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Can You Use a Diaper Genie for Cat Litter? (Answered)

Tired of dirty cat odors? Well, that’s obvious. No one wants to smell these hideous smells inside their homes. There must be a way out. If you think attentively, you can get the magical solution – the diaper genie.

Using a diaper genie for cat litter

Diaper genie can be the best solution to get rid of cat litter. Along with it, this diaper works well the dog poops and other wastes too. Thanks to the seven protective layers made of carbon filter which works efficiently to trap the worst odors from the litter and dispose of them.

Though there are other common options in the market, like litter genie. Both are great in their own way. But, if you want the safest way, to get the mess out of your cats and toddlers, there’s nothing better than this.

As frustrating as the cat litter can be, the diaper genie can be the ultimate savior for pet lovers. It is well-engineered with the highest technology and a 7-layered carbon filter.

Luckily this helps to trap every bit of the annoying, nose-tickling smells out of your sweet home.

You don’t have to worry about the canister. As it is made for versatile uses – baby waste and litter – it would have adequate space for any needs. Thus, you’re guaranteed to get a larger canister than other competitive brands.

To use it perfectly, one must have to give the proper concentration of the amount of litter they keep. The bags must be changed from time to time for hygiene and the maintenance of the canister.

But this is not the most crucial part. Then, what’s it? It is the constant check-up of the bags. As they are not made with the common polythene, they might become heavier than you expect.

No wonder, this will eventually harm the entire canister. For this, it is suggested to keep an eye on how much litter you packed the diapers with.

For safety, many people prefer to change the bag, even when the canister is not full yet. This is quite logical and helps the canister to work effectively for years after years. But, there is something called a budget. How can someone afford so many refills?

Well, there’s an ingenious plan for this too. As the sizes of the bags are long with tubes, one can easily cut them to produce new bags. Only tying a knot at the top and the bottom is needed and you’ll get a customized bag.

Overall, without any odds, diaper genie is the best to keep your home fresh, beautiful, and sanitized. Whether your pet is a mighty cat or a loyal dog, these have got your back.

Does a Diaper Genie work for cat poop?

Well, yes. A diaper genie can be the best for cat poop. As preventative measures have been taken to make it, it is the safe hands for the pet owners to rely on.

Having a seven-layered protective with the elements like carbon, the filter is being made. It is more than any polythene bag. It is heavier and can serve as long as you want.

The cat poops can be severely head aching and have hideous odors. Thus, for sanitization and fresh homes, highly specialized bags are needed. Luckily, the diaper genie is perfect for this.

Along with this, the large canister also helps to dispose of the waste of the cat. This, undoubtedly, holds a greater amounts in diapers at a time and makes the work easier.

Usually, owners can refill it when they are free from their busy schedules. As a result, this diaper genie ensures a better pet experience with just simple bags and canisters.

Difference between diaper genie and litter genie

Diaper genie and the litter genie both are prominent choices of pet lovers. To keep your pet and the house clean, there is no greater choice than this.

But the real question is which one is better, and what is the difference between a diaper genie and a litter genie? Well, knowing this would surely help to decide the one for you.


The cost of the package of each one differs a lot. However, the diaper genie always has been a popular choice for those who prefer affordable rates.

And the best part is you will get a larger pack at a less cost in a diaper genie. Though the litter genie also has a reasonable price tag, it could not beat the diaper genie in this case.


If someone keeps an eye on the market trends, they might know the litter genie packs are always smaller in size. This can be disheartening for some owners. Thus, for a jumbo pack, your destination should be a diaper genie.


The diaper genie has a great opportunity for a diverse refilling system. Plus, it is cheaper than the litter genie. This is the striking difference between both brands.

Carbon Filter:

Though, both the bags have a perfect rendition of the seven layers, the litter genie lacks the carbon filter. So, diaper genie has definitely a better odor trapping mechanism. And people love it for that!

Pros and cons of diaper genie for cat litter

By seeing all this amazing stuff, lots of people are heading towards the diaper genie. Yes, it has myriad benefits. But, there’s a catch too.

Apart from all these plus points, there are some negative markings too. Learning all of them out would help to make the right decisions.


Hand-free system:

One of the biggest pros of all time – you don’t need hands to shove the diaper in the canister. You can just use your foot to open the lid and drop the waste into it in a second. No worries, indeed.

Large bags:

Diaper genie has jumbo-sized bags and refills. This is a real relief when your cats started to have a heavy flow of litter and poops. Undoubtedly, the diaper genie deserves an appreciation for this.


As each pack is quite more affordable than the rest of the brands, it never seems to go off the budget. Anytime, in any situation, it has the ability to serve you with the best service with the cheapest solution.


Needs more space:

For someone living in small apartments, this diaper genie can actually use up a lot of space. Thus, you need to be extra careful about the space if this is the case for you.

Refill last no longer than 1 month:

As the refills seem not to last more than a month, it seems to increase the cost somehow. Though many brands are reluctant to offer that, it still can leave us with some bucks. Again, the special refill for the diaper genie can cost more sometimes.

How do you use the Diaper Genie for cat litter?

Using the diaper genie for cat litter is relatively straightforward. Still, sometimes few guides and lack of knowledge can result in long, tiring hours of unsuccessful attempts.

Therefore, a step-by-step guide can help you out with the nitty-gritty of the procedures.

Assembling the parts:

Assembling can be a piece of cake if you can understand the instruction manuals. Most of the time, a detailed guideline is provided there.

However, if you find confusion even after reading this, follow these simple techniques. First of all, attach the top and the bottom with the hinges. No push is required, it will automatically fall to place. Next, flip the top, and it’s ready for you.

Prepare the refill:

The refill also needs special care. For effective and best performance, it needs to be prepared first.

To prepare it, pull the refill downwards. Most of the time, 18 inches would be enough for this. After that, tie a knot at the bottom of the refill, and you’re good to go.

Dispose of the diaper:

Now, as the main actions are done, it is time to get rid of those stinky diapers. Disposing of them also requires a safety technique.

The best way is to roll them tightly into the shape of a ball. Use the adhesive tapes, and use your full strength to tighten them. This will secure the diaper from unwanted leakage.

Remove the refill:

When the refill is full of diapers and waste, this is time to replace it. For doing this, remove the top of the pail and cut it down.

Afterward, tie it into a knot, and used it with a new refill.

Cleaning the canister:

The canister needs to be kept clean and sanitized. For this weekly washing is preferred. Otherwise, it can become home to some dangerous germs.

Final Thoughts

In general, if you are looking for disposal methods for your cat litter, a diaper genie should be your top pick. Starting from the budget-friendly packs to the hand-free canister, it has all the aesthetic aspects to entice pet lovers. This is the ultimate relief from the stinky smells.