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Can Puppies Eat Popcorn? (Answered)

When you have your snacks at noon or anytime in the day, you may share that with your pet. It could be popcorn, dry foods, or other human foods that may not be good for your puppies.

Some snacks might be less harmful than others since they contain fewer added ingredients. You will find other snacks or food items you cannot offer your puppies. Today, we will go through popcorn and show you if it is safe for your pets or not.

Puppies eating popcorn

Your puppies can eat popcorn in very small amounts, but they are not entirely safe for their health. You can only offer regular popcorn with no added toppings or ingredients. Plain popcorn might be a good option that you can provide in a small amount since it contains some benefits.

Popcorn comes in different versions, including added toppings and other ingredients to increase the taste of plain popcorn.

If you offer these popcorn regularly, they might create some health issues for your pet, and they will fail to digest the toppings, cheese, or other added ingredients that come with processed popcorn.

Let’s see if you can offer any of the below popcorn to your puppies that will not damage your puppy’s health or stomach.

Microwave popcorn:

Although microwave popcorn is not safe for dogs or puppies, it can eat in small amounts.

Your puppies can eat a small amount of microwave popcorn that will be safe for them; if you offer it regularly, your puppy will get sick. So, avoid offering microwave popcorn to your puppies.

Butter popcorn:

Your puppy should not eat butter popcorn since it contains added butter, which harms the puppy’s health.

If you offer the buttered popcorn regularly, your puppy may eat a small amount. However, it’s not an ideal practice for your puppies to take irregularly.

Plain popcorn:

Your puppy can eat plain popcorn to a limited amount, but you should not offer it regularly. You must consider submitting a few weekly popcorns that will add some nutrients to your puppy’s health.

Cheese popcorn:

Your puppies cannot eat cheese popcorn since it contains some smelly cheese that is harmful to their health.

Cheese and other milk-based human products or foods are dangerous for puppies’ health. You must avoid offering these snacks to your puppies.

Sweet popcorn:

Since sweet popcorns come with added sugar and toppings, you should never offer it to your pet although your pet can eat sweet popcorn to a limited amount. If they eat too much sweet popcorn, they will get sick soon.

Salted popcorn:

Added sugar or salt is highly dangerous for dogs’ and puppies’ health. So, your puppy should never eat salted popcorn, although they can eat a small amount. You can offer some other healthy foods instead of salted popcorn.

At What Age Puppies Can Eat Popcorn?

From the age of 4 weeks, puppies can eat popcorn, but it’s not the ideal food you can offer daily. If you provide plain popcorn, your small puppy can eat them safely and happily. Let’s see if all ages, puppies, and dogs can eat popcorn.

4-Week-Old Puppy:

A 4-week-old puppy can eat plain and regular popcorn that doesn’t have any added sugar or toppings. If you add bad ingredients and offer them to your small puppy, it will eat and get sick.

So, you should not provide any excess amount of popcorn since it will lead to some severe health issues.

6-Week-Old Puppy:

Your 6-week-old puppy can eat plain popcorn in a small amount, but you should not offer it regularly.

Once a week might be an excellent option to treat your puppies with some popcorn. If you add other ingredients, it will be a health danger issue.

8-Week or 2-Month-Old Puppy:

Your 8 weeks or 2-month-old puppy can eat plain popcorn to a small amount. It’s better not to offer popcorn unless they develop their digestive system. If you want to give it a treat, you should submit it once a week.

3 Month-Old Puppy:

A 3-month-old can quickly eat some plain popcorn. Still, you should not offer it every day or frequently since the popcorn will come with natural sugar that might damage the health of your puppies for a long time.

Which Breed Puppy can Eat popcorn?

Although popcorn is not a regular or safe food for puppies, most breed puppies can eat popcorn to a small amount once a week or month.

However, we will go through this list of puppies to show you if they can eat popcorn regularly or if they face any issues with having popcorn.

Yorkie puppies:

The Yorkie Puppies can eat plain popcorn to a small portion since they don’t have a strong digestive system. If you offer popcorn every day, they will get sick soon. So, don’t overfeed with popcorn; only offer it once a week.

Chihuahua puppies:

Since these puppies have a limited food demand unless they grow and become mature, the Chihuahua puppies should eat a minimal amount of plain popcorn.

You must avoid providing buttered, or toppings added popcorn since they are not healthy for their health.

Lab puppies:

The lab puppies can eat a small amount of plain popcorn often, but not regularly. They will enjoy their snacks if you offer some plain popcorn. However, never provide any butter or toppings or added popcorn.

Maltese puppies:

the Maltese puppies can popcorn in small amounts if you offer plain popcorn that doesn’t have added sugar or butter. If you have such a breed puppy, you must be careful about its health.

Husky puppies:

The husky puppies can also eat a small amount of plain popcorn weekly. Don’t offer them processed popcorn since they are dangerous for their health.

Labrador puppies:

The labrador puppies can eat air-popped or plain popcorn to a small amount. You need to avoid providing any processed popcorn.

German shepherd puppies:

The German shepherd puppies can eat a small amount of popcorn often as a weekly snack. You should never offer processed popcorn to them.

Shih Tzu puppies:

Your Shih Tzu puppies can eat a small amount of air-popped and plain popcorn as weekly snacks. You cannot offer it daily with a large amount.

Pomeranian puppies:

Like other puppies, the Pomeranian puppies can also eat a small amount of popcorn. You should not offer them regularly or processed popcorn.

Are Popcorn Good For Puppies?

Popcorn is only good for your puppies if you offer plain or air-popped popcorn weekly. This popcorn will come with some healthy nutrients that will make your puppy’s mood and help it to enjoy its boring snacks. But you cannot offer any processed popcorn.

Processed popcorn mainly comes with different toppings, including butter, salt, and added sugar, that are unsafe for the puppy’s health. So, you must avoid this processed popcorn and offer plain popcorn to a limited amount.

Can Eating Popcorn Make a Puppy Sick?

Eating popcorn might make a puppy healthy, depending on the popcorn quality and amount. If you provide plain popcorn in a small amount, your puppy will be healthy.

If you offer any processed or salted popcorn, your puppies will be sick after eating a little amount. So, your puppy’s heath will depend mainly on the popcorn’s health and amount. You should offer a minimal amount of popcorn weekly, not every day.

Can Dogs Eat Popcorn?

Dogs can also eat a limited amount since they cannot process the popcorn shortly and will face some digestion problems if they eat a lot. Besides, dogs should only eat plain or air-popped popcorn that doesn’t have any added sugar or butter.

You should never offer a single popcorn to your dogs if you have butter popcorn, and it will damage your pet’s health. But a small amount of plain popcorn will add some nutrients to your dog’s health.

Benefits of Popcorn for puppies

Apart from all the wrong sides of processed popcorn, there are some benefits of plain and air-popped popcorn for puppies. Besides these benefits, you should also consider the health risks of offering too much popcorn to your puppies.

Different Vitamins & nutrients:

If you consider the benefits of popcorn to your puppies’ heath, you must consider the nutrients and minerals elements of popcorn.

Popcorn contains magnesium, manganese, and other ingredients to help your puppies get fit and become healthy. So, you can offer a small amount of popcorn to a small amount.

Fiber for better digestion:

Popcorn contains some healthy fibers that improve the puppies’ digestive system.

As a result, your puppies can improve their digestion system to enjoy their stomach soon after eating a bit more. Besides, fiber also maintains blood sugar better.

Instant Calories:

Since popcorn is a calorie-based food, your puppy will have almost instant calories after having a small amount of plain popcorn. That’s the only reason you should offer your puppies a small amount of plain or air-popped popcorn.

How to Feed Popcorn to Puppies

You can feed popcorn to puppies in three ways: barehanded, scattering in front of them, or mixing it with other dry foods.


You can offer some popcorn to your puppies once you have them. Let’s see you’re having your plain popcorn afternoon; you can share some plain popcorn if your puppy wants to.

It will be an excellent way to share your popcorn once you have them. Your puppy will love to eat from your hand.

Offer in a Meal Box/Scatter:

Another way might be to offer some popcorn in your puppies’ meal box.

This way, your puppy will enjoy having much popcorn together. So, you must be careful about offering a limited amount of popcorn. Otherwise, your puppy will eat much popcorn together.

Mix with other Foods:

you can offer popcorn with some other dry foods. Let’s say you have regular dry pet foods for the puppies; in that case, you can mix some plain popcorn with those dry foods.

So, the food will enhance with a new taste, and you can offer a small amount of popcorn at once.

Final Thoughts

Apart from baked and processed popcorn, your puppies can eat plain popcorn to a small amount. If it takes processed popcorn regularly, it will be bulky and face severe health issues. So, never offer any processed popcorn or foods to your popcorn; share plain popcorn with a small amount.