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Can Russian Tortoises Eat Tomatoes? (Answered)

Tortoises might be slow animals, but they are pretty common pets in our houses. Generally, we see tortoises eating vegetables and fruits.

But like other animals, the digestive systems of tortoises are different from humans. If you want your Russian tortoise healthy, you must ensure safe food for the tortoise.

So, you might wonder whether Russian tortoises can eat tomatoes or not. Generally, tomatoes seem to be healthy and fresh.

But you have to know about the ingredients and nutrients of tomatoes. Moreover, learning about the safety of feeding tomatoes to the tortoise is also essential.

Can Russian tortoises eat tomatoes?

Russian tortoises can eat tomatoes in a limited amount. Moreover, ripe tomatoes are safe and provide health benefits to tortoises. But unripe tomatoes can be toxic for tortoises. So, don’t feed tortoises unripe tomatoes. Moreover, overeating tomatoes can be unsafe for them.

However, Russian tortoises seem to like tomatoes. But tomatoes can be of different types. For example, cherry tomatoes and grape tomatoes are not the same.

Other kinds of tomatoes might have different effects on tortoises. So, let’s see whether tortoises can eat tomatoes or not.

Cherry tomatoes:

Cherry tomatoes are small-sized tomatoes. Generally, cherry tomatoes also have the same properties as regular tomatoes. So, tortoises can eat ripe tomatoes. Ripe tomatoes are safe for tortoises.

Moreover, ripe tomatoes can provide water, vitamins, and minerals. So, ripe tomatoes can be a good treat for tortoises. But you must ensure that tortoises don’t eat unripe tomatoes. Unripe tomatoes are toxic for tortoises.

Besides, overeating tomatoes can also lead to digestive problems of tortoises. So, feed them in a small amount. 

Grape tomatoes:

Grape tomatoes are also small tomatoes. But they are smaller than the cherry tomatoes. Moreover, the skin of grape tomatoes is thicker than the other ones. So, eating grape tomatoes can be difficult for tortoises.

But tortoises can eat ripe grape tomatoes. Ripe grape tomatoes are safe because these tomatoes are not toxic. Moreover, ripe grape tomatoes can be delicious fruits for them. But unripe grape tomatoes can lead to health issues. So, don’t give tortoises unripe grape tomatoes.

Tortoises can eat grape tomatoes. But you have to ensure that the tortoises are not overeating grape tomatoes. Like other foods, overeating grape tomatoes can cause digestive problems. So, you can feed tortoises a small number of ripe grape tomatoes.

Are tomatoes safe for Russian tortoises?

It depends on whether the tomatoes are ripe or not. Generally, ripe tomatoes are safe for Russian tortoises. Moreover, the number of tomatoes is also important. Because the digestive systems of Russian tortoises are sensitive.

Overeating can cause different digestive issues to Russian tortoises. So, eating a small number of ripe tomatoes is safe for Russian tortoises. Ripe tomatoes can provide water, minerals, vitamins, etc.

These beneficial elements in tomatoes are helpful for Russian tortoises. So, you can feed them ripe tomatoes.

But unripe tomatoes are not safe for Russian tortoises. Unripe tomatoes are toxic for them. It might be difficult to ensure whether the tomatoes are completely ripened or not. So, it will be best if the tortoises avoid eating tomatoes.

Can Russian tortoises eat tomato leaves?

No, Russian tortoises can’t eat tomato leaves. Tomato leaves are toxic for them. You might think that Russian tortoises can eat tomato leaves since they can eat tomatoes. But tomato leaves have different properties.

So, you should ensure that your Russian tortoise is not eating tomato leaves. If he eats tomato leaves accidentally, you should visit a vet for treatment. The toxic elements in tomato leaves can cause digestive problems. Moreover, short and long-term health issues might arise.

Tomato leaves contain toxins and unsafe ingredients that will affect the Russian tortoises immediately.

Only the ripe tomatoes are safe. But other parts of the tomato plant are toxic. So, try to keep them away from the tomato leaves. Otherwise, the tortoises might go through a lot in the long run.

Three reasons why tomatoes should not be fed to Russian tortoises frequently

Now that you know tomatoes should not be fed to Russian tortoises frequently, you might want to know the reasons. You have to keep the limit of providing to a small amount. So, let’s see why tomatoes should not be fed to Russian tortoises frequently.


You might know that you should feed the Russian tortoises tomatoes once or twice a week. More than this limit will be overeating for the tortoises. So, like many other foods, overeating tomatoes will also cause health problems.

The amount of consuming tomatoes for other animals can be overeating for the Russian tortoises. So, you have to be very careful so that they don’t overeat tomatoes. For staying on the safe side, you can avoid feeding the tortoises tomatoes frequently.

Digestive problems:

If Russian tortoises are fed tomatoes frequently, they might not digest tomatoes properly. So, many digestive issues might arise. For example, your Russian tortoise might go through diarrhea, vomiting, upset stomach, etc., health problems.

So, you should keep the limit of feeding tomatoes to a small amount. Moreover, you should not feed the tortoises tomatoes more than once or twice a week.

Risk of unripe tomatoes:

You might know those unripe tomatoes are unsafe for Russian tortoises. Sometimes, you might not know whether the tomatoes are ripe enough or not. So, there can be a chance of feeding unripe or half-ripe tomatoes.

This can lead to toxicity for the Russian tortoises. Even severe health problems might occur from feeding unripe tomatoes. That’s why keep the number of feeding tomatoes limited.

What happens when Russian tortoises eat too many tomatoes?

Russian tortoises should not eat too many tomatoes. Because consuming too many tomatoes can cause many health problems.

Generally, Russian tortoises eat ripe tomatoes. You might know that ripe tomatoes have sugar. Eating too much sugar can lead to digestive issues for the Russian tortoises.

Besides, tortoises don’t have the ability to burn sugar and turn the sugar into energy. Because tortoises don’t exercise or move much. So, the excess sugar will result in other health problems.

Moreover, eating too many tomatoes can lead the tortoises to gain weight. This can result in obesity in the long run.

Tomatoes have citric acid, malic acid, and other acids. These acids are not toxic generally. But when the Russian tortoises consume too much of these acids, this can lead to health problems.

So, eating too many tomatoes can cause different health issues in Russian tortoises. So, they should avoid eating too many tomatoes.

How to feed tomatoes to Russian tortoises?

Russian tortoises can eat ripe tomatoes only. But you might not have the idea of feeding them tomatoes in different ways. So, let’s see how you can feed tomatoes to Russian tortoises.

Small pieces:

According to the size of the Russian tortoises, they can’t eat the tomatoes in large pieces. So, you have to give them small portions. For this, you have to clean the tomatoes thoroughly. Then you can cut the tomatoes into small bite-size pieces.

Feed on a slab:

You must not give tomatoes to the Russian tortoise in the ground. Because they can consume dirt from the ground.

Moreover, eating from a bowl will be difficult for the tortoises. So, you can give them small pieces of tomatoes on a slab. From the slab, the tortoises will eat tomatoes comfortably.

Fresh tomatoes:

Feed the Russian tortoises fresh and ripe tomatoes. Don’t feed them any residue from the earlier feeding. This might lead to eating with contaminants. So, remove other uneaten fruits or food from the slab and clean it. Then provide fresh, and ripe tomatoes cut into small pieces.

What is a Russian tortoise’s favorite food?

If you own a Russian tortoise, you might want to know about his favorite food. Leafy green plants are their favorite. Russian tortoises like to eat a variety of leaves and flowers. Among them, they love dandelions the most.

Moreover, Russian tortoises like to eat carrots, squash, and bell peppers. They also want to eat fruits like figs, apples, bananas, and strawberries. But you should not feed them fruits frequently.

Russian tortoises also like to eat vegetables and fruits containing high fiber. For example, they want to eat dark lettuce, kale, mustard, collards, corn, squash, sweet potatoes, etc.

But always ensure that they don’t overeat any food. Because whether the food is safe or not, overeating will cause problems.

Final Thoughts

Russian tortoises can eat ripe tomatoes. Moreover, they can eat a small number of ripe tomatoes. Unripe tomatoes and leaves are highly toxic for them. Unripe tomatoes and overeating can lead to many health issues. So, Russian tortoises should eat tomatoes occasionally.