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Can You Use Arctic Fox on Dogs? (Explained for Owners!)

Hair dye on dogs may seem like a very weird idea, but that is not it. Some owners love to match the coat of their dogs with the color of their hair. Even without that, a cool and funky color doesn’t look bad on a dog’s coat.

But while coloring a dogs’ coat there are many things to be aware of. If you have an intention to color your dogs’ coat make sure you get the right kind of hair dye. It is important for the safety of your dog.

Can you use arctic fox on dogs?

Arctic fox hair dyes are perfectly safe to use on your dog. The dyes do not contain any harmful and toxic ingredients. In fact, Arctic Fox uses vegan ingredients. This is why the hair dye is safe for your dog as well. So if you are looking for a dye for your dog, Arctic Fox is okay to be used.

Arctic Fox dyes are one of the best products when it comes to coloring hair. It has no harsh chemicals or toxic ingredients. In fact, the ingredients are actually vegan. But a common question always arises about dyes is if they are safe to be used on dogs.

It is a massive concern for funky dog owners.

To put an end to the concern, Arctic Fox dyes are safe for dogs. You can use the hair dyes on your dog and not worry about the safety of your dog. The dyes will give your dog a funky touch while keeping it safe.

The ingredients used to make the Arctic Fox hair dyes are vegan and harmless. No harsh chemicals are used in the dyes, making it a non-toxic hair dye. The vegan hair dye is perfectly safe for your dog. You can color your dog’s fur with the dyes without any worry.

3 reasons why you can use arctic fox on dogs

Coloring the fur or hair of a dog is not very common but it is not that surprising of an act either. There are many dog owners who love to make their dogs colorful and fun. Some even want their dog’s fur to match the color of their hair as well.

But when it comes to coloring your dogs’ hair, safety becomes a huge issue. Good news for the enthusiastic dog owners, the Arctic Fox hair dyes are safe to be used on dogs –

Vegan dye:

The ingredients used in the Arctic Fox hair dye are vegan. In fact, Arctic Fox dyes are 100% vegan hair dyes. Vegan dyes will not harm your dog.

ARCTIC FOX Vegan and Cruelty-Free Semi-Permanent Hair Color Dye (8 Fl Oz, PURPLE RAIN)

No harmful ingredients:

There are no harmful ingredients used while making the hair dye. So it is perfectly safe and chances are your dog won’t even feel anything when the dye is applied.


Arctic Fox dyes are non-toxic. So there is no chance that your dog will have any side effects after the product has been used.

Coloring your dog can be fun and equally enjoyable for you and your dog. So without a trace of worry use Arctic fox hair dye on your dog. The results will amaze you without harming your dog.

Is Arctic fox hair dye non-toxic?

One of the products that are completely vegan and not toxic is the Arctic Fox hair dye. The ingredients used in the product are high-quality vegan materials. Which means the entire product is non-toxic. And hair products try to avoid harsh chemicals in general.

And Arctic Fox hair dye takes this very seriously.

Arctic Fox uses only high-quality and safe vegan ingredients. The ingredients in the hair dye are non-alkaline and peroxide-free. Which makes them harmless for hair. These hair colors are gentle enough to be used frequently.

And the vegan products actually leaves your hair conditioned and soft with a vibrant touch of color.

What hair dye is safe for dogs?

Giving your dog a unique and funky hair color is becoming the new trend. And honestly, it is very much adorable. Sometimes the owners love to match the dogs’ fur color with their cool hair color.

While it is perfectly safe to use some of the hair colors for humans on your dog, there are some products that are made especially for dogs and their fur. These products are more mild compared to normal hair dyes. Some of the more popular hair dyes for dogs are –

Arctic Fox Semi Permanent Hair Dye - 4 Ounce Wrath #3

Opawz Dog Hair Dye Gel:

It is a gel-based formula that is semi-permanent. You can choose any shade from the 13 shades, which last up to 8 washes.

Petway Pet-care Pet Paint Spray:

This is a quick and easy way of coloring your dog. And this is a one-time paint that goes away with one wash. Best for temporary occasions.

Opawz Hair Chalk Pen:

This single-use hair dye is best for your dog if you want to see how it will look on them. These amazing paints come in a pack of 10 different colors.

Hair dyes like Arctic Fox are safe to be used on dogs as well. But if you are still skeptical about that, you can choose any of the hair dyes made for dogs.

How to dye dog hair using arctic fox?

If you have decided to dye your dogs’ hair then you should do it the right way. You will obviously need to choose the right dye. While it is best to go with a hair dye made especially for dogs, you can choose to use Arctic fox as well. The hair dye is harmless for your dog.

Wash the fur:

Before you start to dye the hair, wash the fur of your dog thoroughly.

Protect the eyes:

Protect your dog’s eyes by applying ointment.

Mix the dye:

Mix the dye with a conditioner or water. You can check the instructions as well if you feel like it.

Dry and brush:

Dry and brush the hair of your dog. Make sure there are no tangles.

Apply the dye:

Apply the dye mix on the areas you want coloring evenly.


Wait around 15 to 20 minutes for the dye to dry and set.

Rinse thoroughly:

Rinse with cold water thoroughly. Make sure there are no residues left.

The hair dye should last a good amount of time. Make sure your dog has no allergic reaction to the dye before you apply it. And afterward, dry your dog carefully and see how funky they look with their new coat color.

Is vegan hair dye safe for dogs?

Hair dyes usually use a lot of chemicals, which might be harmful to dogs. But if the hair dye is vegan then there is no issue regarding safety. Vegan hair dyes are perfectly safe to be used on dog fur or hair. There are many brands that use 100% vegan ingredients.

Brands like Arctic Fox or Manic Panic carefully choose their ingredients. Their ingredients are safe, non-toxic, and harmless. In fact, the brands use high-quality vegan ingredients, with no alkaline. This makes the specific brands very much vegan and non-toxic.

And vegan products are safe for dogs

Is unicorn hair dye safe for dogs?

Unicorn hair dye contains a few harsh chemicals that might not be tolerable for dogs. It is best to avoid unicorn hair dye when it comes to your dog. Dogs tend to lick their fur when they are grooming themselves.

That is when the chemicals in the fur might get inside the dog’s stomach and cause trouble.

Unicorn hair color contains more chemicals compared to the other dyes because the colors are more vibrant and rare. This is why the dyes are not 100% vegan. And if the hair dye is not vegan, it might cause trouble for the dog, as they tend to lick themselves a lot.

It is best to avoid unicorn hair dye.

Arctic Fox Semi Permanent Hair Dye - 4 Ounce Phantom Green #9

Do arctic foxes support animal cruelty?

Arctic Fox does not support animal cruelty. The brand is absolutely cruelty-free. Products of the brand are not tested on any animals. In fact, the ingredients used in their products are 100% vegan and cruelty-free.

This is why the products from Arctic Fox are perfectly safe to be used on animals, like dogs.

The company and brand have confirmed that they do not test any of their products on any animal. They also do not ask any third party to test their products on their behalf. The ingredients they use to make their products are also not toxic for animals.

The brand does not support animal exploitation and is trying to end animal suffering in this field.

Final thoughts:

Sometimes you want to spice up your dogs’ life by coloring their hair. It’s not an absurd idea. In fact, it’s absolutely safe if you use Arctic Fox hair dye. The Arctic Fox hair dye is perfectly safe for dogs. They don’t contain harmful ingredients, so you can color your dogs’ hair without worry.