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Can You Use Tea Tree Shampoo on Dogs? (Read This First!)

Tea tree shampoo is a perfect natural solution for all skins. It contains all the natural elements of oatmeal elements that are entirely safe to revive your skin & hair. Try some tea tree shampoo instead to avoid the chemical-made shampoo.

But the tea tree oil is not safe for both humans & animals. You can only consider using the tea tree shampoo in any case to avoid chemical damage and other issues. It can protect your damaged skin and will smooth it accordingly.

Using tea tree shampoo on dogs:

You can use the tea tree shampoo on dogs since it contains all the natural elements. We always avoid using any chemical-based shampoo & other toxic skincare products on your pet. If your dog’s hair & skin becomes dry and they are hard, you may apply some tea tree shampoo to smooth it.

Tea tree shampoo is not 100% safe for animals since it is mainly made for human skin & hair. It contains some natural formula that will protect the human skin from any significant damage or skin rashes & irritation. 

Therefore, the human tea tree shampoo is always an unsafe option for animals or pets because of some different formula.

You cannot expect to use the tea tree shampoo as a 100% pet-friendly skincare product. It will come up with natural ingredients that are mainly perfect for human skin & hair. 

When you go through a pet-friendly shampoo, you will find different elements that differentiate the tea tree shampoo & pet shampoo.

Therefore, it is considered that 100% tea tree oil is highly harmful to any pets, including your dog. Human beings also can’t have some tea tree oil since it contains some high-quality natural unfurnished chemicals that might damage our stomach and digestion system. 

Only a few varieties of tea tree shampoo & other products are perfect for both human skin & pet skin. 

You can solve the rash, irritation, and other problems of your pet skin by regularly using the tea tree shampoo, but overusing tea tree shampoo will be another difficulty for your pet skin.  

Things to know before going for tea tree oil shampoo for your dog:

You must consider the below things before going for tea tree oil shampoo for your dog. They will help you to use this shampoo without any problem and what you need to avoid doing. Since it’s a dog issue, you can’t rely on human products.

100% tea tree oil is harmful to dogs: 

You cannot use 100% tea tree oil on your dogs because it will be harmful and will damage your dog’s health. 

100% tea tree oil is harmful to dogs if they eat or lick some of the tea tree oil because it contains some high & mighty natural chemicals to damage work against the bacteria.

Therefore, 100% tea tree oil is harmful to both dogs & human beings. You cannot apply this oil on any skins and heal any wound. 

This oil is strictly prohibited from swallowing since it will damage and ruin the entire digestion system through its bitter taste & pungent smell. So, never use 100% tea tree oil on your pet dogs.

Diluted tea tree oil is considered non-toxic to dogs: 

Although the tea tree oil is harmful to dogs, the diluted tea tree oil is considered non-toxic to dogs since they can easily digest the diluted oil & it will work better on dry skin. 

The diluted tea tree oil sometimes contains less toxic natural chemicals that can damage the dog’s stomach or skin. Therefore, you should use the diluted tea tree oil or make a perfect mixture of water & tea tree oil.

You may purchase the perfect and safest diluted tea tree oil solution in pet shops. If you buy any of them, you can apply them to your dog’s hard skin or harsh hair to smooth them. 

If your dog eats or licks some diluted tea tree oil, you can still expect to get a healthy dog since your dog will digest it accordingly. 

Human tea tree oil shampoo is unsafe for dogs: 

You cannot use it on your dog since it’s not pet-friendly & it contains high amounts of chemicals, which make it unsafe for dogs & other animals. 

Human tea tree oil shampoo is a perfect solution for the human hair and skin that ultimately turns the rash & hard skin into a smooth one. 

If you apply this tea tree oil shampoo to your dog, it will feel uncomfortable, and the tea tree oil will damage the skin.

So, you cannot use human tea tree oil shampoo on your dog’s skin. It will damage your dog’s skin & it will also fall the dog into a discomfort situation where you cannot use anything to smooth it. 

The shampoo will surely smoothen the hair and eliminate skin irritation, but it’s not pet-friendly.

Benefits of tea tree oil shampoo for dogs:

Although the tea tree oil shampoo is not entirely a safe option for dogs, it still has some benefits for dog skin & hair. Let’s get through the benefits.

Healing Dry:

The tea tree oil shampoo has some benefits & the healing dry is the first benefit you will get from this oil. If your dog faces hard skin problems or dryness, you should apply some tea tree shampoo oil and wipe those areas. 

The oil will heal the dry areas and will turn them soft.

Heal Damage Skin:

Sometimes, the dog’s skin gets damaged when they play for a long time or do any physical work. If you don’t find any cure or any medicine, you must apply some tea tree oil shampoo to that area to heal the damaged skin. 

It becomes the second benefit of using tea tree oil shampoo on dogs.

Eliminate Airborne Allergies:

Some dogs and pets face airborne allergies that you can quickly eliminate using tea tree oil shampoo. 

Since this shampoo contains some natural elements of skincare & some beneficial non-toxic chemicals, you can use this shampoo to solve airborne allergies. So, these are the most common benefits you will get from using tea tree oil shampoo on dogs.  

What are the symptoms of tea tree oil poisoning on dogs and what to do?

If your dog has been poisoned by tea tree oil, he will most likely display signs such as tremors and weakness—the quick penetration of the chemicals into the skin, which results in irritations, including burns and rashes.

Mouth Ulcers:

If the chemicals were given orally, they would be absorbed quickly, resulting in burns or mouth ulcers. It will worsen your dog’s situation and condition if it continuously eats or licks the essential tea tree oil. 

You will face difficulties, and there will be survival issues with your pet.

Liver Problem:

The liver generally metabolizes the essential oils’ chemical components. The appropriate treatment will be determined by the degree of toxicity displayed by the clinical indications that your dog carries. 

The following are some potential treatments for tea tree oil poisoning:

Intravenous Fluids:

Veterinary doctors will administer fluids through an IV to hydrate your dog to respond more favorably to treatment. The administration of IV fluids to the dog encourages the animal to urinate.


Your dog’s medical treatment will be guided by the veterinarian’s recommendations. 

Antibiotics are one of the treatments that can be used, along with anti-nausea medication, medication to protect the liver and stomach, and medication to prevent aspiration.

Alternatives of tea tree oil for dogs:

Lavender, thyme, and frankincense are the best alternatives to tea tree oil for dogs. Although tea tree oil is also a natural essential oil, it’s not entirely a safe option for dogs & other pets. 

You must consider using some better antibacterial essential oil that has non-toxic natural elements for dogs & other animals.

If you look at the lavender & thyme essential oil, you will also find similar elements. But these are not toxic to pets and other animals since you can apply and allow your pet to lick & eat some oils without damaging their digestion system. 

Considering this factor, you can easily substitute or replace the tea tree oil with lavender.

Another best replacement would be frankincense essential oil, which has some natural elements that are non-toxic to dogs and other pets. You can use this oil to get the best & safest benefits on your dog’s skin. 

It will smoothen the dry area and terminate the harmful bacteria from your dog’s body, giving it a perfect solution.

Final thoughts

Although you can use tea tree shampoo on dogs, it’s not safe since it will contain some toxic natural elements. Tea tree oil is primarily a threat & harmful essential oil for dogs & other animals. You must avoid using the tea tree oil and only apply the tea tree shampoo.