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Can Puppies Eat Rice? (Explained)

Rice is the most eaten grain in the USA and the world. Can puppies enjoy rice? What happens when you feed rice to your puppy? This article will break down everything about feeding rice to your puppy.

Puppies eating rice

Puppies can eat rice, but feeding too much will cause health complications in the long term. Do not feed more than two tablespoons of rice to your puppy every day. Feeding too much rice regularly can cause obesity and weight-related diseases in puppies.

Rice is an excellent source of instant energy, which gives us a satisfying feeling after eating it. The same happens with dogs and puppies. Most puppies will love eating rice, but ensure to feed a moderate amount to keep them safe.

Why are we talking about safety? Is rice toxic? No part of rice is not toxic for dogs and puppies. You should know some facts before you start feeding rice to your puppy.

When feeding your puppy, you should feed the plain white rice after boiling it without any other ingredients. Brown rice is not a good option for feeding your dog.

Brown rice may have more nutrition, but the brown layer of rice is mostly non-digestible for puppies and dogs, which can cause diarrhea and abdominal discomfort to your puppy.

White rice has fewer vitamins and minerals, but it becomes easily digestible for the puppies. Also, do not use any type of spice, sauce or anything with the rice. Dogs can sense different tastes, but spices do not make any difference in their food.

So how good is rice for puppies? Is it essential for puppies and dogs? Dog nutritionists suggest keeping about 20% carbohydrates with your puppy food. Rice is entirely carbohydrate with very low fibre. So, in that way, rice can provide carbohydrates to your puppies.

But there is no real need for carbohydrates in a dog’s diet. They can turn the protein and fats into energy that runs their metabolism. So, carbohydrate is nothing vital for the puppies, but they can be beneficial if you feed them in moderation.

So, how does rice work in a puppy’s system? Rice starts to turn into carbohydrates or glucose within minutes. And it starts to produce energy.

Glucose is necessary to provide energy to the puppy’s brain, so keeping some rice in the puppy’s diet can be an instant brain boost for the puppies.

Rice easily makes your dog feel full, but they also digest and burn it very fast, so they can become hungry in a short time. Meanwhile, protein and fat do not burn that fast.

Also, when it comes to the nutrition of a puppy, protein is the most vital for puppies. They grow up very fast in their puppyhood, and to support their growth, puppies need to take a lot of high-quality protein food.

So, if you feed your puppy too much rice or carbohydrate, the puppy will have less space for protein and other essential nutrients.

Rice also have a small amount of nutrition, but the dogs will need to consume a lot of rice to benefit from those nutrients. Check out if puppies can eat those types of rice.

Rice cakes:

Puppies can eat plain puffed rice cakes but not too much or too frequently. Puppy food should be the number one priority for your puppy, and don’t feed anything that can highly interrupt that too much.

Rice cereal:

Dogs and puppies can eat rice cereal as an occasional treat.

Brown rice:

Puppies should not eat brown rice as the brown coat is hard for the puppies to digest, which can cause abdominal discomfort and diarrhoea to the puppies.

At What Age Puppies Can Eat Rice?

Puppies need to be at least four weeks old to feed anything. But you should not feed them with rice in the first few weeks. During that time, puppies should get used to the main food that will help them to grow. 

When they start to get used to their regular food, you can feed them with occasional foods like rice, vegetables, fruits etc. Find out how much rice puppies can eat at different ages.

4 Week Old Puppy:

After four weeks, puppies can start eating other soft food. But as rice is an occasional food item for the puppies, you should not introduce rice to the puppies at such a young age.

6 Week Old Puppy:

A 6-week-old puppy can eat a small amount of rice. One tablespoon will be enough for a 6-week-old puppy. However, the feeding amount can vary depending on the breed and size.

8 Week or 2 Month Old Puppy:

Two-month-old puppies can eat two tablespoons of plain white rice every day. It gives them instant energy, so you can feed some rice to your puppy before going on a walk.

3 Month Old Puppy:

Three-month-old puppies can eat a small amount of rice every day, but before including rice in their daily diet, you should always get the vet’s advice.

Which Breed Puppy can Eat Rice?

Most types or breeds of puppies can eat rice without any issues. Just ensure that their regular food is not interrupted because of feeding rice. Feeding a small amount of rice will not cause any issues for the puppy.

Rice has more energy and low nutrition for the puppies. So, feeding them rice more often can cause obesity and lack of nutrition in your puppies. Check out if the following breeds of puppies can eat rice.

German shepherd puppies:

German shepherd puppies can eat white rice but start with a small amount to make the puppy get used to eating rice.

Husky puppies:

Husky puppies can also eat fresh white rice, but sometimes they may not like to eat husky puppies.

Pug puppies:

You can feed rice to pug puppies as an occasional food.

Pitbull puppies:

Pitbull puppies can eat rice but feed them in a moderate amount.

Note that every puppy is different, and some may not like eating rice. If your puppy does not like eating rice, there is nothing to worry about.

Are Rice Good For Puppies?

Rice is non-toxic and instant energy provides food for the puppies. There is no adverse effect of rice when fed in moderation. But feeding too much rice can interrupt the diet of puppies.

The fact is puppies do not eat a lot of food. Feeding too much rice will easily make them feel full, and they will refuse to eat their puppy food which is essential for the puppies.

But apart from that, if you feed rice with the proper amount and steps, their health should not be negatively affected. To feed rice occasionally to your puppy, you will not need an expert’s advice but if you include it in their regular diet, talk to a vet.

Can Eating Rice Make a Puppy Sick?

Eating brown rice can make a puppy sick, but there should not be any issue with properly cooked white rice. Brown rice has a brown coat that dogs can not digest easily and may cause digestive problems to the puppies.

Feeding too much rice can cause obesity in puppies. A puppy has to bear extra weight in its soft bones when it is fat, leading to bone diseases and displacement.

Obesity also causes many health complications in dogs. Relying too much on rice for food can cause a lack of nutrition in your puppies.

Can Dogs Eat Rice?

Dogs can eat rice but only a moderate amount. A fully adult large dog can eat only about a quarter cup of rice daily without risks. Small breeds of dogs can safely eat 2-3 teaspoons of rice every day.

Many dog food company has rice in their dog food. While some companies claim their food is grain-free. It may be confusing to many dog owners. Companies that claim their food is grain-free just mean their food has a high percentage of quality protein, not that grain is bad for dogs.

Benefits of Rice for puppies

Feeding the right amount of rice can be very beneficial for your puppy in many ways. Check out the following points.


Rice have many nutrients that can benefit their overall health. It has antioxidants that enhance their immunity, and calcium and vitamin D keep their bones healthy.

Quick energy:

Rice breaks down quickly and provides energy to the puppies. When your puppy is too hungry, you can feed them some rice for fast energy.

Helps gut bacteria:

Rice is good for the beneficial bacteria found in puppy guts.

How to Feed Rice to Puppies

Feeding rice to the puppies is a simple process. Before feeding rice to your puppy make sure the puppy is at least six weeks old. Get white rice to feed your puppy.

Here are the steps to prepare and feed your puppy with rice.

  • Determine the amount of rice for your puppy. You only need one to two teaspoons of rice for your puppy. It’s hard to cook that small amount. You can cook for yourself and feed some to your puppy.
  • Wash and cook the rice, similar to the way you cook rice for yourself. Do not add extra ingredients, and ensure the rice is nicely cooked.
  • Feed the rice to your puppy when it gets cold.

Final Thoughts

Rice is a safe food for puppies when you feed them in moderation. It is packed with high energy and some essential nutrients. However, feeding too much rice to the puppies can cause a lack of nutrition and obesity. Don’t feed brown rice to puppies, as it can cause digestive issues.