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Do Bernese Mountain Dogs Have Webbed Feet? (Explained)

With thin, long, and silky coats come the Bernese mountain dogs. The part “mountain dog” is what makes their body structure and physical appearance slightly different from their contemporaries.

This uniqueness applied to their feet also. Whether these dogs have webbed feet is an interesting fact to explore. Depending on this webbed-feet feature, the dogs’ nature varies widely.

Do Bernese mountain dogs have webbed feet?

Bernese mountain dogs have webbed feet. Webbed feet are a common feature among dogs. However, this feature can differ, even among the same species. For example, some Bernese mountain dogs may not have webbed feet. That’s because this is a random feature. But most Bernese dogs possess webbed feet.

The webbed feet feature is distinct. Though it is hard to deduce if a breed does or does not have webbed paws, there are some common breeds who are born with webbed feet. Bernese mountain dogs are among those breeds.

Moreover, webbed feet are not always by birth. Bernese mountain dogs’ feet can become webbed at any time of their lifespan. That’s why this feature is called random. You can’t be sure if any breed specifically has webbed feet or not.

Next, faulty cross-breeding can also result in absence of webbed feet. For this reason, some Bernese mountain dogs may not have webbed feet.

These dogs’ body parts structure in many ways for coping with adverse situations. Thus, webbed feet are also a sign of coping. Therefore, dogs get extra benefits with their webbed feet. The Bernese mountain dogs with webbed feet also function in a different manner, as a result.

Do all Bernese mountain dogs have webbed toes?

All Bernese mountain dogs don’t have webbed toes. That’s because having webbed feet is uncertain. On top of that, dogs can turn webbeds as a part of various coping mechanisms. Moreover, the inter-breeding procedure also plays a role in determining webbed feet.

Different Bernese Mountain dogs take birth in different ecological systems. As a result, their coping mechanisms also vary based on those areas. Some may face more adversities than others.

Inter-breeding processes are sensitive. One faulty DNA can show a completely new feature in the offspring. These slight DNA changes can be a reason for dogs’ webbed feet. Some dogs’ DNA may change, and others’ DNA might not.

Why do Bernese mountain dogs have webbed feet?

Bernese mountain dogs have webbed feet for several reasons. In fact, the dogs which have webbed feet act differently from the dogs which don’t have webbed feet. Regardless of the reason, webbed feet are in no way a health indicator of the Bernese mountain dogs.

The following are the reasons behind the webbed feet of the dogs:

Evolution procedure:

Don’t panic after seeing the fancy science title “evolution.” The evolution of the dog is one of the main reasons for the webbed feet of the dogs. Bernese mountain dogs’ webbed feet are a way for them to survive in the environment they live in.

Undoubtedly, different Bernese mountain dogs grow up in different environments. Their challenges and the ways of tackling those unfavorable situations are also different. For example, some may have to chase their prey with webbed paws and some might not.

Complicated interbreeding:

All of the dog traits come from the way DNA forms. And they form during interbreeding. That’s why complicated interbreeding can result in DNAs of abnormal structure. Those abnormal pairs of DNAs make the Bernese mountain dogs’ paws webbed.

Sometimes the webbed feet may show up after several years of birth. That can be counted as a DNA functioning outcome too. Any DNA of the dogs’ body can change suddenly and turn the feet webbed, which becomes visible gradually.

Inherent trait:

The reason for having webbed feet can be as simple as parental traits. Just as human kids resemble their parents by various means, the Bernese mountain dogs also inherit the characteristics of their ancestors.

In other words, if the parents had webbed feet, the Bernese mountain dogs also get webbed feet. The traits passed from generation to generation. Additionally, this is also one of the reasons why webbed feet are common to Bernese mountain dogs.

What do Bernese mountain dogs webbed toes look like?

Bernese mountain dogs’ webbed toes look the same as other dogs’ webbed toes. In fact, if you know what webbed feet mean, you can conveniently recognize your dogs’ webbed feet. Firstly, having the knowledge of normal webbed toes is crucial.

Webbed toes are similar to the feet of ducks and geese if you have ever observed them. Those feet have fingers joint together. If you find your Bernese mountain dogs’ toes like a duck, you can assume that it is a webbed toe.

Joint fingers, as mentioned earlier, are also a feature of webbed toes. Additionally, Bernese mountain dogs are not the only species that have webbed paws. There are other species that can have webbed toes. You will not find any gaps between the toes of webbed feet.

You will know how webbed toes look provided that you are the owner of a webbed feet pet.

How can you tell if your Bernese mountain dog has webbed paws?

You can tell if your Bernese mountain dog has webbed paws by simply comparing them with the normal webbed feet animal’s feet structure.

That is the easiest way for identification. However, there are so many other ways whereby you can detect the webbed paws.

Identifying the webbed paws is necessary for your expectations from the Bernese mountain dogs. You can’t expect the functions associated with webbed paws from a dog that doesn’t own webbed paws. At least, it will not be reasonable to expect so.

That’s why you should know how to determine the paws’ webbed or not. Look closely at the paws of the dogs. If you find that the paws’ toes are joint, you can infer that your Bernese mountain dog has webbed paws.

What benefits does a webbed feet give a dog?

Webbed feet are a great benefit for dogs. That’s because these webbed feet enhance the capabilities of the dogs, which is also applicable for the Bernese mountain dogs. For webbed feet, they perform far better than the other non-webbed feet dogs.

Firstly, dogs can turn themselves into swimmers and gliders with these webbed feet. Think of yourself swimming with your slippers on. You can swim faster, right?

The webbed feet work the same as the slipper for the dogs, which allows them to be quick swimmers and thrive in water.

Secondly, it gives the dogs more flexibility while walking or running. They can walk or do their activities in a balanced method. And the source of this balance is the webbed feet.

Thirdly, when the paws are joint, the dogs can land more safely because their body momentum remains within their control.

Should Bernese mountain dogs paws be webbed?

Bernese mountain dogs’ paws should be webbed since the webbed paws enrich them with extra flexibility, balance, and swimming capabilities. They can always leverage their webbed paws in critical circumstances.

Without webbed paws, the Bernese mountain dogs’ running speed may decrease. It is even worse once they are used to running with webbed paws.

Moreover, non-webbed dogs face difficulties while swimming and surviving in water. Swimming is a critical skill. Without this valuable skill, these dogs’ lives can be at risk.

For the above advantages of webbed feet, the Bernese mountain dogs’ paws should have a webbed paw. Without webbed paws, the dogs are unable to perform certain activities.

Is it rare to have webbed toes?

Webbed toes are rare to have if we take into consideration the overall dog population. The reason behind such rare cases lies in its procedure of expressing the webbed feet trait.

Usually, such toes result from complex interbreeding of gene structures. And these situations take place 1 out of 50 times, so the chances are 2 percent. As a result, webbed feet animals are rare to some extent.

However, if the ancestors of the species have webbed toes, the children will most likely inherit those webbed feet genes.

Do Bernese mountain dogs have big paws?

Bernese mountain dogs do have big paws. It is a shared characteristic of all Bernese dogs. The big paws let them hunt for prey and perform more efficiently.

The big paws are actually one of the major traits of these dogs. With their big paws, they can also increase the surface area while walking which indirectly adds to their balance.

On the contrary, similar to the webbed toes property, big paws also have exceptions. Some Bernese mountain dogs may not have big paws. Then again, most of them do so because of their need to prey on small creatures.

Final Thoughts:

Bernese mountain dogs may have webbed feet. Though with that being said, webbed feet should not be a measure to gauge the efficiency of dogs although most Bernese mountain dogs’ feet are webbed. Instead, they give your dog extra abilities and a more defined balance.

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