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Can Pomskies Swim? How to Teach a Pomsky to Swim?

Pomskies are a delightful breed that is easy to fall in love with. They are smart, affectionate, curious, and friendly- some qualities you look for in the best breeds.

They can also be very individualistic, as each dog is different and unique in its own ways, Pomskies are no different. When it comes to swimming, you might find yourself asking,

Can Pomskies swim?

Pomskies are an energetic breed that is cross-bred from Huskies and Pomeranians. Mixing these two breeds means you find a medium-sized dog that can swim, and some even like to do so voluntarily. They generally take to the water well but it is on the owner to realize whether they prefer to be in it.

Pomskies are intelligent and energetic, qualities that make them perfect to be swimming buddies. However, when we see their genealogy, we can understand why some Pomskies might not want to.

Huskies are big, playful dogs that can be athletic, but they aren’t necessarily natural swimmers. On the other hand, Pomeranians are more predisposed to swim, but their build and weight can make them tire easily in water.

Mix these two and you get the curious breed that is Pomskies. This means while they are built to take water well than their parents, it ultimately boils down to the individual dog and their preferences. 

Are Pomskies natural swimmers?

As half of their genes come from Huskies who aren’t automatically pros in the water, you might wonder if Pomskies are better at swimming than at least one-half of their parents.

Compared to them, yes, Pomskies are naturally better equipped to swim and can handle the water well. However, due to their small stature, you must make sure they don’t run out of energy.

In hotter months your Pomsky might be more interested to swim or play in the water, try out a small kiddie pool to see if they like it.

Are Pomskies good swimmers?

Pomskies are known for their fun-loving personalities and they are also known for their knack for swimming. However, not all Pomskies can swim with ease.

As they are an athletic breed, they can enjoy swimming. But as mentioned earlier, it all depends on the dog and their own love and interests.

Do Pomskies like to swim? 

Pomsky is a dog breed that loves to swim. They tend to have swimming genetics inherited from their parent breeds. This makes this dog breed super adorable as your water companion too. 

Do Pomskies like water?

Pomskies are fluffy balls of energy that need both physical and mental stimulation to be happy and healthy. In general, this intelligent and puppy breed enjoys swimming and all water-related activities.

This does not mean they can be left alone in the water though, for they are small in size and can run out of energy sooner than realized.

Most Pomskies are known to love, if not tolerate water, opting to wade in shallow water. Some even join their owners in boats and to the lake.

Can Pomskies go to the beach?

If your Pomsky loves to swim and enjoys spending time in the water, you should consider taking them to the beach. The beach can quickly become their favorite place to go since they can dive into the inviting water as well as run around in the open space.

If you do decide to take your wonderful canine to the beach, since Pomskies are a small breed of dog, make sure to look after them properly.

Use products to protect their paws from the heat, consider getting a life vest for them as well as having a wet towel so you can clean the sand out of them.

How to teach a Pomsky to swim?

Let’s say you found out your Pomsky loves to be in the water but doesn’t know how to swim. If that is the case, you can slowly but surely teach your pup to swim.

Before anything else, make sure to get a lifejacket on your dog to keep them safe.

Start Slowly:

As you are just introducing the concept to the dog, start small and start slow. Bring them to the water and let their toes get wet. See if they are comfortable with it.

Reward Each Progress:

As they test the water more, reward them with treats to encourage this behaviour. 

Gradually Go Deeper:

Once they are comfortable with the water, start going a little deeper into the water. If you are at a point where they can’t touch the ground underwater, you can help guide them by grabbing onto their jacket.

Make It Enjoyable:

To further encourage this behaviour, break out the toys, show positive reinforcement so they associate swimming with something good and fun.

How to get your Pomsky to like swimming?

If you find that your Pomsky does not like swimming, it could be due to their Husky heritage. Huskies inherently avoid water due to their sleigh training days, so it is an unfamiliar concept to them.

To get them to like water and so swimming again, you can try these tips and tricks out-

Ease Them into It: 

If they don’t like swimming, forcing them to do it won’t get you anywhere. Start the process by luring them into the shallow parts of water and getting them to become comfortable with it. 

Take Them to A Dog Beach:

A dog beach is without a doubt every dog’s heaven since there are playmates, a place to run and play as well as jump into the water with friends. Once your dog sees that other dogs are playing in the water, they can start to join in too.

Positive Reinforcement:

To train your Pomsky into learning to enjoy swimming, you can practice positive reinforcement. Give them rewards and treats as mentioned earlier, they will start to associate swimming with something they are rewarded for and so can learn to enjoy.

How to tell if your Pomsky likes the water?

The tell-tale signs of your pup liking water include enjoying themselves, first and foremost. They won’t react negatively to the water, will remain calm despite being excited and they will also not scream or yell for help.

If it has been a while, try letting your Pomsky hear and feel the water before completely exposing them to it. It should help them acclimate.

How often should you bathe a Pomsky?

Pomskies don’t need regular washing. Bathing them also doesn’t have to be a dreadful task since the breed can enjoy the water in the first place.

In general, Pomskies need to shower every 1 to 3 months. In summer, however, the number increases to every month or so. If you have an active lifestyle with your dog, or they spend a good amount of their time outside, then increase bath time to once a month.

The more frequent bathing is, the less amount of shedding will happen. But this doesn’t mean you should make them shower even when they don’t need it since it could harm their coats. Too much exposure to water could also make them sick.

When in doubt, use your judgment as to their owner- if they start to smell, they appear dirty and are uncomfortable due to it, it’s time for a bath.

Pomskies are a delightful breed that makes each moment entertaining, let it be on land or water. If your lovely ball of fluff loves to spend its time being wet, cherish it and join in on the fun!

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