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Can Puppies Drink Tap Water? (Answered)

Puppies are delicate just like human babies. They need proper care and close monitoring to grow up healthy and strong. That’s why if you want to adopt one, you have to make sure you understand their needs and requirements well. 

For a new dog parent like you, it’s all new and exciting. From the puppy’s food to habits, every detail is repeatedly checked by you to ensure their healthy growth. 

Since you are so conscious about the little animal’s well-being we won’t be surprised if you ask whether the tap water you give to the puppy is safe for them. It’s a common question asked by many dog owners since we hardly think twice before providing water to the puppies.

To clear your doubts, you can read ahead as we’ve thoroughly researched and explained it well for you. 

Can puppies drink tap water?

Puppies can drink tap water. Tap water is usually safe for dogs just like bottled or filtered water. But often it is contaminated with a high percentage of harmful properties such as chlorine, magnesium, calcium, fluoride, etc. So it’s better to get the water checked before feeding your puppy.

Owning a puppy is surely fun. You get cute little company all the time. But along with the fun and company, comes responsibilities too. To make sure the puppy grows healthy and well, you need to take care of every single detail. 

From food to lifestyle. Even the water provided to the puppy becomes a matter of concern for some people thus the question of whether puppies can drink tap water pops into mind. 

Well yes, puppies can drink tap water as long as it’s pure and free of harmful elements. 

A dog contains 60 to 70% of water in its body. So it needs a lot of water consumption all day long. 

Drinking pure water not only keeps the puppy hydrated but also helps to maintain body temperature, remove toxic elements, digest food, make the bones and teeth stronger, and so on. 

While providing water to the puppies, you don’t have to worry much because there is no objection as long as you are giving them clean water. 

The tap water you use for yourself can be given to puppies too. Since it is supplied for humans it shouldn’t be harmful to the puppy. Tap water has almost all the important nutrients and properties that can be beneficial for the puppy’s healthy growth. 

And usually, tap water is filtered centrally and comes in a clean state, so it’s not risky for your pets. 

However, often tap water contains a few properties in heavy amounts such as magnesium, calcium, chlorine, fluoride, etc. These aren’t toxic when present in a limited amount in the water but excessive amounts of these properties can be harmful to a dog’s body. 

Also, if the source of the water has fungus and bacteria, it can cause health issues. 

Besides metal compounds like arsenic and lead in tap water makes it harmful. These metals can cause stomach pain, diarrhea, digestion problems, and bone decay in puppies. 

However, not every source of tap water is contaminated with such elements so generally tap water is considered safe for puppies. Still, it’s better to get the water checked before using.

What age can puppies drink tap water?

If you are interested to know when you can feed the puppies water, then you have to wait until they are 3 or 4 weeks old.

Water is a vital need for humans and all living creatures and so as a puppy owner, you may think it’s important for the little furry animals too. Well, you are not wrong but you should know that you cannot feed water to your puppy till a certain time. So when can they drink water?

Puppies aren’t mature enough to have water unless they reach the 3rd week of their age. Till this time, they rely on their mother’s milk to get the immunity and strength a baby dog needs.

After 3rd week or at 4th-week puppies can drink clean water

Can puppies drink bottled water?

Puppies can drink bottled water if the bottle is not made of plastic. They can certainly have water from steel or ceramic bottles. 

While traveling or enjoying an outdoor activity you may feel the necessity to feed your little puppy some water from time to time. But when there is no other way possible you might have to rely on the bottled water that you’ve carried for yourself. 

But since puppies are very young and sensitive you may ask if they can drink bottled water.

Puppies can drink bottled water or mineral water. This type of water is fresh and contains all the important nutrients that are needed for the puppies. However, you must ensure the bottle is not made of BPA or plastic. 

Because plastic is very harmful to puppies and causes them health issues in the long run. 

Puppies can drink bottled water that uses health-safe material

What kind of water can puppies drink?

You might think twice before giving drinking water to your puppy. Because puppies are delicate and need the best of everything to have a happy and healthy life. 

Even the slightest negligence can harm those little fur balls so it’s wise to research well before you fill that water tub for your puppy. 

If you’re getting confused about what water you can feed your puppy, we can guide you to know what kind of water puppies can drink.

Tap water: 

Tap water is a clean source of drinking water for puppies. Since it’s supplied targeting humans it’s safe for animals too. You can give your puppy water directly from the tap when you’re sure that it contains no harmful elements and contains fewer solids.

Bottled water: 

Mineral or bottled water that comes in a ceramic or bottle contains no toxic elements thus very safe to give your puppies. But the water that is sold in BPA plastic should not be given to puppies. 

Spring water: 

Puppies can drink natural spring water as they are safe and free of chemicals. You should not give bottled spring water if the container is plastic as it can harm their health. 

Filtered water: 

Filtered water is a very good option for puppies. Puppies in the younger stage are delicate and have weak immune systems. Often they cannot take the water directly from the tap. Filtered water contains no germ and is also good in taste, so can be given to puppies. 

How do you make tap water safe for puppies?

Safe water is a need for your puppies to live and thrive. But often it’s hard to get a reliable source of water that’s free of harmful elements. In such cases, you have to find a way to make the available water safe and drinkable for the puppies. 

If you want to purify the water you get from the tap, here are some ways to do it: 

Use strainers in taps: 

Tap strainers are great to strain visible and large elements from water. So to make tap water safe to drink the first step is to install tap strainers so the water comes out visibly clean.

Boil the water: 

Boiling water is the easiest way to purify contaminated water. If you have doubts about the strained water that was taken from the tap, you can boil it for 1-3 minutes. This will purify the tap water and make it germ-free quickly. 

Filter the water: 

If you don’t want to get into the hassle of boiling, you can simply filter the water by collecting it from the tap. There are many latest filters available in the market that purifies water trapping the particles and keeping the taste intact.

Use natural filter: 

Natural filtering is a step you can follow when you don’t have a water filter. All you need to do for it is pour tap water into a container. Put some sand in it and wait for 20-30 minutes. The sand will absorb all the dirt and harmful particles naturally.

Final thoughts

Tap water is safe for puppies as usually it’s supplied germ-free and drinkable. You can provide tap water to your puppy directly or by filtering it. But often the water source contains harmful particles. So it’s always good to make sure the water is clean before feeding them.