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Can You Use Dove Soap & Shampoo on Dogs? (Answered)

Many of you encounter a situation where you need to give your dog an instant bath but you have run out of regular dog shampoo, and only Dove soap and shampoo are the only cleaning products within your reach.

Therefore, in that circumstance, you may wonder if Dove soap and shampoo can be used on your dog to bathe him quickly. Thus, let’s quickly learn about the facts that have been explained ahead. 

Using Dove On Dogs

Dove soaps and shampoos can’t be used on dogs because the pH-neutral formulation of Dove is suitable for humans only. Also, dogs’ skins have a higher pH level than human skins, so using dove on dogs will strip oils from their fur causing dry skin and leaving them vulnerable to bacterial infection.

Dove comes with a wide range of different types of soaps, shampoos, and body wash for use on human skins. As a result, you may distinctively not know which Dove soap, shampoo, and body wash can be used for bathing dogs and which can’t be used.

So, read below to know the answers to this query. 

Dove Soap:

Dove soap should never be used on your canine’s body to bathe him even in an emergency because Dove soaps are formulated for use on human skin only but not for use on dog skin. 

Besides, the pH level of human skin falls more on the acidic side of the pH scale, whereas, the pH level of dog skin goes on the neutral side.

As a result, using dove soap would mean putting heavy acidic properties on dogs’ skins which can strip away essential oils and disrupt their acid mantle, as well as will leave their skin unprotected from bacterial infection. 

Plus, Dove sensitive skin soap and Dove dish soap might seem to be gentle ones to be used on dogs, but no, don’t ever use them too to bathe your dog as it can harm your dog’s skin too.

Dove Shampoo:

Dove shampoos can’t even be used on your dog because Dove shampoos are also developed with chemicals that by no means will suit a dog’s skin.

Thereby, using Dove shampoo to wash your furry friend’s fur/hair will only bring miseries to him as the skin will become dry, itchy, flaky, more sensitive, and more vulnerable to parasites. 

You can’t use Dove dry shampoo either on your dog because the ingredients aren’t safe for canines which can end up making him lose his life at a point. 

Dove Body Wash:

All Dove products are solely designed for humans, not for dogs, thus, it makes enough sense that you can’t even Dove body wash to wash your dog.

Dove body wash will also disrupt the acid mantle of dogs and can leave residues that eventually will cause skin irritation. Dove sensitive skin body wash is equally harmful and not recommended to bathe a dog using it.

Why Should You Never Use Human Soap Or Shampoo On Your Dogs?

Several reasons have made human soaps and shampoos inappropriate to be used on dogs, here all of those reasons have been explicitly explained for your better understanding. 

Different pH Level: 

The human skin has a pH balance ranging from pH 5.5-6.5 which is more on the acidic side of the pH scale, whereas, dog skin has a pH balance ranging from pH 6.2-7.4 that is on the neutral side.

And human soaps and shampoos are formulated with chemicals that suit only the pH level of human skin. 

Thereby, bathing your dog with human shampoo or soap eventually will wash away the acid mantle from the dog’s skin. And when the acid mantle is disrupted, it will leave the stratum corneum unprotected and vulnerable to the virus/bacterial infection.

Formulated With Moisturizes: 

Often human soaps and shampoos are developed with moisturizing ingredients are highly harmful to your dog’s skin.

Thereby, considering bathing your dog with a soap or shampoo high in moisturizers will leave nothing but residues on your furry friend’s skin which are hard to wash off.

And these residues eventually will clog its pores and will lead to itchy skin and skin infections. 

The Sheer Quantity of Chemicals: 

Almost all human soaps or shampoos are developed with a huge number of different types of chemicals, perfumes, and several other artificial elements to make products attractive to buyers.

And these chemicals and artificial ingredients will lead to skin discomfort if human soap or shampoo is used on your pup. Not only that, your pup may have infected or inflamed skin. 

Soap Poisoning: 

Licking their own skin is a natural canine behavior. So in case, after bathing your canine with a soap/shampoo made for humans has left residues on your pup’s skin due to not being washed properly, and out of natural habit your pup has licked its skin, it will ingest the chemicals.

Ingesting chemicals will cause your dog to vomit, drool, and intestinal distress. 

Strips Away Essential Oils: 

A dog’s skin has some essential oils that protect its skin, using a human soap or shampoo will strip away those essential oils from your dog’s skin while leaving a very dry skin behind.

The skin will become itchy when it’s dry, then your dog will scratch and lick its skin and over-scratching or licking can cause further skin infections. 

How Safe Is Dove Baby Shampoo For Your Dogs?

Dove baby shampoo can be considered relatively much safer for use on your beloved pup because it’s free of all kinds of harmful chemicals, perfumes, and other additives that are deemed toxic for dogs. 

Besides, any baby shampoos have a pH level of around 7, so dove baby shampoo is quite prone to suit your dog’s skin.

Moreover, most experts and groomers have recommended dove or any other baby shampoo as the only substitute for a human shampoo for dogs. 

Is Dove Dishwashing Soap Safe For Dogs?

Dove dishwashing soap isn’t either a safe option for washing your dog because it contains several harmful chemicals that potentially can make your pup’s skin itchy and irritated.

If the itchiness continues, it can even lead to severe skin infection too. 

Thus, even if you have heard or seen people use dishwashing soap to wash their dogs just because dishwashing soap contains common elements as a dog shampoo, you can’t choose Dove dishwashing soap for your furry friend.

What Are The Best Substitutes If You Don’t Have Dog Shampoo? 

Here a list of some of the best substitutes for dog shampoo has been described. 

Homemade Oatmeal Shampoo: 

Yes, you have read right! You can make your own dog shampoo just by using oatmeal. You will be needing 1 cup of uncooked grounded oatmeal, half a cup of baking soda, and 4 cups of plain water.

Mix them together and rub the mixture onto your dog’s fur, then wash your dog thoroughly with water and make sure there isn’t any oatmeal residue because it can cause itchiness later.

Baby Wipes:

Baby wipes make a great alternative to dog shampoo as these wipes are designed for the delicate skins of babies, therefore, don’t contain any harsh chemicals, fragrances, or additional elements, so it’s absolutely safe to use baby wipes to clean your dogs. 

Corn Starch: 

Corn starch is another good substitute for dog shampoo in an emergency. Using corn starch will wick away any grease from your dog’s fur, as well as will remove any foul smell.

All you need to do is shake the corn starch out all over his coat, then lather the corn starch evenly through his fur, and remove excess starch by combing his coat with a grooming comb. It will freshen up your dog instantly. 

Castile Soap: 

Castile soap is made of all plant-based oils such as olive, avocado, and almond and is free of any harmful detergent which makes it a very gentle soap to be used on dogs.

Plus, it has a pH level of almost 9, making the soap more alkaline and quite safe for your dog’s skin. Using it will clean your dogs and will eliminate fleas as well. If you are using liquid Castile soap, dilute it before using it on your dog.

Homemade Dog Shampoo With Dawn Dishwashing Soap: 

Dawn dishwashing soap is the only dishwashing soap that is even recommended by experts to use as an alternative to dog shampoo because the ingredients are not harsh on a dog’s skin.

Just get the original Dawn dishwashing shampoo and dilute it with a half cup of white vinegar and 2 cups of lukewarm water. Mix well and spray on your dog’s wet coat. 

Final Thoughts

Unless it’s the Dove baby shampoo, Dove soap and shampoo can’t be used for washing a dog because using any of the Dove soaps and shampoos will wash away the acid mantle from a dog’s skin, leaving the skin defenseless. Also, a dog may go through dry, itchy, and flaky skin issues.