feathers.


You need to be careful about your bird’s diet. Don’t just depend on the seed; make sure all the health benefits are there in the diet. In the end, it increases the feathers’ health.

Increasing Comfort:

If you have a favorite bird as a pet, make a comfortable environment and a safe place to play.

Why is your bird plucking feathers?

When your bird feels lonely and doesn’t get to play or meet with its partner, it starts plucking feathers. There might be other reasons behind plucking feathers. As we said, if the birds get damaged and diseases, it starts plucking abnormally.

If you find some behavior patterns and living place issues that influence the bird to pluck the feathers. Keep reading and figure out how to stop your bird from plucking feathers.

How to stop your bird from plucking their feathers?

To stop your bird from plucking its feathers, you need to ensure the best living place, habit, diet, behavior and other factors. Here we added some crucial facts that will stop your bird from plucking its feathers.

Living Place:

Try to make a better living place for your bird so that it can play and enjoy its leisure time. It will reduce the habit of plucking feathers.


Habit is an important fact of a bird. Your bird might have some bad habit of plucking feathers without any reason. Change its lousy habit as a friend.


Some birds have aggressive behavior. But it creates lots of pain. Plucking feathers could be the one. So, try to change the behavior pattern.

Final Thoughts

Bird’s feathers grow back. It’s a natural process to lose and grow feathers through a molting period. It takes around 12 months for a bird to grow back its feathers naturally. But there might be some internal damages as well. By taking proper care, you can help your bird grow back its feathers.