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Can Sheepadoodles Swim? How to Train Them to Like Swimming?

Swimming is such a trait that more or less you may see in almost all breeds of dogs. However, if you are a dog owner, you must be aware of the fact that not every breed of dog can swim skillfully.

Therefore, such a fact can raise a question in your mind about your Sheepadoodle dog and whether your Sheepadoodle can swim or not. So let’s uncover the precise explanations of this question regarding Sheepadoodles. 

Can Sheepadoodle Swim?

Sheepadoodles can swim. Because Sheepadoodles are a crossbreed of the Old English Sheepdogs and Poodles, they have inherited such excellent swimming traits from their Poodle parents. Therefore, they are great swimmers that love swimming and are known as the Olympic swimmers of the dog kingdom.

Can Mini Sheepadoodles Swim?

Mini Sheepadoodles can also swim excellently. Because they are also offspring of the Poodles, just like any standard sized Sheepadoodle, genetically they have inherited the capability of swimming from their Poodle parent.

And this quality makes Mini Sheepadoodles a great swimmer too. Therefore, the Mini Sheepadoodles are seen to be really fond of water activities. And if Sheepapoos get the slightest opportunity, they will jump in the pool and swim for hours. 

Do All Sheepadoodles Swim?

More or less most of the Sheepadoodles regardless of size can swim and they are excellent swimmers.

It’s because Sheepapoos were bred for hunting waterfowl and still in today’s day they help their owners to retrieve the hunted prey from the water, so most of them are bound to know swimming. 

It might seem surprising but it’s a fact that these cute-looking Sheepadoodles are hunting dogs and this hunting trait is visible in almost all Sheepadoodles.

And maximum hunting dogs know swimming as swimming is one of the major traits that prove them good hunters. So most Sheepadoodles can swim really fast and better than other dog breeds. 

However, remember that even though Sheepadoodles are natural swimmers, not all of them will show interest in swimming if they dislike water. 

Do Mini Sheepadoodles Like To Swim?

Mini Sheepadoodles love swimming. Because Miniature Sheepadoodles take swimming as one of their favorite exercises and swim all day long while cooling off themselves, especially in the summertime.

Mini Sheepadoodles are tiny four-legged furballs. But they are remarkably playful dogs that prefer and enjoy staying all day on their paws doing several exercises and participating in various games.

Therefore, along with other activities, swimming has become a great means for them to remain active to get mentally and physically stimulated. 

So, just like most of the standard-sized Sheepadoodles, Mini Sheepadoodles are also seen to jump in kiddie pools and swim skillfully for hours without any issues. 

Do Sheepadoodles Like Water?

Sheepadoodles really like water. At least you will find most of the Sheepadoodles liking water and water activities. 

Sheepadoodle’s such likings towards water are so apparent because they are active dogs that like to stay engaged in various activities to release unused energy. So, they are intrigued by water games because they take these games as a medium of staying active and losing pent-up energy. 

Moreover, most of the Sheepadoodle owners have stated that they have noticed their Sheepapoo jump in the water and enjoy playing in the water by themselves. Therefore, it makes a clear scenario that Sheepadoodles actually do like water. 

Are Sheepadoodles Good Swimmers?

Sheepadoodles have webbed feet so they are bound to be excellent swimmers.

The Sheepadoodles are born with webbed feet just like their Poodle parents. Poodles were developed as water retrievers because they have webbed feet which makes them capable of swimming faster, effortlessly, and efficiently.

And this physical trait has been passed to the Sheepadoodle so they can swim expertly. As a result, Sheepadoodles have demonstrated themselves as one of the best swimmer dog breeds. 

However, even though most of the Sheepadoodles are skilled swimmers, some may not like to swim if they have any traumatized water experience or are scared of water. In this case, never force them to swim. 

Do You Need To Teach Your Sheepadoodle To Swim?

You certainly do need to teach your Sheepadoodle to swim. Although Sheepadoodles are swimmers by born, but they will not swim unless you teach them. Because they are animals after all and they require training to gain each skill, so the reason is very clear here. 

So, if you want your Sheepadoodle to be a good swimmer just like his Poodle parent, you got to train him from his puppy age. The earlier you will start swimming training, the better he will get adapted to water and learn swimming.

Also, a young Sheepadoodle puppy is easy to train, so it will be a benefit for you, if you start teaching him at an early age. 

How Do I Train My Sheepadoodle To Like Swimming?

Some Sheepadoodles may not like swimming so much. And in such a case, you may want to know the steps to train your Sheepadoodle like swimming. Therefore, this section has added the simplest step-by-step guide to guide you to train your Sheepadoodle like swimming. 

Lead Sheepadoodle In The Pool: 

Leading your Sheepadoodle in the pool is the first and most crucial step. So begin training when your Sheepapoo is still a puppy and lead him to a kiddie pool to get acquainted with water. But make sure that the height of the water is not more than 2 inches. 

And do this job very patiently because your goal should be to make him like water first, so allow him to take lead and go into the water first under your supervision. 

Move Deeper: 

Now that your Sheepadoodle has entered the water, toss some of his favorite treats or toys in the kiddie pool and guide him to fetch them by moving deeper in the water. Treats or toys will encourage him to go deeper into the water at his own pace. 

Support His Belly: 

Here, when your Sheepadoodle has comfortably got into deep water, support his belly by holding him underwater. This will let him take the position for swimming and move legs to paddle while keeping his body flat. 

Or else, you can support his underbelly by making him wear a life vest. A life vest will allow him to keep his body flat and move his legs to paddle in the water by himself. That’s how your Sheepadoodle will gain confidence too. 

Remove Support: 

When your Sheepadoodle will learn balancing and paddling comfortably, you can remove the support and encourage him to swim on his own. Gradually, you can increase the water level and encourage him to swim in a little deeper water. 

While removing support make sure your Sheepapoo is not anymore afraid of water. Also, every time, increase the practice time a little more than before and let him swim for a longer time. 

Positive Reinforcement: 

Positive reinforcement can be treats, toys, or a dog buddy that loves swimming. And note that from the start to last positive reinforcement is one of the main steps that will motivate your Sheepadoodle to like swimming. So even after removing support, encourage him to keep on swimming by giving treats, toys, or bring a swimming lover dog buddy to swim with him. 

Train Him To Exit: 

Lastly, teach your Sheepapoo to take exit from the water by calling his name to leave the pool or encouraging him with a dog leash. Once he can enter and leave the water by himself, he will start liking swimming too. 

Is It Ok To Let Your Sheepadoodle Swim In Your Pool?

Only if you can make sure to maintain your dog’s safety in your house’s swimming pool, it is okay to let your Sheepadoodle swim in the pool. 

Also, stay with your Sheepapoo when is around the pool because some dogs can easily enter the water but cannot figure out how to come out on their own. So, first, train him to enter and take leave from the pool water before you allow him to swim. 

Besides, make sure that the chemical levels of your pool are suitable for your Sheepadoodle and the pool has a good filtration system. 

What Kind Of Pool Water Is Best For Dogs?

Saltwater pools are better and safer for dogs than common chlorinated pools. Because salt is used in saltwater pools to clean and sanitize the pool water which is less corrosive than a huge amount of chlorine. 

However, it’s always better to bathe your dog in freshwater after he comes out of the swimming pool. 

How Do You Teach A Scared Dog To Swim? 

Here are some very effective tips given for you to teach a scared pooch to swim. 

  • Very gently and slowly make your dog acquainted with water
  • Make him let go of his fear of water with simple wading 
  • Encourage him to swim using treats/toys
  • Give his underbelly support 
  • Make him wear a life jacket until he can swim comfortably without any fear 
  • Train him to enter and come out of the pool on his own 
  • Keep patience while training him  

Are Sheepadoodles Easy To Train?

Sheepadoodles are easy to get trained because both of their parent dogs, the Old English Sheepdogs and the Poodles are really smart, friendly, and active which makes the Sheepadoodles fairly good trainable too. 

But at times, they can be stubborn and uncontrollable, so you got to train them from their puppyhood. 

Being born of a great swimmer parent the Poodle, Sheepadoodles can swim. All you need to be patient while teaching them swimming and start giving training from their puppyhood to get a great swimmer Sheepadoodle.

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