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Can You Use Pantene Human Shampoo & Conditioner on Dogs?

If you do not have dog shampoo and conditioner lying around and it may get tempting to use human shampoo and conditioner instead. However, before doing so you must be fully informed as to if it is safe to do that. 

Can you use Pantene human shampoo & conditioner on dogs?

You should not use human shampoo and conditioner such as Pantene on dogs. It is extremely harmful because their skin and oil production is much different than humans. If that is not dealt with, products catered towards their skin can throw their pH off and end up causing bad infections

There are quite some reasons why human shampoo and condition generally do not work well on dogs. Please be thoroughly informed or it can be very harmful to your dogs. 

ph balance:

This is the most important factor when it comes to using shampoo and conditioners for dogs. The pH levels of dogs and humans are not the same.

There is a layer on both animal and human skin that protects it and moisturizes it so that it does not get prone to infections.

That skin barrier gets rubbed off when shampoos are used and thus there are specific shampoos and soaps catered towards both humans and dogs.

It contains the necessary enzymes to restore moisture and the body’s ability to hydrate as well as keeping the pH level constant so that our skin is not harmed. 

Acidity versus alkaline:

Human skin tends to be more on the acidic side whereas dog skin tends to be on the more neutral or alkaline side.

If a shampoo and conditioner such as Pantene that is catered towards humans are used on dogs it can throw off their skin’s natural pH level.

Dogs have very sensitive skin compared to humans and their skin is not very resistant.

When the pH level is thrown off, the skin’s barrier is disturbed. This will end up making your dog prone to dry skin and infections due to the attack of bacteria. 

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Sensitive skin:

Pantene shampoo or condition that is not catered towards them that contains the right ingredients can irritate their skin by washing away all the vital oils and moisture.

Dog skin also does not work well with the harsh chemicals and fragrances that human shampoos and conditioners contain. They are way too stripping for your dog’s delicate skin. It can also cause your dog to have bad allergic reactions. 

What human shampoo and conditioner can I use on my dog?

There might be days where you run out of dog shampoo and conditioner and might need something to clean your dog with urgently. There are some options to opt for as long as you do not use it regularly. 

Baby shampoo and conditioner:

Baby shampoos and conditioners tend to be quite different in nature than other human shampoos. This is because their skin is much more delicate and not as resistant as adults.

The pH balance of baby shampoos and conditioners also tend to be on the milder and neutral side and almost closer to 7.

The delicate nature of baby shampoos and conditioners makes it less likely for your dog to have an allergic reaction or an infection. However, even then, you should not use them regularly because they sometimes contain tons of chemicals. 

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Natural shampoos and conditioners:

Nowadays there are many human shampoos and conditioners that tend to be on the milder side.

These include shampoos and conditioners containing ingredients such as tea tree oil and aloe vera. They do not contain as many harsh chemicals and are less likely to strip your dog’s skin of its natural oils and moisture so you can opt for them. 

Organic shampoo with pH balance:

You can search for mild shampoos and conditioners that are on the milder side and have a neutral pH.

Organic shampoos and conditioners can do the trick since they are made from organic ingredients and might have a neutral pH compared to harsher shampoos and conditioners with an acidic pH.

This will keep the pH level of your dog’s skin healthy and not cause any damage or infections. 

Can I use baby shampoo on my dog?

Yes, you can use baby shampoo on your dog as long as you do not use it frequently. If an emergency arises then baby shampoos are the most viable option.

They are very mild and delicate with a neutral pH level that will not strip your dog’s skin off oils or make it prone to infection. However, prolonged usage is still not recommended as it contains certain chemicals that are not suitable for dog skin. 

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Can I use dandruff shampoo on my dog?

It is not a good idea to use human shampoo for your dogs in general. You should also consider never using human-medicated shampoos such as dandruff. These shampoos contain ingredients that are catered towards resistant human skin.

Dogs have sensitive skin and their skin barrier might get damaged if you use human-medicated shampoo on your dog. This will make your dog more prone to bacterial invasion and thus infections. 

Can I use Dawn on my dog? Is dawn dish soap safe for dogs?

It is said that using Dawn is a good way to get rid of dog fleas. However, that is not true. Dawn is not safe to use on dogs and you should not use it on your dog because it is harsh and extremely stripping.

It will wash away all the moisture and natural oils from your dog’s skin. It can and will be harsh on your dog’s skin and damage it and even cause allergies or infections. 

What can I wash my dog with if I don’t have dog shampoo?

There are a lot of milder alternatives that you can opt for if you do not have dog shampoo at hand. 

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Easy homemade shampoo:

You can make a very easy homemade shampoo using three ingredients including water, mild and non-toxic dish soap, and white vinegar.

You can slather that on your dog and efficiently clean it as it contains antibacterial ingredients such as white vinegar as well and nontoxic dish soap that will clean any dirt and grease off without being stripped. 

Oatmeal shampoo:

This is for dogs that have sensitive as well as dry skin. This is extremely mild and will not trigger any allergies or dry your dog out. Combine baking soda, ground raw oatmeal, and warm water.

Lather the wet paste on your dog and rinse it thoroughly. Oatmeal will be soothing and moisturizing for your dog and clean odd dirt thoroughly. 

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Diluted human shampoo:

If your dog is extremely dirty and any homemade shampoo will not do the dog then resort to this option. Use baby shampoo or any mild human shampoo you have at home.

Dilute it with water just until it bubbles up. This will increase the pH of the shampoo to neutral and be much safer to use on your dog as it will not strip off the skin’s natural barrier or throw off the pH level of your dog. 

Can I bathe my dog without shampoo?

You can bathe your dog without shampoo because your dog’s skin barrier contains microorganisms that are good for your dog’s skin.

Using shampoo too frequently might strip those off. However, you must use dog shampoo once in a while to give your dog’s skin and fur a thorough clean so that it does not get infected or have allergies. There are a lot of mild shampoos present catered towards dog skin. 

Is white vinegar safe for dog’s skin?

White vinegar is safe for dog skin as long as it is diluted with water to increase the pH level. On its own, the pH is way too acidic and might end up causing harm to your dog’s skin.

White vinegar is non-toxic so it will not be harmful to your dog and can help your dog with dry and flakey skin. It is also good for treating skin infections sometimes but make sure that you ask your vet first. 

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How can I make my dog smell better without dog shampoo?

The best way to do so is by keeping your dog maintained regularly. Brush your dog’s hair and keep their teeth and ears clean. You can also wash your dog with a paste containing oats, warm water, baking soda, and a few drops of lavender oil.

Lavender oil not only will help your dog smell good, but it also contains anti-bacterial and soothing properties that will treat your dog’s skin. 

Final Words:

Human shampoos, in general, must not be used on dogs regularly because they can cause damage to their delicate skin. If there are not any other options available at hand then you can use a human shampoo during emergencies as long as you dilute it with water to raise its pH level.