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Can You Use Human Antifungal Cream on Dogs? (Answered)

Fungal infections are very common for everyone. But for dogs, it is seen more times than often. Playing in the dirt and under the sun can lead to many types of infections. Treating the infections fast is absolutely necessary for the well-being of your dog.

There are many medications but with ointments and medications, you have to be careful.

Can you use human antifungal cream on dogs?

If your dog faces any infection or rash you can use antifungal ointment on your dog. As long as the ointment is applied to the skin of the dog it is safe. There are no issues with using human antifungal ointments on dogs. Make sure your dog does not have an allergic reaction to the ointment first.

Dogs might get infections and fungal issues for any reason. It is common. Though there are many ointments made especially for dogs, you can still use human antifungal creams on your dog. As long as your dog does not lick it or eat it anyhow it is safe.

There are usually no health issues or side effects of applying human antifungal creams on your dog.

OTC antifungal cream:

Over-the-counter anti-fungal creams are also very much safe to be applied on the exterior skin of dogs. It is best to get a prescription or suggestion from your vet. But in general, the creams and ointments are good to use on the irritated skin of your dog.

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Yeast infection cream:

Yeast infection creams are mostly made for women but they are also safe for dogs. There are no side effects to this medication. You can use yeast infection creams on your dog.

What does antifungal treat on dogs?

Anti-fungal creams are usually what the name suggests. These medications are applied to soothe the irritation of rashes and to treat fungal infections. The anti-fungal ointments can be used on dogs for the same purposes as well.

Some of the reasons why anti-fungal ointments are applied on dogs are listed below –

Fungal Infections:

It is common for dogs to get fungal infections as they spend a lot of time outside and in the dirt. This can cause them to have fungal infections more times than often. The ointment can help treat the infection sooner and faster.

Yeast Dermatitis: 

It is a common infection for dogs to get infected with Yeast dermatitis. Anti-fungal creams can help with this issue as well. There is very little chance of relapse and the anti-fungal cream also helps with the bacterial spread.

Treating hotspots:

Dogs get hotspots very often as they play outside in the sun a lot. This can be very irritating. Anti-fungal creams help soothe and treat hotspots. But you need to be careful while applying it as they might lick it off.

The most common use of anti-fungal creams is treating fungal infections. The ointments are very gentle on the skin and affected areas of your dog. As long as your dog does not lick some of the ointment, it should be just fine.

Where can you use human antifungal cream on dogs?

Anti-fungal creams can be used on dogs as long as they don’t lick it off or consume it in any way. Anti-fungal ointments should be applied to the areas that are affected by any fungus. Any sort of hotspots can also be treated with anti-fungal creams.

There are a few spots that are usually the most affected by the infection. The paws are safe to apply the anti-fungal cream. Any place near their legs and back is fine as well. You should be careful while applying the cream to the nose of your dog.

There is a risk that your dog might lick it off.

What if my dog licks human antifungal cream?

Anti-fungal creams are not safe for dogs and if they lick any of it off it can be unhealthy for your dog. There are many health issues related to it if your dog licks any anti-fungal ointment. There are a few obvious symptoms and issues that you will notice if your dog licks anti-fungal creams-

Irritation in the stomach:

The cream can cause irritation in the stomach. There will be obvious discomfort in your dog;

Upset stomach:

Your dog could get an upset stomach if they consume any bit of the antifungal ointment;


Vomiting is a common consequence of licking antifungal creams;


There is a serious threat of the ointment disrupting the digestive tract. Which can lead to diarrhea and excess vomiting;

Bad indigestion:

The strong, toxic ingredients in the ointment can cause severe stomach indigestion. Which can be risky if not cleansed soon.

There are many threats and severe consequences of your dog licking anti-fungal ointments. It is best to stay aware when you apply the ointment on your dog and make sure it does not lick or consume any bit of the cream.

It can keep your dogs’ health down for days and will definitely leave your dog very weak.

What anti-fungal can you use on dogs?

There are many anti-fungal creams and that is safe to be used on dogs. Some are human anti-fungal creams that are also applicable to dogs. Along with that, there are some ointments that are made for dogs. 

Those ointments are more gentle on the wounds and have a very faint smell. Some of the common antifungal ointments for dogs are –

Clotrimazole Cream:

it is an over-the-counter cream that can be easily found in pharmaceuticals. It is a very popular cream that works well with fungal infections.

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it is an anti-fungal medication for dogs. This is better for heat irritations and hotspots. The anti-fungal ointment also works well for rashes and fungal infections.


This is another anti-fungal ointment especially for dogs. This ointment is gentle on the skin and wound of the dog. And can treat any rash gently, but it does take time.

Some other common anti-fungal ointments are Ketoconazole and Miconazole.

These are some of the ointments you can use to treat the fungal infection of your dog. Most of the anti-fungal medications are safe to use on dogs but ointments made for dogs are most gentle with the less strong smell for the comfort of your dog.

How do you treat a fungal infection on a dog?

Fungal infections are very common for dogs. As they spend a good amount of time outside playing under the scorching sun and dirt, your friend can get fungal infections pretty fast.

There are several ways to treat the infection and you should try to treat it otherwise your dog will be in extreme discomfort-


Oral medicines are very effective in properly treating fungal infections. You will have to give the medicine on time for the prescribed days and it does take time to work.

Antifungal creams:

Any tropical anti-fungal cream or over-the-counter anti-fungal ointment can treat the infection faster. And the medication will also soothe the irritation of the wound as well.

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Shampoos and soaps:

There are some anti-fungal shampoos and soaps made for dogs. These gentle cleansers can treat infections easily.

Is Lotrimin safe to use on dogs?

Lotrimin or clotrimazole are not very much effective on dogs and other pets as well. The ointment does not reduce ringworm infection or any other infection in dogs. The medication does not even reduce the growth of ringworm lesions on dogs.

The ointment is very much useless on dogs so it is not advised to be applied on them.

The ointment Lotrimin is made to treat ringworms and similar infections. But this ointment does not work if the infection is on dogs or other animals. This is why it is advised to not use this on dogs.

Is Clotrimazole cream safe to use on dogs?

The anti-fungal cream Clotrimazole is safe to use on the exterior skin of your dog. Make sure the ointment does not go in the eyes or nose of your dog. Also, be aware that your dog does not eat or lick the cream off. It is not safe if your dog has any bit of ointment.

Clotrimazole is an anti-fungal cream that is used to treat any fungal infection. It can be used on dogs but you will have to be very careful while applying the ointment so it does not go in the eyes or mouth.

Final thoughts

Most anti-fungal ointments are safe to be used on dogs to treat fungal infections. As long as the ointment does not go in the mouth or eyes of your dog, you can use them. Though there are anti-fungal creams made especially for dogs. Still, in case of emergency, you can use human anti-fungal cream.