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Do Bernese Mountain Dogs Smell? (Quick Answers)

Bernese mountain dogs originated from the Swiss Alps where they had to survive rough climatic conditions for several generations. This has caused the breed to eventually grow a thick coat of fur covering its body, helping it through extremely cold weather conditions.

But do Bernese mountain dogs smell due to the long coat? Also, how can you make the dog smell good? These are some of the most common queries among new owners. In this article, we will find you some answers.

Do Bernese mountain dogs smell?

Bernese mountain dogs smell sometimes. The condition of their coat coupled with certain climatic conditions causes the smell. But it is very important to differentiate between the natural odor caused by their long, thick fur from odors caused by some underlying health issue.

Do Bernese mountain dogs stink?

Bernese mountain dogs do stink sometimes. The degree of the unpleasantness of their body odor is influenced by the quality of their fur and the environmental conditions in their home.

So you’ll need to be quite vigilant in order to differentiate between their natural smell and a pathological one.

Bernese mountain dogs have double-layer fur coats covering their body. Since these dogs have originated in the cold Swiss mountains, the coat is designed to keep them insulated for a long time. So they have some natural bacteria on their fur and skin.

These natural bacteria, combined with other bacteria they pick up from different places while playing or swimming, cause the smell. In addition, Bernese mountain dogs produce a significant amount of natural oil that keeps their skin from losing moisture.

These natural oils and sebum also contribute to the dog’s odor. While this smell is a bit disturbing, it is completely harmless.

However, certain pathological conditions also cause body odor in Bernese mountain dogs. It’s very important to notice the difference between a harmless smell and a pathological odor.

Why does my Bernese mountain dog stink?

Several causes may contribute to why a Bernese mountain dog stinks. Let’s discuss some of the most common causes:

Thick water repellent fur coat:

Bernese mountain dogs have a thick water repellent coat that insulates them and protects them from cold climatic conditions. Therefore, their coat naturally contains a lot of bacteria. This is the primary reason why Bernese mountain dogs stink.

In addition, when the dogs go for a swim or go out to play, their fur attracts more bacteria. This further intensifies their body odor.

Moreover, their skin naturally releases natural oil at a high rate. This prevents their insulated skin from drying out. But it causes a lot of smell in Bernese mountain dogs.

Poor health conditions:

Bernese mountain dogs may have some underlying health conditions which cause unpleasant body odor. There may be several pathological reasons that will cause a Bernese mountain dog to stink.

For example, if a dog has a kidney infection or liver disease, they are likely to have bad breath and body odor.

Moreover, if a dog has infections in other parts of its body, such as the ear, then there will be a pungent smell released from the ear. This is among the most common causes of body odor in dogs.

Skin infections:

Your Bernese mountain dog may fall prey to several skin infections that will result in bad body odor. Skin infections may be caused due to exposure to parasites, allergies, fungi, bacteria, and such. Dogs may even have skin infections due to hormonal imbalances.

If you sense a sign of skin infection, immediately contact a veterinarian to get your dog diagnosed. This will prevent any further complications.

How to make a Bernese mountain dog smell good?

Once you can detect the origin of the bad body odor and what’s causing it, it will be relatively easier to make your Bernese mountain dog smell good. Here are some of the most effective steps that you can follow to make your Bernese mountain dog smell good:

Brush the coat regularly:

Bernese mountain dogs shed a lot more than a regular breed. And their long coat is prone to catching bacteria and other living organisms rather quickly.

So you should groom your dog’s coat and brush it regularly in an effort to remove the excess fur and debris from its body.

Ensure proper hygiene:

Unlike cats, dogs are not so concerned about hygiene. They will enjoy a good playtime in the dirt and bring a lot of it back home with their fur. So it falls upon you to ensure proper hygiene for your Bernese mountain dog and help it keep clean.

Make sure to give your dog regular baths after a certain interval of time. This will prevent skin infections, which can cause a lot of bad body odor in dogs. Also, make sure to lean its eyes and ears occasionally, as they are prone to infections as well.

Wash the dog’s bed:

Keep your Bernese mountain dog’s bedding clean. A lot of infections and bad hygiene practices originate from their resting place as we pay very little attention to it. So make sure that you have your dog’s bedding cleaned on a regular basis.

Dry the coat after a bath or swim:

Bernese mountain dogs get very smelly when they are wet. So they take a bath or a swim, make sure to dry your furry friend thoroughly. This will minimize any chance of developing a bad body odor in your Bernese mountain dog.

How often should Bernese mountain dogs be bathed?

A Bernese mountain dog should be bathed once every couple of months. Bathing them once every three months will suffice as well.

Since Bernese mountain dogs have naturally oily skin and moisture repellent coats, they don’t need frequent baths. These dogs are generally not used to the water. So they are often reluctant to take a bath or get wet.

How do you give a Bernese mountain dog a bath?

Bernese mountain dogs are not very fond of water, so you will have to be very gentle while giving them a bath. Fill your bathtub with clean water first, and then place your dog in it. Soak his fur completely.

Once the dog is comfortable in the water, add one or two handfuls of shampoo to your dog’s fur and rub him gently. Massage the shampoo into his thick coat, and wait for a couple of minutes. After that, take clean water again and rinse your dog thoroughly.

Once you have removed the foam from its body, pour some water over his body. Continue doing so until the water runs clean again. This is how to give a Bernese mountain dog a bath.

How to stop a Bernese mountain dog’s smelly breath?

Bernese dogs are likely to have smelly breaths due to dental hygiene issues. The easiest way to stop a Bernese mountain dog’s smelly breath is to brush his teeth regularly. It will help prevent any sort of plaque, cavity, or oral infections.

You will find many special kinds of toothpaste that have been formulated specifically for dogs.

If this doesn’t stop the smelly breath even after a week, make sure to consult a veterinarian. Other health conditions, such as kidney or liver infection, may also cause smelly breath.

Do Bernese mountain dogs have a doggy smell?

Yes, Bernese mountain dogs have a doggy smell. Their body odor is a byproduct of all the bacteria that inhabit their fur and skin. So it is a natural smell in all Bernese mountain dogs.

However, if you smell an intense body odor then it might be a symptom of some health issues, such as kidney or liver infection, skin disease, ear infection, and such. In such a case, you should consult a vet immediately.

Do Bernese mountain dogs drool a lot?

Average Bernese mountain dogs do not drool a lot. However, dogs that have a loose jowl are likely to drool more than usual. You’ll find their slobber on their own body, on the floor, in their bed, and even on you.

Why are Bernese mountain dogs so unhealthy?

Bernese mountain dogs are generally an unhealthy breed with a relatively short lifespan. They are generally prone to diseases. Your dog can be easily affected by diseases such as gastric torsion, eye diseases, canine hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia, and more.

These diseases are likely to affect your furry friends’ lifespan. An average Bernese mountain dog has a lifespan of 6 to 9 years.

Bernese mountain dogs are so unhealthy because their large bodies demand a lot of upkeep, which their owners often fail to maintain.

You can keep your Bernese mountain dog healthy by following the health tips suggested by experts, regular health checkups, exercise, and a healthy diet.

Why does my Bernese mountain dog have diarrhea?

The most common cause of diarrhea in Bernese mountain dogs is scavenging and dietary indiscretion. Your furry friend loves to eat leftovers from the table. But it can cause acute health issues such as bloating, diarrhea, and vomiting.

Other causes of diarrhea include a sudden change in diet, travel, and environmental changes.

Final Thoughts:

Bernese mountain dogs smell more than most other dog breeds. Their body odor is typically caused by the byproducts of the natural bacteria residing on their long coat and skin. To keep the smell in check, you’ll need to give your dog regular baths and run health checkups every once in a while.

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