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Can You Use Johnson Baby Shampoo on Dogs? (Explained)

To keep your dog healthy and disease free, keeping it dirt and mud free is a must. Make a habit to bathe them everyday with a good shampoo to ensure they are dirt free and smell good. But not all shampoos will be safe and effective on them. 

Using Johnson baby shampoo on dogs:

As Johnson baby shampoo is a light kind of shampoo that’s used for babies, it can also be used on dogs as well. By maintaining the skin’s pH level, it protects the skin barrier. In fact, it is gentle and toxic chemical free. However, for long term use, johnson baby shampoo won’t be a right choice. 

Johnson’s shampoo can be used on dogs, but it should only be used carefully because it is primarily designed for neonates. It is advised to use it no more frequently than twice a month at most. 

Johnson’s shampoo is a light kind of shampoo that is mostly used for babies because babies have soft skin, and since it doesn’t affect babies’ skin, it won’t specifically harm dogs’ skin either. Johnson’s shampoo is safe to use because it has a gentle cleaning effect. 

Additionally, it is said to be effective at removing fleas from the dog’s body. Johnson Baby Shampoo is made in such a way that when used on dogs, it does not result in any noticeable PH change. 

However, prolonged use may lower the pH level of the dogs’ skin, leading to dry skin. Therefore, it is only safe to use after considering its side effects.

Maintains the skin’s pH within acceptable limits: 

Dogs’ bodies typically have a neutral pH, as opposed to the acidic pH of humans. Because Johnson’s Baby is a gentle shampoo, the pH of the dog is not drastically altered, which makes it suitable for dogs. 

Johnson’s baby shampoo is quite safe for dogs because it’s formulated for sensitive skin.

It is safe and effective to use: 

It has no negative effects on the dogs’ skin, including itchiness. The dog’s body surface can also be effectively cleaned with it. Johnson’s baby shampoo can be used on dogs without causing any harm because it doesn’t include any harsh chemicals. 

The primary goal of this Johnson baby shampoo is to maintain a neutral scalp surface so that dogs using it won’t face any negative effects. Even though it is safe, since it is not designed for dogs, it should not be used on a regular basis. 

If necessary, apply it once a month; any more than that will cause the dog’s skin to become dry and irritated.

Free of chemicals and scent: 

Johnson’s baby shampoo is a chemical-free shampoo that may be used to clean both dogs’ and puppies’ fur. In contrast to other shampoos, this one contains a tearless formula that is safe for use on dogs’ eyes. 

Additionally, it doesn’t have the characteristic strong smell that would annoy dogs while using this shampoo to wash their bodies. 

When dog shampoo is not readily accessible nearby, this can be used as a backup, but its limited use is advised because it is not designed for dogs.

How safe is johnson baby shampoo on dogs? Can you use it regularly?

Johnson baby shampoo is a mild variety that is primarily created for the use of newborn babies, and because they are considered safe to use, it is also considered safe for dogs. It is safer to use on dogs and puppies because of its relatively harmless components

As this shampoo does not react with the dog’s external surfaces or alter the pH level of their skin surface after washing their body with it, it is safe to use with a few precautions. 

Such as refraining from using it as frequently as you would a regular dog shampoo because it was not designed for dog use in the first place.

Since it often has a light scent, applying Johnson’s Baby Shampoo won’t cause your dog to experience any skin irritation. This is quite safe to use because it cleans effectively and occasionally aids in flea removal. 

It is safe to use because the formulation doesn’t produce as much foam, which reduces the risk of irritating the eyes or surrounding areas.

Since this could alter the pH and texture of the dogs’ skin, it must not be used frequently or on a regular basis. In order to avoid drying out a dog’s skin and, in severe situations, damaging the skin’s protective layer, it should only be used once or twice a month at most. 

Additionally, using non-dog shampoo more than three or four times may have unfavorable side effects because of the dogs’ vulnerability. It is advised to use such products once every 21 to 27 days to prevent this.

Does johnson’s baby shampoo perish fleas on dogs?

Fleas are normally attracted to dirt, grease and grime. As dogs tend to play outside, they get contact with dirt and so fleas can always be found around them. One of the great solutions to get rid of fleas is to bathe your dog and clean them well. 

If Johnson’s baby shampoo is used while bathing it will effectively replace the oxygen among the hair of the dogs and fleas will feel suffocation and will pass away

But all you have to do is gently apply a thick lather of Johnson’s baby shampoo, leave the suds to soak for about 10 to 15 minutes and then rinse it off. 

What shampoos are harmful to dogs?

Dog’s love to play in mud and dirt. So, they need a deep cleaning throughout the body on a regular basis. However, it’s better to choose a shampoo carefully or it can have side effects like allergic reactions, rashes, itching, bumps and other kinds of inflammatory diseases. 

Human shampoos or soaps are widely used on dogs which are quite acidic and can make their skin dry and even damage the skin barrier. 

If a shampoo carries these ingredients such as Diazolidinyl urea, Imidazolidinyl urea, hydroxymethylglycinate, sodium, bleach, Bronopol, it’s highly dangerous for dogs

Moreover, shampoo that carries fragrance should be avoided as it can irritate the dog badly and make the dog furious. Shampoos that are close enough to pH level 7 to 8 are recommended to use on dog’s that will effectively remove dirt and also ensure skin protection. 

What are the best alternatives for dog shampoo ?

Human shampoos for washing their fur and body  are not ideal for dogs as they can be too harsh for them. Shampoos that are made for human hair, can severely make their skin dry or even make the skin sensitive by damaging the protective barrier. 

However, baby shampoos can be used because of their non toxic ingredients, lower pH and texture, but for regular use it’s better to use pet’s shampoo or that is specifically made for dogs for grooming. Here’s the alternative ways of shampooing your dog are given below: 

Dish soap:

Just like human shampoos, dish soap can be a substitute. However, not all dish soap can be used on a dog’s skin for its ingredients and heavy-duty formulas. But the dish soap that is in between pH level 7-7.5 will efficiently work on them. 

The most suggested one for dog’s grooming is dawn dish soap. It can be used in any other pets along with as a dish cleaner.  It’s totally safe on animals and effectively removes dirt that’s buildup on your furry companion’s coat. 

Baking soda:

For deep cleaning with a cost effective alternative, there’s no other great option except baking soda. It actually works as an antiseptic, heals wounds, reduces inflammation and bacterial growth for the dog’s body. 

Mixing the baking soda with white vinegar, it can be directly used on dog’s skin. In fact, baking soda can be mixed with oatmeal to make baking soda shampoo. 

Applying it gently in the dog’s coat, rub it with a soft brush which will result in all the grease, mud and dirt away along with ensuring a good smell. 

Castile Soap Bars:

It’s an organic, environment- friendly soap that works very well on dog’s skin. There’s no side effect of this soap bar into dog’s skin as it’s totally chemical free. The pH level of this soap bar is closely to 8 that makes it an effective alternative. 

It is normally made from different kinds of oils like coconut, olive, avocado, hemp and other vegetable oils. By cleaning the grime, mud and dirt, it protects the skin barrier and doesn’t let it become dry.

Final thoughts

As Johnson’s baby shampoo has a gentle cleaning effect, neutral pH level, it can be used on dogs. There’s no chemical and fragrance into it which makes it an unsafe option to apply on dogs. However, this shampoo is suggested to be used once a month not regularly to prevent any side effects.