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Do Bernese Mountain Dogs Have Double Coat? Do They Shed?

Bernese mountain dogs are born with thick, long, and handsome hairy coats. Thence, upon seeing the dense and lengthy hairy coat certainly, you would be hit with the query that does Bernese dogs have double coats or not.

Moreover, shedding is always a concerning matter to every going to be dog owner or existing one. So before adopting a Bernese dog, definitely you will raise the question that do Bernese dogs shed or not.

So, let’s quickly find out the answers concerning these two mostly asked topics.

Do Bernese Mountain Dogs Have Double Coat?

The Bernese Mountain dogs have a double coat which means they have 2 layers of hairy coat, below they have an undercoat and the other one is a topcoat. Bernese Mountain Dogs have a long, thick, straight, and shiny topcoat. And their undercoat is wooly and relatively shorter than the topcoat.

Bernese Mountain dogs are a large breed of working dogs that are born with a double coat. A double-coated dog breed means, Bernese Mountain dogs have 2 coatings of hair, the below one is known as the undercoat and the top one is known as the topcoat.

Bernese Mountain Dogs have a characteristically dense, wooly, and insulating undercoat which is moderately shorter in size than their topcoat. And they have a much lengthier, thick, shiny, stiff yet soft, and straight topcoat.

The topcoat of Bernese Mountain dogs is also known as the guard coat because it works as a shield from getting dirt on and staves off the water.

Hence, Bernese Mountain dogs are a double-coated dog breed, know that at daily brushing session is required to maintain their double coat.

Do Bernese Mountain Dogs Have Hair Or Fur?

Bernese Mountain dogs don’t have a furry coat, instead, they are born with a hairy double coat which simply indicates that Bernese Mountain dogs have hair.

The Bernese Mountain dogs came from the farmlands of Switzerland and they are the only Swiss Mountain dog breed among all four dog breeds that have hair instead of fur. These Bernese Mountain dogs have a double layer of hair which is called an undercoat and topcoat.

Besides, Bernese Mountains were bred for herding cattle so to do their job in the winter months, they were developed to be born with hair so that they can withstand cold.

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Do Bernese Mountain Dogs Need Haircuts?

Bernese Mountain dogs do need haircuts but they don’t require too frequent haircuts. However, it’s always best to give Bernese Mountain dogs a haircut every 4-8 weeks to keep their undercoat tangle-free and overall coat matt-free.

However, Bernese Mountain dogs need a regular haircut around their paws.

Trimming is also a great alternative to haircuts, if you don’t want to give your Bernese Mountain dog a haircut, you can just trim his hair short, especially in the summertime. But remember Bernese Mountain dogs don’t also need frequent trimming.

How Hairy Are Bernese Mountain Dogs?

Bernese Mountain dogs are too hairy that you might get exhausted cleaning up their hair all season long from your home, clothes, furniture but their hair will not have any scarcity.

Also, know that they are AKC recognized as one of the top 21 dog breeds out of 202 dog breeds that shed mostly. This means Bernese Mountain dogs shed 10% more due to having abundant hair.

Moreover, they also scored 3 out of 5 on a scale of dogs that are difficult to groom due to plenty of hair. Besides, Bernese Mountain dogs are double-coated dog breeds which directly signifies that they have an excessively hairy coat.

When Do Bernese Mountain Dogs Get Long Hair?

Bernese Mountain dogs get their full length long hairy coat at the age of 2 to 3 years old.

Bernese Mountain dogs have slow-maturing growth, therefore, they don’t gain maturity until they reach 2-3 years old. So like any other dog, they get their full-grown hair when they get adult and they gain their standard long hairy coat.

But before this age, they still may have long hair but that length of hair wouldn’t be as long as a Bernese Mountain dog’s hair is supposed to be.

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Do All Bernese Mountain Dogs Have Long Hair?

The majority of the Bernese Mountain dogs have long hair. Their coat is relatively lengthy, dense, shiny, and most of the time it’s straight.

Bernese are developed with relatively long hair because it would safeguard them against cold weather and snow while working in snow mountain areas and alpine grassland of Switzerland

However, depending on age, health, diet, and environment coat type can vary from one Bernese Mountain dog to another. So, some Bernese Mountain dogs can have relatively shorter hair, some can get wooly hair, and some can be born with curly hair.

Why Does My Bernese Mountain Dog Have Curly And Short Hair?

Bernese Mountain dogs born with curly and short hair coat is a result of the puppies’ own age, overall health, diet, and the environmental issues. So if your Bernese Mountain dog is growing up with a curly and short hair coat, the reason can be any of these issues.

Sometimes it’s genetic as well. If both the parent dogs or one of them have short and curly hair, the pup will naturally be born with the same hair type. Thence, consider such short and curly hair type as a normal thing for your Bernese Mountain dog.

How To Groom Bernese Mountain Dog?

Here a few tips to groom your Bernese Mountain dog at home in the simplest ways have been described below.

Brush Regularly:

The most important tip of grooming your Bernese Mountain dog at home is brushing its coat regularly. Because it will remove all the loose hair from their coat and keep them tangle-free and prevent further matting.

So you can use a pin brush to brush your Bernese Mountain dog’s topcoat to remove loose hair, a slicker brush to brush through the undercoat to reduce a downy undercoat.

Also, if there are mats, use a mat rake brush for dematting your dog. And brush your Bernese Mountain dog at least 2-3 times a week.

Bathe Routine-Wise:

Bathing your Bernese Mountain dog routine basis but not too frequent is another tip. But while bathing your dog, you must use warm water and only any mild dog shampoo.

And after washing with shampoo, use a dog conditioner for his coat and wash again with warm water. Then first gently towel-dry him and then blow-dry using the cool setting.

However, avoid applying shampoo on his face and ears.

Give Haircuts/Trim Him:

Bernese Mountain dogs don’t require haircuts/trimming often. But every 4-8 weeks you must give him a haircut and routine-wise keep trimming his coat to prevent his hair from overgrowing.

Use the right tools such as round scissors and clippers to give his body coat a haircut. Also, do trim the hair around your Bernese Mountain dog’s face, eyes, ears, paws.

Check His Ears:

While grooming, you must check your Bernese Mountain dog’s ear as it’s a part of basic hygiene and grooming session.

Always use an ear cleaner formulated for dogs to loosen up ear wax and clean it very gently with a soft cloth or let your dog dislodge the dirt by himself by shaking his head.

Trim His Nails:

A regular nail trimming, like once a week is a must-do while grooming your Bernese Mountain dog at home. But always use a dog nail clipper or grinder to trim his nails.

Teach To Enjoy Grooming Session:

And the last tip is, teach your Bernese to take the grooming sessions easily by encouraging him with loads of praises. And give him delicious treats because it works great as positive reinforcement while grooming.

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Can You Shave A Bernese Mountain Dog?

You cannot and you even should not shave a Bernese Mountain dog unless there’s any skin issue and the vet suggests shaving a Bernese Mountain dog.

Bernese are born with a double coat and it’s strictly suggested not to shave a double-coated dog breed because the texture of their coats can get changed after shaving.

Besides, the natural manner of keeping Bernese Mountain dogs cool in summer can get ruined as well. As the undercoat grows before the guard coat after shaving fully.

Will Bernese Mountain Dog Hair Grow Back?

A Bernese Mountain dog’s hair will grow real quick just within a 13-15 weeks time period after shaving. However, know that only their undercoat hair will grow faster than their topcoat hair.

As a result, when the hair of the topcoat will start to grow back in full length, the overall texture of the coat will feel quite different from the hair the dogs are born with.

What Is The Best Brush For A Bernese Mountain Dog?

Following brushes are recommended for your Bernese mountain dog –

  • Chris Christensen Long Pin Slicker Brush
  • Home Of Paws Grooming And Massaging Dog Brush
  • Safari De-Matting Dog Comb
  • Andis Steel Pet Comb
  • Hartz Groomer’s Best Combo Dog Brush
  • KONG Dog ZoomGroom Multi-Use Brush

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Do Bernese Mountain Dogs Shed A Lot?

Bernese Mountain dogs shed profusely all year round. It’s because they are a double-coated dog breed, so on basis of the temperature more or less they shed undercoats to achieve thick or thin coats. They are also recognized as one of the top 21 dog breeds that are shed the most by the AKC.

The shedding frequency of Bernese Mountain dogs is outrageous because they have a double coat, therefore, they keep shedding hair all the time in a year.

Precisely explaining, due to being a double-coated dog breed Bernese Mountain Dogs have a natural tendency of shedding undercoat hair excessively as they need to adjust with the changing temperature.

Therefore, based on the changes in temperature, Bernese Mountain dogs shed a lot of undercoats to get a thick undercoat in winter and to get a thin insulating undercoat in summer.

Specifically in the spring and fall season, the shedding of Bernese Mountain dogs becomes more apparent and excessive than other times.

Besides, Bernese Mountain dogs shed 10% more than other breeds of dog which made them one of the most shedding dog breeds among all 21 most shedding dog breeds. So all of these facts are making it apparent that Bernese Mountain dogs shed a lot.

Does Bernese Mountain Dog Poodle Mix Shed?

The Bernese Mountain and Poodle mixed dog breed are called the Bernedoodle. And they shed relatively a lot less even though one of their parent dog, the Bernese Mountain dogs shed excessively. 

Bernedoodles are a low shedding dog breed because their other parent is the Poodle dog and poodles are a low shedding breed, so Bernedoodles got the genes of low shedding.

When Do Bernese Mountain Dogs Shed?

Bernese Mountain dogs shed moderately in all the seasons throughout the year.

But specifically, they tend to shed excessively in the spring and fall seasons because during that time they prepare for getting a thinner undercoat for the summer and a thicker undercoat for the winter.

Therefore, they shed heavily and remove old undercoat hair.

How Bad Does A Bernese Mountain Dog Shed?

The Bernese Mountain dogs are AKC identified as one of the most shedder dog breeds among the top 21 most shedding dog breeds. Also, on a scale of 5 regarding which dog breed sheds the most, Bernese Mountain dogs have scored a round 5. And they are also known to shed 10% more than all other breeds of dogs.

Thence, these apparent facts proving that Bernese Mountain dogs shed really bad.

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Why Does My Bernese Mountain Dog Shed So Much?

5 potential reasons that can make your Bernese Mountain dog shed extremely are explained here.

Double Coat:

The main reason behind your Bernese Mountain dog’s excessive shedding is their double coat. They frequently change their undercoat as the temperature changes, so to get either a thin undercoat or a thick undercoat, your dog will shed too much.


If your Bernese Mountain dog is stressed or going through anxiety due to changes in their daily routine or separation anxiety, he will shed more than regular times.


Your Bernese Mountain dog will shed profusely if his diet has changed or he is going through a poor diet situation. Poor diet or changed diet can cause him allergies, so extreme shedding will occur.

Skin Condition:

If your Bernese Mountain dog has skin issues such as irritated skin due to fleas and mites or any other parasite living on him, he will scratch/lick incessantly. And it will cause your dog to shed hair.

Is Bernese Mountain Dog Hypoallergenic?

Bernese Mountain dogs are not hypoallergenic at all and the American Kennel Club (AKC) has confirmed it. So even though they shed a great amount of hair, people with allergic issues still can get a Bernese Mountain dog for them.

Final Thoughts:

Bernese Mountain dogs are a breed of the double coat because they were bred for working in Switzerland, so they were developed to be born with a double coat so that they can adjust their coat according to the temperature. So, due to being double-coated dogs, they shed a lot during all the seasons.

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