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Can a Sheepadoodle Live Outside or in Apartments? (Answered)

Sheepadoodles were introduced by breeding an Old English Sheepdog with a Standard Poodle. They look like a teddy bear and are sweet too. They are a popular breed due to their tendency of shedding only a little.

They can be expensive and are great family dogs. It can be confusing where to keep your Sheepadoodle. Are they able to live inside apartments or is it better to let them stay outside? Let’s find out.

Can a Sheepadoodle live outside or in apartments?

Sheepadoodles can live both outside and in apartments. They are able to adapt to various housing conditions whether they live outside or in an apartment. It also depends on the size of your Sheepadoodle and apartment. Wherever they live, they should get enough attention and exercise a day.

Can a Sheepadoodle live outside?

No dog should have to live outside its whole life. However, Sheepadoodles can live outside as long as they are kept properly with adequate food, necessities, and attention.

They should not be caged or tied to a dog house. As temperatures can rise during summer, some precautions should be taken to keep them cool during the hot weather. 

Can Sheepadoodles live in apartments?

Yes, many Sheepadoodle owners live with their dogs in apartments. Sheepadoodles can adapt to different types of housing. They should be taken outside to exercise every day to keep them happy and healthy. Puppies can be great for living in apartments. 

Are Sheepadoodles good apartment dogs?

Yes! Although they can be large, Sheepadoodles can adjust to apartments and are good apartment dogs. Ensure they get to do loads of activities and exercises every day. It is better if you take them to the park frequently. They require stimulation and movement.

Will a Sheepadoodle fit in a 850 sq ft apartment?

This depends on the size of your Sheepadoodle. Sheepadoodles can go larger than 22 inches. An 850 sq ft apartment is not the right option for a large Sheepadoodle. They need space to move around and play.

But you can keep them in small apartments temporarily. Or you can get a miniature Sheepadoodle. They are much smaller than standard Sheepadoodles. 

Can Sheepadoodles handle cold weather?

Sheepadoodles are one of the few breeds that can tolerate cold weather climates easily. This is because of their thick coats. They are mostly bred in cold climates. Sheepadoodles are known to love cold weather and water.

But if your Sheepadoodle is used to living in hot climates, it can take time for them to adjust to the cold. 

How cold is too cold for a sheepadoodle?

Although Sheepadoodles can handle colder weather, they are susceptible to getting frostbite or hypothermia. Temperatures below 32 degrees can be harmful if your Sheepadoodle is on the smaller side with thinner coats.

They should not be kept outside for too long when the temperature falls below 20 degrees. Another thing you should consider is age and health issues. Puppies or Sheepadoodles with health issues have a harder time in cold or hot weather.

How can I keep my sheepadoodle warm in the winter?

Aside from insulating the doghouse or kennel, there are other things you can do to keep your Sheepadoodle warm in the winter.

Purchase winter clothes:

Try to purchase a few warm jackets and sweaters, especially if your Sheepadoodle is young. 

Heated/Insulated dog bed:

This will help your Sheepadoodle stay cozy and warm at night. You can change the temperature according to the preference of your dog.

They are perfect for Sheepadoodles that suffer from joint issues and also for pregnant Sheepadoodles. 

Limit outside activity:

When the temperatures fall less than 20 or when it is covered with snow, try to go outside less. Play fun games at home instead of going outside. Soaking in the rain or playing with the snow might cause them to get a cold. 

Grow a thick coat:

Plan ahead and stop trimming your Sheepadoodle’s coat. Let it grow. Their thick coat is what protects them from the cold. This allows them to handle harsh weather better than other breeds. 

Can Sheepadoodles live in hot climates?

Definitely! Most sheepadoodles can adjust to different weather conditions but you need to treat them with special care when temperatures rise. This is because Sheepadoodles have long and thick coats which can cause them to overheat.

But there are plenty of ways to keep them cool in hot climates. One of the best ways is by keeping their coats short in hot climates. 

If you are moving from a cold climate area to a hot one, it might be a different scenario. They are just like us. At first, they might struggle when the temperatures rise but they can adapt after some time.

We’ll discuss other ways to keep them cool during hot climates in the next section! 

How can I cool my sheepadoodle down in hot weather?

There are several ways to cool your Sheepadoodle down. Follow these simple steps. 

Cold water:

What better way to cool down than a cold and refreshing drink? Offer cold water to your Sheepadoodle frequently. The hot weather might leave them dehydrated so make sure your dog has access to a bowl of water at all times.

There are freezable water bowls available too or simply put some ice cubes to lower the temperature of the water. 

Make way with an air conditioner or a special fan:

Stay inside while keeping the air conditioner on or go for walks after the temperature is down. There are fans available for dogs that can cool them down in a short time.

But be careful because their hair could get stuck in the blades of the fan. 

Ice packs:

Ice packs are perfect to cool down within a second. They provide instant comfort. You don’t necessarily have to buy an ice pack, you can even use a bottle of frozen water as an ice pack.

You can also put ice cubes in a plastic bag and place them beneath your dog’s chin.

Kiddy Pool:

If you have a kiddy pool in your backyard, it is a great way to cool your Sheepadoodle. A nice and cold swim is all they need. You can also let them dip in a swimming pool or a lake.

There are dog pools available too that you can use inside your home if you don’t own a yard. They can splash around or lay down. 

Cold treats:

Sheepadoodles love treats so you can save the day by feeding them some healthy frozen treats. Not ice cream or high sugar content food.

But there are dog-friendly frozen treats that you can purchase for your Sheepadoodle. 

Does spraying a sheepadoodle with water cool them down?

This varies from dog to dog. Some dogs may like it but it might startle or frighten your Sheepadoodle. Spraying can be a good way to cool your puppy down. Slowly introduce it to them and see if they like it or not.

If he tries to run away from it, then it’s definitely not your dog’s favorite. 

Also if your Sheepadoodle is on the fluffy side or has a long coat, the water can make his coat heavier which will cause him to feel warmer. Avoid this, if your Sheepadoodle is heavy-coated.

Instead spray on the stomach, and paws where it’s less fluffy. It might cool them down and it’s also a great way to play games with your dog. 

How much exercise does a Sheepadoodle need?

Every dog needs some amount of exercise or activity to remain healthy. Sheepadoodles tend to need plenty of exercise. They fall in the high activity category when compared to other breeds. If you have a puppy, then half an hour of activity should be enough.

Puppies are mostly active in the morning so a morning walk will suffice. An adult Sheepadoodle should have an hour of exercise daily but this can be divided into smaller periods.  

However, keep in mind that every dog has their own temperament and might need more or less exercise depending on its lifestyle.

Should I shave my sheepadoodle?

It is completely normal to shave your Sheepadoodle. It is preferred by many Doodle owners, especially during summer. In fact, it is so common that there is a haircut named after it called ‘Shaved Sheepadoodle’.

It is convenient for your dog when you live in a hot climate. But some precautions should be taken first. Remember to clean the coat first and to untangle any knots. Check the temperature of the clippers first before shaving as it can burn and irritate your dog.

Check the blade with your fingers too before attempting to shave. Another benefit of shaving your Sheepadoodle is that it will expose their stunning features even more. 

How often should you groom a Sheepadoodle?

That depends on many factors such as the length of your dog’s coat, how often they go outside, and also if they are allergic or sensitive to anything. Longer hair has more dust or dirt stuck in the hair which can turn into knots or other issues such as infections.

Those tangles can be hard to get rid of. You should be grooming your Sheepadoodle at least once every 4 to 7 weeks. There are dog owners who wash their Sheepadoodle every few days.

You can get a professional to do it but that can be expensive. You can skip the entire thing by learning to groom at home. All you need is some grooming tools and a helpful guide.

Every dog needs a home. Although Sheepadoodles can adjust to living both outside and in apartments, make sure your Sheepadoodle has enough space for activities and receives the attention and care they need.

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