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Can You Use a Diaper Genie for Dog Poop? (Explained)

The most energy-draining and unpleasant thing for a dog owner is to deal with dog vomit, feces, and other waste.

If you live in an area where they take out the trash in weekly intervals or you need to keep your trash inside your house then just putting the waste in a bag throwing it won’t be a proper solution.

The rapidly growing stinks and the fear of germs spreading will surely disturb you. The Diaper genie can be an efficient solution for your problem. Let’s find out more about this wonderful product.

Can you use a diaper genie for dog poop?

Diaper genie can be used for dog poop disposal. The diaper genie is a convenient solution to keep the germs and horrible odor away. A diaper genie can hold a large number of diapers. And the most beneficial aspect is that it will effectively keep the odor locked for almost a week or two. 

As a dog owner, you will have to take care of certain things such as feeding the dog, grooming it on a regular basis, vaccination against seasonal and viral disease, and more.

But the most disgusting thing for a dog owner to do is to take care of the dog feces. No matter how unpleasant it is, this is necessary to keep yourself and your family safe from any harmful germs and keep your home and surrounding odorless.

Dog’s digestive systems are not as efficient as humans so it takes less time for them to release feces after they eat. In other words, you will have to take care of a large number of dog droppings throughout the day.

Keeping the dirty bags or diapers full of dog poop in the open trash bin will certainly release a horrible odor along with germs. Diaper genie will keep the dirty bag locked in an airtight bin, which will ensure the safety of your home and loved ones.

Does a diaper genie work for dog poop? 

Yes, a diaper genie works great for dog poops. It is not wise to keep your dog poop out in the open because it will spread germs and unpleasant odor, not only that, the feces can get stuck in your shoes or in the dog’s feet making you go through an annoying cleaning procedure.

Let’s say you pick the poop up and throw it in the trash bin, that won’t be convenient either. Most trash bins aren’t designed to keep the odor trapped inside and it will also create disturbance if you have recyclable things in the bin.

The diaper genie is designed to keep the odor trapped, also the disinfectant features ensure a germ-free environment. Some diaper genie releases pleasant air freshener to enrich the mood so you won’t be having trouble dealing with bad odor.

The most convenient thing is you can compress the waste product just by rotating a knob and it will create extra room for dirty diapers or bag disposal.

Why use a Diaper genie for dog waste? 

There are multiple reasons why you should use a diaper genie for dog waste. Let’s hear about them.

Airtight system:

The most unpleasant thing about animal waste is the stink it spreads. It can certainly annoy you and ruin your mood completely.

Not only that, the bad odor can cause nose and lung discomfort, you really don’t want that to happen.

Throwing the poop in a normal trash bin won’t help you get rid of the horrible smell, it will also attract disease-spreading bugs like flies, ticks, and mosquitoes.

When you use a diaper genie, the first thing it will do is cover up the smell. The airtight container will help you deal with the bad smell, also it releases air freshener to help get rid of the smell faster.

Germ protection:

The most dangerous thing you can expect from any animal waste is the possibility of infectious germs spreading.

Humans have developed proper waste management systems to deal with feces but when it comes to animal feces, the pet owners or volunteers will have to take care of them.

If you are thinking, you don’t need a fancy bin or you will just dig a hole and bury the dog poop then you will be polluting any nearby groundwater source as well as the soil quality.

Diaper genie ensures that the animal feces will stay in an airtight vessel and there is a proper filter and disinfectant system provided to keep the surrounding germ free.

Long time storage:

Diaper genie has a sufficient storage facility. It will easily store a significant amount of waste material for almost 14 to 20 days.

Some Diaper genie has a waste compression mechanism, it will be shrunk down the waste and create more space for waste storage.

Is there a diaper genie for dogs?

Yes, there is a diaper genie especially designed for dogs. However, most people use a regular diaper genie and make it useful for every situation.

The diaper genie was first designed for children, but children grow up and can be efficiently potty trained in a short period of time. So the Diaper genie needed to improvise and upgrade their design for other ideas.

Cats can be trained to release their feces in kitty litter but it’s very hard to train a dog to poop in a certain place. As most dog owners will have to manually remove the dog feces, Diaper genie designed an easy-to-use and convenient trash bin for dog poops.

If you have a dog then a diaper genie for dogs will certainly help you keep your home tidy and clean, also keeping the germs away. You can also reuse it as a household trash bin for several disposable wastes that may spread odor if kept in the open.

How does a diaper genie work for dog poop?

Diaper genie is a great option to seal the dog poop and keep the area clean. Let’s get to know how it works.

Press the foot paddle:

The diaper genie has an elegant look and you can easily open it by pressing on the foot paddle.

The foot paddle helps you keep your hands away from the trash and for some Diaper genie, the press on the foot paddle initiates air freshener spray.

Throw the waste in the bag:

After the diaper genie gets open you just need to throw the waste in the bag. Most diaper genie automatically put on a new bag every time you open it.

Waste kept in separate bags will come in handy and can be easily compressed to create more waste storage space.

Rotate the head:

After closing the bin, rotating the head on top may compress the waste and for some designs, it sets a new bag in place.

Release air freshener:

Some diaper genies are designed with extra features like spraying air freshener or releasing disinfectant spray for your hard. 

Best diaper genie for dog poop:

As the market for products related to pets is quite massive, new and innovative products are always launching to keep up with the competition.

The best diaper genie for dog poop would be Munchkin. There are a few others like Dekor classic diaper pail, Playtex diaper genie, and many more.

These brands have built up quite a reputation for themselves so you can expect good service out of them.

What is the difference between a litter genie and a Diaper Genie?

There are several differences between litter genie and diaper genie. Let’s get to know them.


The first difference you might come across after a quick visual inspection is the difference in size. A litter genie will have a length of 10-inch width 22 inches, a height of 9 inches, and a refill bag size upto 14ft.

For the Diaper Genie, the corresponding dimensions are length 10.25 inches, width 13 inches, and height 26 inches, and refill bag size 21ft.

So it’s obvious there is a huge difference in size. Diaper genie will have much storage space for your waste disposal.

Refill bag cost:

Although diaper genie refill bags are bigger, they are surprisingly cheaper than the litter genie refill bags.

A 21ft Diaper gen6 refill bag might cost you $10 to $20, despite being smaller a litter genie 14ft refill bag will cost $15 to $28. However, the litter genie refill bag is better and thicker in quality compared to the diaper genie.


There is a significant difference in the design of these two products. The Litter Genie has a much bigger opening compared to the Diaper Genie.


The litter genie was designed to take care of only cat litter and it’s mainly a cat-oriented product.

On the other hand, the Diaper genie was designed for human babies and later on became a household product for every waste storage need.

Final Thoughts 

The diaper genie is a practical method to keep germs and bad odors at bay. Dog feces may very well be taken care of using a diaper genie. The best part is that it will successfully keep the odor trapped for nearly 10 to 14 days. Also, the diaper genie can contain significant amounts of diapers.