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Can Pomskies Live in Hot Weather? (All You Need to Know!)

Queen Victoria of England fell in love with the Pomeranian breed and decided to breed them in a much smaller size which we today know as the Pomsky.

But their long, thick fur coat stayed the same which makes them suited for colder weather and raises the concern about their adaptability in hotter climates.

Can pomskies live in hot weather?

Pomskies’ fur coat helps in keeping them warm which makes living in colder places more comfortable for them. However, they are companion canines. So, they can adapt and live in places with hotter climates as long as they primarily live indoors instead of outdoors.

Can you have a Pomsky if you live in a hotter state?

Even if you live in a hotter climate, it is still possible for you to have a Pomsky. But it depends on how you plan to spend your hotter days with the Pomsky.

If you are thinking of being very active and going on hikes and adventures in the wilderness, your Pomsky will probably be unable to keep up as the extreme heat will affect them.

They are dogs with a fur coat which is present to keep them warm and make them comfortable in winter. So, the only way for them to be happy in a warmer climate is if you mainly keep them indoors in a temperature controlled house.

They will be oblivious to the heat outside and live happily with you inside.

But they still need an ample amount of exercise, you can play with them on days with lower temperature or take them on a walk after the sun has gone down and the heat has dissipated a little.

How to prepare your pomsky to live in hot weather?

If your Pomsky has never experienced summer in a place where the temperature tends to rise, it would be best to prepare them properly. This will help avoid the shock to their body from the sudden change and make the transition smoother and more comfortable for them.

Take them outside:

You can take them outside to play and walk as the season changes and the temperature begins to rise gradually. This will help adjust their body.

Keep them hydrated:

Water intake should be solely increased in order to help keep them hydrated in summer.

Give a haircut:

When summer begins to approach, it’s best to give them a haircut. You can have it clipped to a short and neat coat. It will not diminish the fur’s insulating properties completely but it will help them stay cool.

How do you keep a Pomsky cool?

If you want your Pomsky to enjoy the hotter months with you, it is important for them to stay cool. Even though you can’t control the weather, you can still help them be comfortable during those hot days.

Keep them indoor:

The most obvious but important rule is to keep them indoors between 12-4 in order to avoid the midday sun. Instead, let him lounge at home.

A plane tiled floor will be enough to keep them cool as it will draw out the heat from their body and transfer it to the floor.

Keep them on grass:

If you have to take your Pomsky outside when it is hot, try to keep them on grass. Since, the pavement can be way too hot for their paws to handle.

 Encourage to drink more:

You can encourage your Pomsky to drink more by placing bowls of cool water in various spots inside your house. It will keep them hydrated which is fundamental as it helps them regulate their own body temperature efficiently.

 A cooling bed:

A cooling bed is a perfect addition for the summer to help them stay cool. As the Pomsky lays on them, their body heat is simultaneously getting expelled.

A cheaper alternative to this is wetting old towels with cold water and let your Pomsky lay on them outside in the shade.

Ice bath:

You can surprise your Pomsky with an ice bath on days when the sun is blazing extra hard on us mere mortals. You will need to place a plastic washing bowl somewhere shady, and fill it with large bags of ice.

Your Pomsky will love it and it will cool them down significantly. But be sure to supervise them during this time and also take them out when the ice begins to melt and dry them off.

Doggy paddling pool:

If you have space and a few extra gallons of water to spare, considerate getting your Pomsky a doggy paddling pool. It will help keep them cool while also giving him ample amounts of exercise.

Can you shave Pomskies?

It is not ideal to shave a Pomsky. Even though it might seem like, it will help keep them cool during summer months; this is not the case. Because when they are shaved, it makes them lose their ability to self-regulate their temperature which makes them overheat and get sunburned.

You can instead try clipping their hair if you want to prepare them for summer and help keep them cool. This can easily be done at home as long as you have the right clippers.

Why should you never shave your pomsky?

It is a cardinal rule among Pomsky owners to never, ever shave their dogs. And it is not because of aesthetic purposes. It disrupts the growth of their fur and can cause an array of serious health problems.

Change in texture:

When you shave a Pomsky, their fur will never grow back the same as before. It will grow back in a more coarse texture and also lose the natural protective properties which are valuable to the dog’s health.

It will completely destroy the water-repellent and insulation properties the coat already has as the hair closest to the skin will not form a uniform inner layer but rather become intertwined with the hair on the outer layer.

Overheating and sun damage:

When your Pomsky is exposed to heat, it will be unable to keep itself cool because of the absence of his double-coat fur as it acts as a form of insulation.

Also, when they are shaved their skin gets exposed to the sun and it can cause it to get sun-burnt. And in some cases even lead to skin cancer.

Discomfort indoors:

If you live somewhere with warmer weather and keep your Pomsky comfortable by keeping them indoors in air-conditioned rooms, this may not be possible anymore if you shave them.

They will be unable to protect themselves from the cold air and fall ill easily.

Can pomskies live outside?

If you own a Pomsky, it won’t be a good idea to keep them outside. They are companion canines who love to be close to their owner and also the owner’s family.

It is even advised against leaving them alone for too long as they can get destructive if left with nothing to occupy their time with. It will be especially harder for them to live outside in hot weather as they are more suited for colder climates.

Besides, Pomskies are small in size; it won’t be difficult to keep them even in a small apartment.

But if you think it isn’t possible to keep your Pomsky indoors with you, you might need to choose a different breed of dog as they already need special care to be comfortable in summer and living outside alone in those hot months may be too much for them to bear.

Are pomskies outside dogs?

Pomskies are very energetic dogs who need several walks and play times during the day. But they are not outside dogs as they prefer to live indoors with their owners.

So, once playtime ends they will come inside the house and lounge till they get restless with excessive energy again.

Do Pomskies like the snow?

Pomskies like the snow a lot. They are more suited for places with colder weather because of their thick fur coats which keeps them warm and cozy. This makes it possible for them to spend hours running and playing in the snow happily.

Do pomskies get cold?

Pomskies can get cold despite having a double-coat fur that enables them to insulate their body against the below-freezing temperature. This can happen if your Pomsky has been out in the snow for too long, as their body needs energy to retain heat.

How long does a pomsky live?

A pomsky can live anywhere from 13 to 15 years. Even though they have been around for less than 10 years, their average life expectancy has been estimated by experts based on their parent breeds, the Pomeranians and Siberian husky.

What dogs can survive in hot weather?

If you live in a place with a very hot summer and doubt you can keep a Pomsky comfortable during that time period. You can instead look for dogs that handle hot weather better.

  • Afghan Hound
  • American Foxhound
  • Australian Cattle Dog
  • Australian Terrier
  • Barbet
  • Basenji
  • Beagle
  • Belgian Malinois
  • Bull Arab
  • Cairn Terrier
  • Dalmatian
  • Doberman Pinscher
  • Goldador
  • Havanese
  • Irish Water Spaniel

Pomsky are dogs naturally suited to thrive in colder climates but they can still live in places with hotter weather as long as their owner takes precautions to help them slowly adjust to the hot weather and take actions to help them stay cool and hydrated in those months.

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