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Can You Use Calamine Lotion on Dogs? (Quick Answers)

You can use calamine lotion on those areas when you have ivy or bug bites damaged or itchy skin. It will give you some instant solution, and your itchiness will disappear. If you apply this calamine lotion, you must let it dry and get through the affected area.

The calamine lotion has a zinc solution that works against skin irritation and other problems. But it’s mainly for human skin; but can you apply it to other animals? Let’s know what to do about your dog’s irritating skin.

Using calamine lotion on dogs

You cannot use the calamine lotion on dogs because it will have zinc solution and other ingredients that are not safe for the dog and other pet skins. You can only use a small amount of calamine lotion on dogs if their skin is irritating and is damaged by external threats & other problems.

The calamine is not the pet-friendly lotion you can use on dogs and other pets’ skin. If your dog’s skin is irritating, you should apply a little calamine lotion. It directly affects the pet’s skin, and the biggest challenge would be getting the wrong medication.

If you continuously use this calamine lotion on your dogs, they might get infected. Only when your dog is facing too much irritation, and you don’t have other dog-friendly lotions, you can scrub some calamine lotion there. But never apply too much lotion in the same place again.

Here we find three different sensitive parts of the dog where people mostly use the calamine lotion or other moisturizer to reduce the irritation.

Skin, ears, and paws are the three crucial parts that might get affected by allergies and other problems. Let’s see if you can use the calamine lotion safely.


You can only use a minimal amount of calamine lotion on your dog’s skin. That will be perfectly safe.

But overuse or regular calamine lotion on any pet’s skin is strictly prohibited. You must avoid using the calamine lotion on dog skin and try to get the perfect dog-friendly lotion for it.

Skin irritation, itchiness, and other problems are the most concerning problems of every dog. But you cannot use calamine lotion on them. Try to use Aveeno lotion or other dog-friendly lotion there. So, use a perfect one for your dog’s skin.


If your dog’s ear has some issues and isn’t very pleasant, you should go for the perfect treatment.

You cannot use the calamine lotion on the ears since it will damage your dog’s ears and other parts. The ears are always a sensitive part of the dog that can be damaged by using the lotion.


The paws are also affected by irritation and allergies unless you use the perfect lotion or the dog-friendly lotion.

The paws are the most affected areas of the dog; you cannot use the calamine lotion on the paws since it will damage those areas. You should use the perfect dog-friendly lotion.

Is it safe?

Using the calamine lotion on dog skin, ears, and paws is unsafe. If you find any problem or irritation in your dogs, you must use the dog-friendly lotion to remove the irritation. If you don’t have other choices, you can use a little amount of calamine lotion like the oil.

When you go for safety purposes and try to use some safe lotions on your dogs, you must consider the Aveeno lotion.

It will have some natural ingredients that ultimately protect your dog’s irritation and damaged skin. You may also use coconut oil as your dog’s second-best natural lotion.

However, the calamine lotion consists of zinc and other chemical solutions, which make it unsafe for dogs.

If you mistake using the same calamine lotion on your dog, it will cause serious health problems and lose the natural shining look. So, avoid using the calamine lotion & go for the natural solution.

What happens when you use calamine lotion on dogs?

If you use calamine lotion on dogs, it will damage their health. But a sudden or small amount of using this lotion won’t cause serious problems unless your dog eats some portion. I find these three.


When you use calamine lotion on dog skin, it will create unforgettable feelings on the skin. Applying the calamine lotion to dog skin will create some difficulties because the zinc solution of the calamine lotion is not perfect for the dog skin.

It creates ZI issues on the dog’s skin that are entirely uncomfortable for your dog. So, the biggest drawback of using calamine lotion on dogs is discomfort. Your dog will feel uncomfortable allowing the calamine lotion to dry.


If you apply the calamine lotion on your dog’s skin, it might lick some of the lotions.

The biggest challenge of using the calamine lotion is amenia; when your dog eats some lotion, it will go through a severe health problem and convert into amenia. So, you should always avoid using such lotion on any pets.

To avoid such problems and sickness in your dog, you should always avoid using calamine or human lotion on dog skins. Use some natural solutions and use them accordingly.

Stomach Issues through Smell & licking:

If you apply the calamine lotion on the dog’s skin, it might damage the stomach of your dog and will ruin the stomach issues.

If the lotion goes through the stomach, the dog will face a severe stomach upset problem, leaving here and there.

For all these reasons, you should not use calamine lotion on the dog’s skin and avoid these health problems accordingly. If you need to use the lotion on a dog, take care of it until you wash out the lotion from the dog’s skin and clean it properly.

Dog licked calamine lotion: What to do?

If your dog eats or licks calamine lotion, you must do the following things to save its life. Otherwise, it will go through complex health problems.


Get your dog to the vet as soon as possible if you have any reason to believe that they may have licked calamine lotion; the sooner they start treatment, and the sooner the zinc is eliminated from their body, the better their prognosis will be.


A general physical examination will be performed, including queries regarding your dog’s history of ingestion of foreign objects or history of vomiting up coins or other similar items in the past.

An X-ray of your pet may be necessary to identify the existence of a metallic object.


Your dog may be hooked up to an intravenous line (IV) by the veterinarian. In severe cases of anemia, your pet may need to undergo a blood transfusion or be placed in an oxygen chamber to help treat the condition.

The blood and urine of your pet may be checked while they are being treated at the animal hospital. Your dog may be given medication while they are here and after you take them home.

What human lotion can I use on my dog?

You can use the below human lotion on your dog. But it’s always good to avoid such human lotion and use the regular dog-friendly lotion on your dog You will also find some other human lotion that can use on your dog.

Coconut Oil:

Coconut oil has been used for decades to treat dry skin and brittle hair in humans, and it works on canine coats and skin. When applying a topical moisturizer to your dog’s dry skin, you only need a small amount.

However, it is even more beneficial when it is included as part of their diet because it strengthens the immune system of skin and coat condition from the inside out.

Olive Oil:

Olive oil is a pantry essential that serves a dual purpose for humans and their canine companions. Applying a minimal amount to your dog’s dry paws, nose, and ears might be an effective external treatment.

Be sure to work into the skin thoroughly and remember that a little bit goes a long way. It is also useful when included in the diet of your dog. If you want your dog’s skin and fur to be healthy and well-hydrated, include a teaspoon of this in breakfast and dinner.

Aloe Vera:

Aloe Vera is an effective treatment for various skin conditions, including minor cuts, flea bites, bug bites, and rashes, when applied to dogs. The natural gel form of aloe vera is safe for canines to consume, but it must be applied appropriately.

Final Thoughts

Since calamine lotion is not a pet-friendly moisturizer and solution, you cannot use calamine lotion on dogs. It contains some medicines and zinc solutions that help the itchiness go off and dry the skin soon. If your dog has bug bites, you may use a minimal amount on the skin or avoid it.