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Do Bernese Mountain Dogs Like to Cuddle? (Answered)

Are you contemplating whether you should snuggle and cuddle your Bernese Mountain dog but you are not sure whether these adorable gentle giants like cuddles or not? 

You will be surprised to discover that Bernese Mountain dogs are one of the dog breeds that delight in cuddling. 

Do Bernese Mountain Dogs Like to Cuddle?

Bernese Mountain dogs very much like to cuddle and they show their affection through physical touch. By cuddling, they feel very safe, sound, and protected. They like to lay, nuzzle, lick you and also like to put their paw on you which indicates they would like to cuddle you. 

Bernese Mountain Dogs are one of the most fun-loving and loyal family dogs one can ask for. They also guard the house so that you can sleep at ease. 

Do not let their giant size deceive you rather these gentle giants are the ones who enjoy cuddling or snuggling with their favorite person. 

In addition, Bernese Mountain Dogs are one of the most patient, faithful, and gentle companions. These magnificent dogs need their sweet cuddle times in which they want all the attention on them. 

Moreover, by cuddling, they become more attached to their human family and try to express their affection through cuddles. 

Are Bernese mountain dogs cuddly?

Your Bernese Mountain dog loves to cuddle and snuggle you because they are naturally very affectionate and love to be around their loving owners. 

In addition, Bernese Mountain dogs are very needy, and different forms of physical touch work as a means of communication and that is why they love to sit on your lap for cuddles.

Are Bernese mountain dogs affectionate?

Bernese mountain dogs love to socialize and are naturally very affectionate and calm. They are very gentle, playful, and have a good temper.

In addition, they also love to be around their human family and owners all the time and Bernese Mountain dogs are very good with kids, seniors, and other pets. 

Why are Bernese Mountain dogs so loving?

Bernese mountain dogs are one of the most fun-loving dogs to have around. They do not only work as a great addition to your family rather they also show the most affection to their loving owners.


Due to the vast size of Bernese Mountain dogs, they were originally used as watchdogs to protect domestic animals from predators. 

Consequently, this should not become a surprise that Bernese Mountain dogs are the protective friends of yours that help you sleep at ease at night with their protective shadows.

Great Companion:

Bernese mountain dogs are not just great for their size rather they are literally the gentle giants. They are so loving to their owners. They develop a very strong bond with their owners and adore that relationship.

In addition, their size may give the impression that they are intimidating rather Bernese Mountain dogs are one of the kindest and loving dogs out there. 

Well-Behaved Dogs: 

Bernese Mountain dogs are well-behaved dogs. They do not need much. If you give them proper food, attention, exercise, and training, they will behave naturally in the most well-mannered way. 

In addition, Bernese Mountain dogs are very active and love when they are put to work and when they are commanded therefore, this trait makes them more loving than ever as they like to please their owners.

Great with Kids: 

Bernese Mountain dogs love to be included in family activities and they are very much affectionate towards kids. They do not see kids as a threat to them rather as a playmate and as a member of the family. 

In addition, they are naturally very calm and collected therefore, they show patience with little kids and love to take part in their playtime. 

How do Bernese Mountain dogs show affection?

Bernese Mountain dogs are affectionate and they like to show their affection to the ones they love. Whether by laying on your lap or by nuzzling against you, Bernese Mountain dogs show their affection out-front. 

Putting Paws on Owners:

Bernese mountain dogs by putting or placing their paws on you show their affection to you. They show that they feel safe around you and like to be around you. 

In addition, they also show that they want to be cuddled and be petted by placing their paws on you. 

Going between Legs: 

If your Bernese Mountain dog likes to roam around in between your legs, chances are that he is showing you his affection and communicating with you. In addition, your Bernese Mountain dog will also feel that they are in protective care.

Leaning on You:

If your Bernese Mountain dog is leaning on you, it means they care about you. By leaning on their favorite person, they find warmth, affection, and also, it relieves their stress and thus they show their affection to you.

In addition, your Bernese Mountain dog will also try to curl up around you, will lick your hand and legs, and will also try to sleep near you in the bed and all of these are the indications that your Bernese Mountain is showing you affection.

How to understand if Bernese mountain dogs like to cuddle?

Bernese Mountain dogs are great family dogs and they very much like to cuddle, snuggle and love to show affection to their family members. Your Bernese Mountain dog will itself make it known that it wants to cuddle. 

In addition, your Bernese Mountain dog will lay on you, try to lean on you, attempt to lick your legs and hands, or try to sit near you, and all of these means that your Bernese Mountain dog is trying to cuddle you. 

Additionally, if your Bernese Mountain dog curls up around you, sleeps in a bed with you, nuzzles you, or rubs on your legs, chances are your Bernese Mountain dog is looking for attention for you to cuddle them. 

What can make Bernese mountain dogs refuse to cuddle?

It is no surprise that Bernese mountain dogs love to cuddle however, sometimes, they may not look for cuddly times due to many reasons and one of the reasons is their past experience. 

In addition, if one Bernese Mountain dog did not get enough affection and love growing up, chances are, that dog will not love to snuggle around you. 

Moreover, these dogs’ breed history also works as a factor as they were previously used as farm dogs and this orientation may influence some Bernese Mountain dogs to refuse to cuddle. 

Their refusal to cuddle can also derive from lack of physical exercise, seasonality, bad health, internal injury, adjustment period, or wrong petting techniques.

Why do Bernese mountain dogs go between your legs? 

Bernese mountain dogs go between your legs because they want your attention and affection. If the Bernese Mountain dog loves you, he/she will always want to be near you.  

In addition, the Bernese Mountain dog breed can be very touchy and for them, the physical touch works as a great communication system. 

Moreover, your Bernese Mountain dog goes between your legs also because he/she loves to be petted. This is rather a compliment for you that your Bernese Mountain dog loves you the most and shows it by going between your legs.

Furthermore, when your Bernese Mountain becomes shy, it can also go between your legs. Another important reason why Bernese Mountain dogs do this is because of the idea that your Bernese Mountain dog feels safe and protected and your legs work as a barrier of protection. 

What does it mean when a dog puts his paw on you all the time?

When your dog puts his paw on you, it is a sign of communication and it is the dog’s way of talking or communicating with you. 

Another reason is that you may have conditioned your dog to do so because when your dog puts his paw on you, he is likely to be rewarded with a good response and this will eventually teach the dog to repeat this similar action.

In addition, if a dog puts his paw on you all the time, it can also be because your dog wants you to pet him. Moreover, if you are feeling sad, your dog can sense that and will put his paw on you to show solidarity.

Do Bernese mountain dogs get along with cats? 

Bernese Mountain dogs are very affectionate and tolerant towards other animals. As they have very friendly personalities, they like to get along with other cats.

In addition, Bernese Mountain dogs have good adaptability skills. Even though they may face some difficulties at the beginning to adjust, eventually, they will start running and playing with the cat. 

They also love to appease their owners, so if you teach them to behave appropriately around a cat, Bernese Mountain dogs will gladly follow.

Why are Bernese Mountain Dogs the best? 

Bernese Mountain Dogs are the best dogs because they are naturally calm and not aggressive and they love to help you in doing chores around the house.

They love to cuddle and they are very affectionate. They are also great with kids. They are also even-tempered, tolerant, and patient and they love to be the center of attraction for their owners.

Final Thoughts:

To conclude, Bernese Mountain dogs are one of the cuddliest dogs ever. Their way of showing love and affection is to cuddle you. They with their gentle and loving personality love to snuggle, lay, lean, nuzzle around the person they love the most which in turn will fill your heart with happiness.

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